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Tha iMPACT! Playback: Next Stop, Sacrifice

Another week of TNA means another week in tag team hell. The egotistical 8 were broken into two teams so far, with four more singles competitors to be teamed together at Sacrifice. Awesome Kong and BG James, New TNA Tag Team Champions has quite a ring to it.

All kidding aside, TNA is running this Deuce’s Wild Tournament like a King of the Ring tourney, because two teams will compete in three different matches at Sacrifice. The Instant Beast Rhino Cage, AJ Styles & Super Eric, LAX, Team 3D, those are the “real” tag teams. You may ask who are the singles teams, so did I.

With James Storm and Sting having been announced as a tag team for Sacrifice, and then the “Mega Star” Kip James bitch and Matt Morgan being announced as a team we are left to ponder what the other two pairings will be. Awesome Kong & Booker T? Awesome Kong & Robert Roode? Awesome Kong & BG James? Booker & Roode? Booker & BG? BG & Roode?

Maybe this can turn out well, but I do see Super Eric leaving Sacrifice with gold. He’s been so heavily booked and pushed that if they don’t put the belts on him then I’ll wonder why the hell this gimmick happened in the first place. Jeremy Borash said that everybody expects the Instant Beast Rhino Cage winning, so I guess that means they’ll lose in the first round.

In other action, well, actually there wasn’t a lot of other action. James E babbled about the Knockouts Triple Breasted Barbed Wire match of doom or whatever gimmick they have. All I know is nine broads are going to lose, but only one really loses.

It’s another TNA battle royal gimmick so God only knows if it’ll be reverse, normal, double elimination or round robin. Basically the first eight losers don’t really lose because they are eliminated before they can lose. Anyone want to take bets on who pulls a Molly Holly first?

Honestly I can see ODB, Gail Kim or Roxxi winning, with Jacqueline or Rhaka Khan losing because it’d be relatively easy to “replace” their hair. That’s not a shot at them or anyone, but these girls have other things going on and aren’t all exclusive to TNA so losing their hair may be a bigger deal than Molly losing hers at WrestleMania. Plus TNA drops and moves on from storylines so quickly one woman may be completely bald long after this storyline is forgotten.

TerrorDome. I can hardly wait. Ok, I waited long enough, I’m over it. I Youtube’d some AAA shit and I have my fill. TNA adding a new gimmick match is a lot like the Oakland Raiders adding Darren McFadden. It’ll garner a little interest, but people will remember that it still is Oakland.

With ten X-Division guys in the match it should be pretty entertaining, but I’m not sure that it’ll make any sense. I would much rather see a really solid match between Lethal and Devine, or Devine and Consequences Creed, who by the way after his video promo’s pretty much joined the list as: Just one of the guys.

Did Petey Williams not break his orbital bone? He actually did a nice job keeping Angle and Steiner apart backstage. I think Petey is coming into his own, and with time he will be a stand alone character. The Steiner angle is fine for now, but he’ll grow out of it.

With Angle injuring his neck last weekend, no announcements have been made as far as his participation in the Sacrifice main event. Whether or not he competes or not, I don’t think the main event will be lacking in any way. Joe and Steiner have put on good matches before, and I don’t doubt their ability to do so again.

Angle will add another dynamic if he does compete, which I’m guessing he will, so expect this match to be one of TNA’s better matches lately. I’m not too hopeful, because TNA is famous for their overbooking of main events, but hopefully they’ll realize the talent in the ring and let them do it on their own.

The Countdown to Sacrifice is on, but honestly I wonder how many people remember that there is a TNA PPV this Sunday night. No clue as to how many buys it will get, but I hope the show is good either way.

ECW’s 100th episode drew a low 1.08 rating, and TNA has a very real chance shot of beating ECW this week. That would be a “huge” victory for TNA.

DJB’s What to Watch:
Sting vs. James Storm
Steiner & Petey Williams vs. Samoa Joe and Kevin Nash

Tha Results…
*Jimmy Rave wins six man X match
*Gail Kim wins Knockouts immunity on a pole match
*Sting def. James Storm
*Matt Morgan def. Kip James
*Scott Steiner & Kurt Angle def. Kevin Nash & Samoa Joe

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