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Tuesday Night Turmoil: Have Mercy!

This week we got an explanation from Mike Adamle. Not that we cared, and not that we listened, but we did get one. Hell, he’s been a broadcaster longer than some of us have been alive. You know, hopefully he will get better.

It was a Special 100th Episode of ECW. Usually television shows do it up big for a 100th episode, and in the world of wrestling, I guess it’s safe to say that they did.

I really like that Shelton Benjamin is getting a character instead of just a black guy with blonde hair, actually several things impressed me tonight not just Shelton.

Kofi Kingston, SOS, did a really good job tonight against Matt Stryker. I really think that Stryker could do well as a singles wrestler, but I really do think that he can be mentioned on the level of some of the greats if he stays a manager. I do think that he should get a heel stable like Heenan had.

Shelton Benjamin may actually be in for a big push. He actually got to dress in something other than a dragon button down and tights. He wore jeans, a button down and no sunglasses. Plus he got his inverted bulldog in after the match. So he’s actually going to play more than an in-ring heel. Good for him.

I’m not a fan of Mike Knox, but I am still a fan of Dreamer. The thing is though, sometime when a dude gets some heat or in some trouble he gets a push. Mike Knox was in a heap of shit because steroids were found in a box with his name on some papers, but now he’s in for his biggest push since 06.

Mike-Up #1, what shakes like jelly, jelly? Kelly Kelly! Come on man, Kelly is fine, but if anyone on ECW or in the WWE is going to dance and shake like jelly its Layla. Thank God she came out. You know what was missing though? Joey Styles screaming, “Catfight, catfiiiiiiiight,” or just Joey period would have made it a special 100th episode.

Much love to Armando Estrada. Dude was looking diesed. He and Delaney actually put on a good match and the match served its purpose. My problem though was the sunset flip. Estrada’s arms are bigger than Delaney’s head, but he can’t power out. I digress, the ending was very Rocky-like, and I did enjoy it. Like him or not, Delaney is over, and maybe now, he’ll get his own music.

I did like all the ECW flashback’s that they ran this week. While this version of ECW isn’t the old one, it has had some moments, and they did a pretty good job capturing them. The Original’s got some face time, though they’re unemployed, and it showed that Elijah Burke used to matter.

Since it’s been the focal point of the “SmackDown!” Rebound lately I’ll take a second to talk about the stripping of the World Heavyweight Championship. I have no problem with that. I think it can add something to the Edge/Undertaker feud, but it could have waited because the feud still matters.

MnM made yet another return to the broadcast table. I gotta say, I like them more and more as time goes on. In-ring Miz still isn’t that good, but he has done a much better job over the past few weeks on the mic. He and Morrison’s online segment, “The Dirt Sheet” is hilarious.

They ran down Adamle again, and now I’m beginning to think it’s a worked shoot storyline where they’ll be a long term team that acts somewhat DXish. Not saying they’ll be DX or even like DX but the sophomoric humor factor will remind some of it.

The reason I titled this article Have Mercy is because that is apparently Mike Adamle’s phrase of choice. I even find it humorous, and I don’t hate it. Maybe it’s so bad it’s good, but something about it makes me enjoy it. It may become his “slobber knocker.”

Bam Neely and Chavito taking on CM Punk and Kane as the main event was intriguing. I guess they don’t have a full time rival for Punk, since he’s got MitB. It wasn’t a bad match, and good to see that Bam changed up the attire a little bit. He looks legit, even though we haven’t seen much from him.

MnM on commentary throughout the match was a nice added touch. Morrison cutting down Punk and Miz cutting down whatever moved is nothing new, but it’s better than just having Adamle and the Tazz going through the motions. Miz and Tazz’s exchange of “the’s” was also entertaining.

Punk finally got a clean win, even though it was in a tag team match. I will not complain about that. You’ve gotta pick your spots, and that’s a spot I’m willing to take. I couldn’t tell if Kane actually tweaked his knee or if it was a work, but he sure sold it nicely.

DJB’s What to Watch:
Tommy Dreamer vs. Mike Knox
All the Flashback clips
Kelly’s Expose >
Kofi Kingston (SOS) vs. Matt Striker
Colin Delaney vs. Armando Estrada >
Kane & Punk vs. Chavo & Bam Neely

Tha Results…
*Mike Knox def. Tommy Dreamer
*Kofi Kingston def. Matt Stryker
*Colin Delaney def. Armando Estrada to win a contract
*CM Punk & Kane def. Chavo Guerrero & Bam Neely

3 comments: on "Tuesday Night Turmoil: Have Mercy!"

CuJu said...

I thought it was a decent show. Got alot more people on camera with the multiple wrestlers coming down to sit with Tazz n Mike. So that as good.

Finally, Shelton is getting some kind of character. he should be much higher on the pole right now than he is, hopefully he will break through before 2008 is over

I actually like Mike Knox. Dunno what it is about him, i just think he can be a good midcarder, dont know about a main eventer though.

KOFI KINGSTON! SOS! He is the shit! he will soon be WAY over... I think he would make a good IC Champ in the future.

Estrada is ripped! Never knew dude was taking Gym lessons from Vince. Dont know if he will have a wrestling future or will stay as a Manager. I think he should take the striker role tho. Wreslte once and a while, but talks mostly. Just because those 2 are so good on the stick, it isnt even funny.

Anonymous said...

Punk wins! Punk wins! Punk wins!

It's about mother f*ckin time.

Nice show nice artile.

The Shatliners said...

DJB some jackass on another site stole your title and some of your content, and lots of your ideas...consider your shit STOLEN!