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Nick Bollea Sentenced

Nick Bollea (better to known to reality tv fans as Nick Hogan) was arrested on August 26th 2007 for reckless driving.

Nick and three of his friends had been drinking all day before taking out two of the Hulksters cars. A yellow Toyota Supra and a Silver Dodge Viper. Nick was driving the Supra in a 40 MPH zone when he lost control, spun out and went through a concrete median and a palm tree. Nick claimed to be doing no more than 10 over the lmit. One of his friends who was in the Viper admitted that both cars were travelling at or near 100 MPH”.

The Supra was obliterated, but even worse was Nick’s passenger and friend John Graziano. Graziano, a former marine, was critically injured and will require medical assistance for the rest of his life. Graziano’s father said today, ‘"What Al-Qaeda couldn't do, Nick Hogan did in a matter of minutes."

Many people felt that Nick, who has a history of gross property damage, and insane lack of judgement, should have the proverbial book thrown at him.

Conspiracy theories ran wild, and many believe the divorce of Linda and Hulk started off as a way for the Hogans to ‘hide money’ from the Graziano family.

There were also credit card receipts from August 26th at 2:!4, showing that the Hulkster himself had purchased alchohol for the underage drag racers.

Nick was sentenced today, and while many thought he would receive the “celebrity treatment” and get off easy – he most certainly did not.

Judge Philip Federico of the Pinellas County Court sentenced Nick Bollea to:

* 8-months in the county jail starting immediately.
* 5-years probation.
* 500-hours of community service, none of which can be performed by public speaking.
* No alcohol consumption for five-years.
* A revoked Drivers license for at least three-years.

This will not be counted as a felony on Nick’s permanent record, and Nick was apparently very somber and accepting of the punishment.

7 comments: on "Nick Bollea Sentenced"

dun said...

WOW! at the picture lol photoshop, good shit.

feel sorry for the friend a bit, but he also had no seatbelt and also got drunk with them. blah blah blah.

Anonymous said...

poor rich white boy. i hope when he gets out someone treats him to an afternoon of go-karting and frosty milkshakes.

the CAVEMAN said...

I think he got off a little easy.....the max he could get was 5 years and gets 8 months....I think for the "book" to be thrown at him 1 1/2 years to 2 years should have been handed down....not 8 months which is basically sliding the "book" across the floor to him and hitting his toes...The question becomes if they Bollea's move to California isn't he allowed to get a driver's license? That stipulation is only in the state of he could do his 500 hours then relocate with his family.

The next step is indicting Hulk for the alcohol which will probably not happen...He will get out of somehow...I know if it were my child in the hospital I would rather have the parent responsible held accountable as well...he bought the alcohol and gave it to the kids which shows an insane lack of judgment for someone who preaches "family values" on his "Show"....I could accept 8 months for Nick if Hulk gets something for being an assclown.

Anonymous said...

I hope he becomes someone's wife for 8 months..

Jorden Vandal said...

Personally I think it sucks just enough for him. I've done my fair amount of time in the slammer and 8 months in a county jail is no joy ride, especially if the state doesn't have a "day for day" policy. He'd have been better off getting a year in Prison so he'd only end up there 3 months, but then he'd take a hit on his criminal record.

I'd say for someone with a first time offense, he got just about what he should have, nothing more though or it would have been over board. The penial system is suppose to be somewhere "petty" criminals go to become reformed, not be punished. Anymore time and it would have been over-kill.

I don't care if he's rich, I don't are if he's Hogan's son, or if he seems like the biggest stooge on the Hogan show, as a person, I'd say he's lucky and I hope it teaches him his lesson and he learns from the mistakes.

Anonymous said...

Well lets be realistic here. If he wasn't Hogan's son, none of you would give a flying fuck or waste your time letting the thought of caring about this situation cross your mind. Nobody was there to know what really happened, so who is anyone to say shit? He got 8 months in jail for crying out loud. Let the kid do his time, and see how he comes out afterwards.

Stardust said...

Whether or not he got the proper sentence I give the kid props for pleading not guilty and taking his punishment like a man.

He fucked up and he knew it....and instead of dragging out the trail which could easily have gotten him 1-2 years of legal lope holes while depositions and all the other bullshit that goes with the legal system were handled.

Do we know if his 8 months will be in a summer camp facility or if he is doing real time with real convicts?