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Tha SmackDown! ThrowDown

We're well on our way to Night Of Champions, and last night, "SmackDown!" made sure we all knew that. For a company that did a craptacular job promoting their last two (arguably, three) pay-per-views, they've done a solid job getting the word out about this one. Maybe Vince decided to give a million dollars to his promotion team, as well.

The first match of the night pitted Finlay against John Morrison. This was a solid match between two guys who could help to bolster the main events on their respective shows. In the end, Morrison capitalized on a distraction from The Miz to get the pin.

I'm assuming that with the forthcoming jump of ECW from Friday nights to Monday nights, that this means the next tag champs will be Hornswoggle and Finlay, which I don't get. "SmackDown!" is so delpleted, and Finlay is so over, why is he not in a bigger spot in the company?

Cherry is the sexiest woman in WWE today. I think she's making decent strides as a worker, as well. I don't think she's quite ready to be challenging for a championship yet, but she's definitely got potential, as does Maryse. Thanks, TNA, for lighting a fire under WWE's ass when it comes to the women.

CM Punk seems to be getting some sort of push now. He faced MVP last night in a match in which MVP was instructed by Vickie Guerrero to "take Punk out" for fear of Punk cashing the briefcase on Edge. A solid match which anyone in the back should watch before deciding that Punk doesn't belong in any title picture. The ending, which saw the ref disqualify Punk at the sight of him holding the briefcase, was slightly incongruous, but it was still a great match.

Chuck Palumbo apparently joined Lance Hoyt at the "Be Like Slash Summer Fantasy Camp", coming to the ring rocking that top hat again. Hardy beat Palumbo, and it was announced that Chavo Guerrero will face Matt Hardy at Night Of Champions for the United States Championship. Beautiful! Chavo Guerrero screams midcard, and "SmackDown!" could benefit from having him help rebuild their depleted midcard.

Jesse and Festus seem to have been forgiven for Michael Hayes' gaffe, and faced off against Deuce and Domino last night. The Dalton boys won the match, and afterwards, Domino attacked Deuce. Personally, this doesn't make any sense. Deuce and Domino are a great tag team with a great gimmick, and you need tag teams right now. Why throw that away? Does the company believe that strongly in one of these two guys as a singles star? I doubt it.

Batista vs. Great Khali was the main event. Yawn. These two guys cannot put together a compelling match if their lives depended on it. In the end, Batista went over, assuring that he will face Edge at Night Of Champions. Oh, boy. I realize that the "SmackDown!" roster is paper thin, but surely you have somebody better than Batista to use. Hopefully this year's Draught will bring over some top names to Friday nights; they sorely need them.

Tha Results:
John Morrison def. Finlay
Mark Henry def. Tommy Dreamer
Cherry def. Maryse
MVP def. CM Punk
Matt Hardy def. Chuck Palumbo
Jesse & Festus def. Deuce & Domino
Batista def. The Great Khali

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CJ said...

i still dont get it. why does everyone think that Cherry is the hottest diva in the "E"? i mean yea she is good looking, she isnt skin and bones like some of the other divas. but why does everyone think she is the hottest?? i just need some convincing....