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Friday Night Fallout: Thick And Hardy

"SmackDown!" hasn't been covered that much lately, due to other commitments on the behalf of myself and Christopher Casur. Friday Night Fallout is back now and "SmackDown!" is still second in the pecking order, right behind Tha A Show. "SmackDown!" has the talent, and arguably the most over superstars, as well as recognizable superstars. Or is that entertainers? Or athletes? Whatever they are, they are some of the best in the eye of the fan.

I've personally missed "SmackDown" lately, but thanks to DVR I've caught back up, and I noticed two things. Jeff Hardy is in the position to take the belt, though he wont, and R-Truth is more over than I thought he was.

Last weeks "SmackDown" had a really good match between Matt Hardy and Shelton Benjamin and this week they attempted to capitalize on that again. This time with promotion for Survivor Series adding R-Truth and Mark Henry into the mix.

I will go ahead and get the negativity out of the way. Tazz isn't that good at what he does. It isn't that he doesn't have the knowledge it's the fact that he doesn't have the ability to make clear what he's saying. He was trying to describe R-Truth and I, nor could anyone else I asked figure out if he said aura or allure before he said pizazz.

John Morrison and the Miz continue to be one of the most impressive duos in pro wrestling. They are one of those teams that you start putting together dream matches around. The Rockers vs. MnM. Edge & Christian vs. MnM. How about Head Cheese vs. MnM, come on now who wouldn't pop for that?

The backstage vignette with MnM, Maria and Festus was just entertaining enough to get a mention. MnM are the heels that achieve heel greatness by the little things. The wet willy Miz gave to Festus, the way Morrison put his arm around Maria and then slammed her for not being pretty enough (she isn't at all) to be brought back to the Palace of Wisdom.

The only thing about the match between MnM and Jesse & Festus is the fact that people are still ringing the bell to cost them the match. Can we find something else now? By the way didn't MnM start that? Or was it Hawkins & Ryder? I can't remember.

Folks, I've brought this up before, but it needs to be mentioned again. Who did MVP piss off? This is ridiculous. I don't care if Khali was a distraction. Iron Mike Sharpe is cringing wherever he is.

The Brian Kendrick and his main man Zeke got an impressive win over the tag champs Carlimo. I'm happy TBK is back to winning. His singles start got off to an incredible run even main eventing a PPV, and then it let off for a little while. It isn't really a singles run now that he's tag teaming, but he's still a stand out star.

They need not rush the seperation with he and Zeke because if they run this like Shawn Michaels/Diesel Michaels/Sid it could go far and Zeke could assist Kendrick in winning some singles titles on his own and positioning him to have a spot near the top of the card. He's got it, but they need to allow him to use it.

Onto the Jeff Hardy/Triple H match. This match was to earn Jeff Hardy a spot into the Survivor Series triple threat match for the strap. We all knew he'd go over, and by going over he basically guarantees himself on the business end of a Pedigree and three count at Survivor Series.

I have this question to ask. I hear people say Jeff Hardy isn't ready. What are we waiting for? Three more people to cheer him? Him to color coordinate his hair with his tattoos and face paint? Or does that really mean we're just waiting on Triple H to take his death grip off the gold?

Jeff Hardy is mad over. There aren't many guys more over. RVD was brought up when discussing Matt Hardy. RVD and Hardy got the same reaction as opponents, and as partners, and even as separate guys on opposite ends of the card. Ric Flair has one knock on Rick Steamboat. He couldn't work as a heel.

Jeff Hardy may never work successfully as a heel, but like "The Dragon" that doesn't change anything. That just means he couldn't make people want to see him get the snot beat out of him. So maybe he missed a few days of acting classes. People want to see this guy win, they want to see him as champ. The math is simple.

Triple H accomplishes nothing as champ, the belt accomplishes nothing sitting stagnant on him. Sure I'm one of those that can't stand Triple H, but even if it was Vladimir Kozlov taking the belt, somebody needs to. Triple H has had the belt for nearly seven months. They wanted ratings and attention on MyNetworkTV, you do it by having Triple H lose it and chase it.

Not win it back the next night, but chase it. If Triple H is the babyface the E believes him to be they'd rally behind him more without the gold as with it. The thing is Triple H doesn't want to drop it, and they really don't want to know the reaction to him without it. If he loses it to a heel maybe, but to another face, it's over.

Quick results...
*R-Truth & Matt Hardy def. Mark Henry & Shelton Benjamin
*MnM def. Jesse & Festus
*Jeff Hardy def. Triple H
*Local Athlete def. MVP
*Brian Kendrick & Big Zeke def. Carlimo
*The Bella Twins def. Victoria & Natalya

7 comments: on "Friday Night Fallout: Thick And Hardy"

Dante Ross said...

Goddamn, I hope they never go to England again! That crowd sucks, man. Just small pop, silence, huge pop, dead ass silence. It was lame. And I am sick of these people that sit in the front row and do nothing. Why even go? Yeah, I'm telling people how to cheer. So what?

The MnM and Festus thing was funny. That was a good match, but can Jesse get some moves in? I always say "If I dont know your finisher I dont care about you." And did you notice Morrison hit Festus in the face as he did his finisher on Jesse? I did and I O'd.

Whatever with Matt/K-Kwik (I seriosuly forgot for a second it is supposed to be R-Truth!) vs Henry and Shelton. I agree with what Donnie said on the show: them's a lot of Negroes in the ring! I threw my wallet at it and ran ut my house. I didnt O once during the match.

I am so glad Jeff won that damned match. I knew there'd be a run-in because they didnt get the 3 Way at Cyber Sunday. If Jeff wins the belt prepare for all males under a buck sevnety to become superstars. Love the Whisper in the Wind. Now THAT'S how you take that move, Hunter.

MVP must have shit in the wrong gym bag. I dont know who he pissed off. I knew he was gonna lose, but, damn. To some dude that looks like someones daddy? Come on, dude. And has anyone else noticed that the less flashy his outfits the more he's been losing? I'm just saying. Until he comes out with glitter on that shit he's losing.

Big Zeke need to do some squats or something. His legs look like my father's. And they are so smooth and chocolaty. That didnt sound gay at all, did it...? The Colon Brothers suck. They need tans. They need facial hair like men and not those pubes they rock. Their outfits scream jobberific. I mean, ugh. I dont dig them at all. I almost wish Hawkins and Ryder (my votes for Future Endeavours!!!) were champs.

Fuck the Bellas. And did Nattie do something to her face? It looked busted. Victoria is still hot as shit and who I shall claim once reperations roll around.

The Undertaker thing was lame. It doesnt have the same feel to it when you bring a casket out every night. Them Guerrero's dont need to fuck around with caskets, you know?

Bathroom Break attempted a run-in but wasnt allowed in the building as it was fifteen minutes late.

Matt said...

Have u watched TNA in the past 2 weeks? For me, I think its been the A show this week and last week. Top to bottom, its been incredibly solid. Of course TNA is streaky as hell, but right now their on a good streak

Anonymous said...

i was at this taping the other week in england, gota agree with you bout the crowd, to be fair though, theyd just taped last weeks show mins before this show, and because we had no idea wot the shedule was, not going over board here, but over 5,000 peeps got of after the midcard hardy hhh match cos they fort it was the main event, cocks i no but 11pm or wotever that match finshed, kids wer ald dead n parents couldnt wait to go! the fed fucked up here rele badly, the pop matt hardy got in the first taping to the next was eye opening, cos everyone had all ready seen him n just wernt hyped again!

dr. reid said...

Sorry Matt I don't think anyone has watched TNA lately. Maybe enough to draw a 1.05 rating on average.

Thing is Tha O Show dropped out but Foley brought over just enough fans to equal it out.

It's time for JHardy to get the gold.

recursive said...

speaking of Hardy, WWE posted this on their website this morning:

BOSTON – Jeff Hardy was found unconscious in a stairwell at his hotel in Boston today, and was rushed to the nearest emergency room.

Due to privacy issues, WWE is not releasing the name of the hospital. will have more information if it becomes available.

D.J.B. said...

Dirt sheet reports are going around that Edge got into Boston last night and signed autographs for the fans that were waiting at the airport. So he's in the same town with the E, arrived at the same airport as the other workers and isn't announced for the show.

With Jeff Hardy having a reputation for blowing it right before he grabs the brass ring, what better way to work these two together than to say he was "drugged" or jumped at the hotel earlier and they don't know why. When it comes time for the triple threat have Edge come out and say it was him and/or take Hardy's place in the triple threat to get him right back to the heel heat had before he left.

That could also start an Edge/Jeff Hardy feud that could borderline on greatness.

Yes of course I think this is all a work and I think that's where it'll go, but I'm most likely wrong, I just hope I'm not.

recursive said...

something does smell a little work-y about it. specifically how on the front page they say "What does this mean for tonight's Survivor Series? Stay tuned." maybe i'm just being a dick though.