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Tha SmackDown! ThrowDown

While "Raw" is tanking harder than the Chicago Cubs in the playoffs, and ECW is consistently hitting it right out of the park, "SmackDown!" seems to be the show stuck right in the middle. It's a great show that once in a while needs a few adjustments, and the writing team ultimately makes the necessary changes over time. This was plainly evident in last night's show, as my normal critiques of MyNetwork TV's newest show were seemingly resolved.

"SmackDown!" is slowly building back up its main event picture, a scene which could have been described as murky at best in recent years. There were tag teams competing in what appears to be the rebirth of a tag division. And best of all, no friggin' Butterfly Championship match.

"SmackDown!" has a very small women's division, and I'd still like to see all the female rosters unified, but I do like the job that they're doing in getting their new star, Brie Bella over. Is it just me, though, or does she pop in and out from under the ring very quickly? I'm thinking they're either doing some creative editing, or she's got a twin/lookalike and they're building towards a storyline.

R-Truth won. Suck it, prophet! With how over Truth is, I'd like to see this develop into an old school chase, even if it's just a miniature one.

As alluded to earlier, Carlito and Primo teamed up with Jesse and Festus to take on The former Major Brothers/Edgeheads, as well as Kenny Dykstra and Ryan Braddock. Tag matches regularly on "SmackDown!", that's better than watching Kimbo Slice lose a fight. Tremendous.

The Great Khali is feuding with Johnny Knoxville now. Why? Why is WWE trying to start another crossover storyline with Jackass? I don't see what this can do to help either show, but it could be a lot worse from a storyline perspective, I suppose.

Now, as far as the main event picture, "SmackDown!" has been absolutely stacking their division lately. I still maintain that Triple H would be better off as a heel, but it's great to see Kozlov being built as a main eventer, and Big Show seems to be close to being a main eventer in the future.

As for the upcoming pay-per-view, I'm actually intrigued for the main event, with fans being able to vote for either Hardy, Kozlov, or both as Triple H's challengers. If the fan voting is actually legitimate, I would imagine that we would get a Triple H vs. Hardy rematch, but I would imagine that WWE wants the Triple Threat with Hardy and Kozlov. Time will tell.

Tha Results:
*Brie Bella def. Natalya.
*R-Truth def. Shelton Benjamin
*Jeff Hardy def. Montel Vontavious Porter
*Carlito & Primo with Jesse & Festus def. Curt Hawkins & Zack Ryder with Ryan Braddock & Kenny Dykstra
*The Great Khali def. Scotty Mack, Aaron Bono & Nelson Creed
*Triple H vs. Big Show-No Contest

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Downtown said...

I actually dug Smackdown last night. It's hit or miss with this show. A little too much recapping for my taste, and I think most everyone else.

Big Show is main event when they book him for it. Always has been, there are just sometimes he has to be put aside for other things (yea stating the obvious there).

I'm hoping on some 4 way tag gimmick matches soon. Guys like Dykstra, Braddock, Goldman, even Hawkins and Ryder could use some big spot matches. I mean what kind of highlights do these guys have.

Hawkins and Ryder were champs and who gave a shit or even have a memory of anything that they have done? Aside from working as Edge's "look-a-likes" in that one match that i dont even remember who it was against. Big mistake changing their names away from the Major bros. They lost any possible identity. They look exactly the same! Granted most white people do look the same, I'm just sayin.

Yes Brie Bella is working with her twin sister. Last week they showed one coming out one side while the others legs were just going under.

Dave said...

Smackdown was a solid show

as mentioned Brie Bella has a twin (Nicole) and they actually worked as a tag team down in developmentals.

also I loved the continuity in that angle with Hornswoggle popping out from under the ring as a couple of weeks ago Natalya and Victoria insinuated that Brie got her extra strength when she went under the ring because she was having an affair with Hornswoggle.

Continuity is awesome.

The main event scene is getting built up with Hunter, Show, Kozlov, Jeff, Taker and the soon to return Edge all up there and that group could put on a lot of great matches and very good feuds.

R-Truth doing a parody of "Kung Fu Fighting" had me laughing with Killings rather then at him for the 1st time since he came to WWE. (that includes his K-Kwik run)

Anonymous said...

yer im lovin the way the main event picture is heading, id like to maybee see kozlov with a manager soon n even give him a run with the championship, and if they could carry on the undifeeted gimmick, its a major push for someone to end that and get the belt! would be an awesome face vs heel programme in my opinion, whoever the fed chose unless it was taker or hhh, they wudnt wud they?