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Tha A List Analysis

Want to know why ECW is Tha A Show? If you don't know you should know, and you should have watched ECW this week, and every other week. My bro Dante Ross wrote a letter to the girl he was falling out of, or is out of love with. My brother needs to watch ECW regularly.

ECW has that Attitude Era feel to it even though we are in the FLATittude Era. One week you have a #1 contenders match. Next week the title match, and they never fail to keep it fresh. Take notes "Raw," "SmackDown," and TNA.

I realized several things last night. Finlay has been involved in fifty'leven #1 contenders matches but has never been contender numero uno. Until now. He loves hitting people with a little stick. I'm glad we finally get the match with Finlay against Hardy. Should make for a good match. That contributed greatly to the show.

Matt and Todd also contributed greatly to the show for the bagillionth time. These guys make the show. I won't lie and say I watch UFC, but the way people describe and the few things I've heard Joe Rogan say, it seems to me that Striker does the same thing. He puts over everything and makes you believe it and feel it.

Bam Neely was brought in as Chavo's boy. That was all, I didn't figure I'd buy him as anything else until they split and he got repackaged. The match Bam had with Hardy, and the way Striker put it over on commentary made me believe that dude had a shot.

Striker didn't hide the fact that Neely was a brawler and wasn't a technical guy, but instead of the weakness most of us see it as, he put it over as a strength. Which wowed me beyond words. I was ready to take a dump all over Neely, but Striker put it over in a way where the match was good because of it. Striker also mentioned vertebrae that the vertebrae themselves didn't know are there.

Matt Hardy is over. Matt Hardy should be champ. Matt Hardy could be champ on another show. Matt Hardy doesn't have to be anything he's not to be over. All the aspiring workers should take note of that, but more importantly Talent Relations should take note of that. There is a place for everyone, especially Cham Pain. Hire him already.

Could I do a complete review without negativity? You wish. Where were Miz and Morrison? I know they lost last night, but shouldn't they have been louder and more obnoxious on ECW? After all it is their show. After all JoMo did hit a sick superkick on H. After all they did what most teams only dream of.

Back to the positives. I saw another Boogeyman promo. No Boogeyman, but it's the thought that counts people. After all Christmas is right around the corner. I've already picked out a few gifts. Dan gets lifts for his shoes so he don't have to keep looking up at women.

Donnie gets, well...maybe I can get some help from the Nation of O on that one. Cham Pain doesn't get anything because he doesn't need anything. He's got all you could want from what I hear. Now in the spirit of Christmas I'll give Johnny Ace a slap so he'll wake up and give Pain a present (contract).

Wait Thanksgiving is first. Well, I'm thankful for ECW. Otherwise, I'd really, really hate wrestling. I'm thankful the Dallas Cowboys are reeling. I'm thankful for a lot of things really. Aren't you? I really don't know where this article went. Sorry about that.

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Dante Ross said...

I'll give ECW a try later tonight. Something you said made me think. Is TNA actually good but the announcing makes it seem a bit worse? I know that Cole and The Taz drove me nuts on Smackdown and I really dont like him and JR together. Yeah, King was old and tired but The Taz is just horrible. Stryker has a good voice and I am surprised that Grisham (one of the ugliest names ever) compliments him. I've seen maybe three episodes of ECW in a long ass time. I'll write back after watching to let you know what i think.

romello said...

I was too busy O'ing for Obama last night to notice.