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Rated O Radio - Episode 63

Tha O Show RadioBizness is about to pick up. This week, Big Daddy Donnie and Dan-e-o introduce the newest member of the fam - our O Hoe - Lady Kay.

Kay may not know fuck all about wrestling, but she's an O-ster with a filthy mouth and a nice rack - and that's good enough! Listen as Tha O Show gets dirtier and more tasteless than ever before.

Discretion is advised fuckers!

Also on this week's show ...

Tha O's And NO's with a focus on this past Monday's "Raw" in Toronto.

A golden installment of "Road Stories" from American indy worker, Ric Converse.

A very charged and irate return of "Tha Black Prophet"!

Our first-ever edition of "Strip WrestleTrivia" with our new O Hoe, Kay!

A preview of this coming weekend's TNA PPV, Sacrifice.

And joining tha boys for "Tha Round Table" is Asylum of The Flatliners.

All that and MORE on this week's episode!

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17 comments: on "Rated O Radio - Episode 63"

Anonymous said...

I wanna slip it in Tha O Hoe!

craig E said...

O man! I wish there was video during Wrestle Trivia! We NEED O SHOW PPV!

mexicool said...

I think TNA Sacrifice will be lowest buys of the entire year for any company. Terror Dome won't save them. Especially since it's a rip off from AAA. Just ask Rico.

Stevie J said...

If you guys want hilarious Warrior clips for your drop board holla. My favorite is when he screams emphatically "QUEERING, DON'T MAKE THE WORLD WORK!" What a nutjob.

Matt said...

you guys need to hire a Otographer to start takin some pictures of the show.

marky mark the straight shooter said...

shes a keeper guys...she has a good positive attitude and she actually sells some of your weak jokes (shoot) lol....great show gentlement

daneo "i would rather lick clit because toes are like little cocks" lol

markus k fabian said...

Matt are you applying to be Otographer? Because if not, I will!

Anonymous said...

Black Prophet!! Touchdown!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey guys and Kay.

So they want the women to pee standing up.
There are somethings for that so it won't be such a mess,so Vinnie better buy a couple of those.
More info these sites.

seen said...

Nice find annonymous. I like Kay on the show! I loved the Prophet. When is Tyson Dux coming back???

Anonymous said...

donnie and dan-e-o you are a bunch of pigs kay please quit tha o show you are way better then to be treated like shit from a bunch of assholes like donnie and dan-e-o

big wave dave said...

Who is this anonymous douche bag?

Anonymous said...

fuck you dave at least i know how to treat a lady asshole

Anonymous said...

Wow, inane pratter from some can-con reject. Quite a feat indeed, as if as a canaidian artist you can't get airplay on canaidian radio, well I mean just listen to that tripe. As for the rest of the show, besides the whoring for 89 cent mp3's hahahaha. If I pay my money to go see an event live I can shout what ever the hell I want, you screwed Bret, Gagne screwed Hanson, by far this is the worst wrestling podcast i have ever heard. Oh and the fed doesn't use Toronto based indy workers, because well, the talent here is subpar.

Christopher Casúr said...

I'm not surprised that there were less WrestleMania buys this year. Remember, in the months before the show, nobody on this site was all that excited about it. So even though it turned out in hindsight that the show was really good, before the show, nobody thought it would be any good.

JimJ said...

Whoring for MP3s? You mean commercials? Dumbass.

Anonymous said...

Wicked episode this week guys!