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Tha Flaw Report: You Killed It!

You killed it. You dirty rat you killed my enjoyment. You killed the one thing I enjoyed the most on "Raw." No I'm not talking about HBK/Y2J. I'm not talking about Mastrio/Kane. You already know what I'm talking about.

They killed the Honk-A-Meter. It was the best thing going on television. They also killed the legend of Randy Orton's heelness. Did you hear the pop he got?

Randy Orton bringing up Evolution was a nice touch. It was also supposed to serve as getting him back in the good/bad graces of the fans and getting the heel heat on him. It didn't really work, and by the way it was the loudest pop of the night in my head when he told Batiboy he was better than him.

I don't think I've ever heard RKO chants, but I did last night, and I also heard that Dave Batista is still the driest mic man the business has to offer. Even guys that cut bad promos don't sound that forced. He sounds like he's reading off a teleprompter. Stop it already. Go heel and get a manager you sham.

No offense to our British bredrens, but I can't help but mention that they sounded like half the female population during football season. They both cheer for whoever is winning or in this case whoever has the mic. Stop that already. I know you're excited the E dropped by, but it's not that serious.

I opened the article with this. Why did they kill the Honk-A-Meter? That's just dumb. Sure Regal's a great worker, but what does the belt do for him? Give him a face pop in England? What happens to that pop back in the states? Unless this opens the door to put the strap on Noble this was almost as pointless as a certain actor winning the WCW belt.

By the way how many times is William Regal going to win a royal battle by being on the outside until the very end? It's overdone and it isn't effective any more. It just isn't. I love Regal and pop for him on a nightly basis, but come on. Why take the belt of Santino when the Honk-A-Meter is awesome. I even liked the Honk-A-Perfect-Mountie meter.

Do they also realize that his pop in the UK was no fluke? He had to go cheap heat to get a boo, which led to Regal and Layla London (no coincidence) getting a pop. Why go through all that to make a title change that will fizzle in the states? I just don't get it.

I'd like to take this opportunity to wish Elijah Burke, Lena Yada, Paul London, Super Crazy, and Kenny Dykstra (well not so much KD) the best of luck in their future endeavors, and also welcome Mike Knox to the "Raw" brand. Well Mike, you're in the "big time" now, lets see what you and creative can do with it. Man did D'Lo's return fall short of my expectations.

The HBK/Y2J last match for a month or two was a really good match. Glad that feud is over. Especially since Michaels has forgiven Jericho, since of course you can hit his wife, make fun of his kids, just not mock the chaps. Typing that makes my brain hurt. Moving on.

Isn't John Cena coming back sometime soon? If so they should really promote that.

Quick Results...
*Chris Jericho def. Shawn Michaels
*Beth Phoenix def. Mickie James
*Batista def. Cody Rhodes
*Rey Mysterio def. Kane
*Mike Knox def. D-Lo Brown
*William Regal def. Santino Marella

9 comments: on "Tha Flaw Report: You Killed It!"

romello said...

SHIT! PURE SHIT! Taking the belt off of the most entertaining worker you have=SHIT! Even the HBK/Jericho match was SHIT! The 10 counts? Are you fucking kidding me? They managed to take the one interesting match on the show and turn it into SHIT! Maybe i should just invest my Mondays into NFL football,because RAW is SHIT!

Christopher Casúr said...

Personally, I like the fact that the British crowd reacted the way they did. With how hard WWE tries to shove certain faces or heels down the throats of fans through half-assed storylines, it's nice to see the fans give it right back.

Whoops, there I go trolling again by stealing other people's opinions.

srr said...

santino is going to be entertaining regardless, it was bound to happen the whole pay off was supposed to be honky tonky man beating santino near the end of his reign, now that they already blew that up it was only a matter of time
at least regal got it

that was a very smark crowd, so i doubt orton will be a face anytime soon.

i love laylas gold pants.

Robbie "Robbie" Nekoda said...

I'm calling a Santino IC win next week.

No, wait, a 7 day reign? No-one would ever do that.

Sam Dewhirst said...

What a crock of shit, i can't believe it, Santino lost the belt my dreams of him becoming the greatest IC Champ of all time dashed in an instant. For weeks i've been watching this shite and thought "its okay at least Santino is still champ"

The worst thing is I'm fucking english i should be happy my bredrin got some gold, but i'm not. Regal has a spot that just doesn't require titles, he always looks awkward with them.

It's obvious they want to carry on the Regal/Noble fued and have it for the belt. This fued however was never about the title. It is about Layla. Just because they can't build good heat for regal and noble doesn't mean Santino should suffer.

I'm just about done with the WWE it's just awful. We've got into the rapid belt changes to get a pop phase, surely something even the 8 year old batista marks will get sick of soon.

The IC title has meant nothing for so long. If Santino Had gone the distance, it would of finally meant something and the Face that would have taken the title off him would have got a massive pop. Why destroy your own good idea

WWE you haven't just let us down, You've let yourselves down.

Bukkake Devil said...

My God, how can so many heterosexual men act so damn gay. Can't wait to hear the show this week. Dan-e-o's Top Five Reasons why Santino shouldn't have lost the IC Belt. Haven't seen this much crying since Big Daddy watched Lesnar's first UFC match. "Get up you son of a Bitch"...

If anybody had a brain, they would use the next 3 months to promo Santino training for the Royal Rumble. Cause that is the only way he is going to see a World Title while he considered a Comedy act.

Oh, and to make sure everybody I am not all about the hate.....

As Dan-e-o would say to Persephone Vice, "try it, you'll like it."

Anonymous said...

Im sorry I dig Santino too but the honk-a-meter is great but not a year of the same angle... Had he made it to 25 weeks that skit would have been as stale as FaaRooq and DAMN!!! Be for real guys RAW's mid card isnt money but it damn sure couldnt survive a stagnet title for over a year... Hell I dont think title reign need to last more than 2 months... Elsewise it become unwatchable...

Robbie "Gimme A Root Beer" Nekoda said...

Hey Anon, you would've hated Fabulous Moolah then. ;)

Anonymous said...

Giving Regal the belt made more sense than letting Santino keep it in my opinion. Last time i checked the IC belt was saved for the E's best worker, not the funniest guy in the biz (which he is). The simple fact is that Santino is going to be funny no matter what he does, so having him with the IC belt really doesn't matter. Let Regal carry it for a while and face some challengers like Noble and Punk.