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Tha iMPACT! Playback

Over the past few weeks, "iMPACT!" has had its fair share of ups and downs. Plenty of downs, but there have also been some ups. The women's division remains one of it's top draws, at least as far as the ratings. The Deuces Wild Tag Team Tournament has garnered some interest.

This week they kept the tag team theme going. Pairing two opponents of the Sacrifice main event together, in Joe and Angle, again, but not in the tournament, only to face Big Poppa Pump, and Little Petey Pump in the main event. It really was great for Petey, though he reportedly broke his orbital bone. The price he's willing to pay for a spot is seemingly limitless.

As far as the rest of the show goes, I have a few questions. Why the hell are the Motor City Machine Guns still jobbing out? They didn't lose, but I can't remember them winning lately. Did not bleeding really cost them that much? It's blood, yes, but Bob Orton wasn't bleeding there so they weren't going to get Hepatitis, so what was the problem to start with?

Reports are stating that at the last JA meeting, both Sabin and Shelley were there. I love the MCMG, that's no mystery, and I hate that they're jobbing. I think a run with the TNA Tag straps would be a really good thing for them and TNA, because they are over. Doesn't look like it's going to happen anytime soon though.

I too will keep with the tag team theme. The way I understand it, the following workers, dubbed the "Egotistical Eight" will be paired at "random" to face the other four qualified teams. The singles guys are, Kip James bitch, James Storm, Sting, Bobby Roode, Booker T, BG James, Matt Morgan and Awesome Kong. The other teams are, Team 3D, The Instant Man Beast Rhyno Cage, LAX, and AJ Styles &...Super Eric.

I'm sensing that this won't end well. Awesome Kong may come out as one half of the TNA Tag champs, but there's also something that's screaming to me that BG and Kip will be paired up, and they will walk away with, or make it to the finals. Let's all hope not, but then again, even if you disagree, it would make "TNA sense."

AJ and Super Eric though, they have a real shot at this too. Eric Young is so over he's double booked on every show. Hopefully though his single booking in Derek Wylde's last match at LLW will outshine everything he's ever done, and I'm sure it will. AJ protested Super Eric heavily a week or two ago, so, as I said, in TNA everyone has a shot.

I do think that down the road a few AJ Styles-Eric Young matches will be damn good matches. Maybe that will draw for TNA. Speaking though of things that will never draw, the Rock & Rave Infection have won how many matches? Better question, how many people really care?

Since I'm still somewhat on the subject of double booking, LAX beat Kaz and Regular Eric. LAX then had a thing where they wanted Hector Guerrero to be part of their TNA careers. I wonder if this is a full face turn, or if they'll beat the hell out of Hector and go heel again? Raisha Saeed also worked a new/old gimmick. Her Cheerleader Melissa character made it's debut. Two Knockouts for the price of one.

You know, I think more women than Kong should be in the Deuce's Wild gimmick. Throw ODB & Gail Kim in the mix. I'm only kidding, but it would be entertaining. They work really well together, but if this progresses and they have some singles matches with one another down the road, with substance, they'll be very good.

Breaking from the Tag Team Theme, we saw the teaser debut of the TerrorDome. Sure it'll be exciting the first time or three, but then they'll run it into the ground, and we'll lose interest. AAA did it, and it isn't terrible, but WCW also worked gimmicks like this, ThunderDome and ThunderCage. TNA Uncensored coming to a city, and a PPV screen near you soon.

I mentioned the main event earlier. It was Little Petey Pump and Big Poppa Pump taking on Joe and Angle. It wasn't bad, in fact it was good. I love how they keep rehashing Joe/Angle though. Didn't this same sort of thing happen about a year ago?

I do like that Scott Steiner is being pushed this way. Scott Steiner can still go when the time calls for it. I think the triple threat match at Sacrifice can be awesome. I also think it can be overbooked and ruined really easily. Too much Rhaka Khan, a belt, a lead pipe, Petey Williams, and chain-mail headgear equal a disaster.

Steiner has held the belt a few times over the few weeks, leading me to believe he doesn't have a chance in hell. Usually holding the belt when it isn't yours is a sign of a loss in your future, not always, but usually. TNA has done good though, in planting the seed that Steiner can walk away with the belt because Joe and Angle will forget about him.

Next week, Joe and his good buddy Big Kev are taking on Scott Steiner and his tag team partner...Kurt Angle. That my friends, is thinking ahead, and being innovative. I don't think I've ever seen opponents team up on the way to a PPV match...oh wait, it happens almost every month. That's fine, and I don't mind it, but don't put that over as a bombshell announcement please.

Tha Results:
CurryMan & Shark Boy and Motor City Machine Guns went to a no-contest
LAX def. Regular Eric & Kaz
Gail Kim & ODB def. The Beautiful People
AJ Styles & Super Eric def. The Rock & Rave Infection
Cheerleader Melissa (Raisha Saeed without headgear) def. Daisy Haze
Joe & Angle def. Big Poppa & Little Petey-The Pumps

3 comments: on "Tha iMPACT! Playback"

Jeter said...

I'll admit. I've been watching more iMPACT! than I have any E programming in the past few weeks. Why you ask? Because with the E, I know it's gonna be a let down for 95% percent of the show. But with TNA, it's hit or miss (albeit miss most of the time) on a good show. So that alone keeps me plugged in to watching it.

Poor poor Petey Williams. This guy hasn't done anything really good since the breakup of Team Canada. I'm not a big fan of the "Maple Leaf Muscle" gimmick as it makes me think of the "terribad" Toronto Maple Leafs (which have gone downhill since the retirement of Tie Domi). But Petey is a guy right there infront of the damn camera that deserves a title shot and could be a main eventer every night if TNA creative would give him the ball.

MCMG, because i'm too lazy to type out the entire name, must still be paying the price of Sabin not wanting to bleed. God? How long ago was that? If they get a win, they suffer from the "CM Punk disease" of not being able to get it cleanly. Wait a few more weeks and the fans in the iMPACT! zone will forget about the MCMG cause LAX will have the straps again.

I like this "Deuces Wild" tournament. It reminds me of the old WCW Battlebowl from years ago. God...who would've thought that several years later some of us would be praying for the return of some of WCW's stuff.

I think Awesome Kong would be a damn good fit for a tag strap. It would get ratings and be really fucking interesting to how it would work out. I'd even go as far as to say if Kong ends up with a tag belt, she'd be THE top draw in the organization. Piss on that Angle, Joe, Steiner, etc etc!

Other than that, TNA still doesn't have much to offer. Other than the same show every week. You just gotta figure out what form the shit takes.

Anonymous said...

I agree Awesome Kong is boss!!! I really wanna she her drop the knockout title for awhile to mix it up.... I have a feeling Raisha Saeed will be making a turn, they can really go far with KONG and once she drops the complete monster gimmick... SHE IS A BEAST ON THE STICK AS WELL... She can carry a good promo, The finals will be one ego team vs. a real squad.... and since AJ is so over and on the brink of a major babyface turn they got my vote... if kong is pair with a vet... Sting, Booker T... I expect her to get past the first round but... I'm thinking Booker T/ Roode with a major heelturn for Booker

Chris said...

I thought this show was great, TNA is doing everything WWE can't. Namely the women's division and the tag division. I thought Kong in the Duece's tournament was brilliant, the only thing that would have made me happier is a shot at the title. But Kong / Joe doesn't sound as good as Kong / Angle.
I think that the segments with Nash are pretty cool if they lead up to something, ie foreshadowing.
I think they're holding the Machine guns back for a title shot later. A LAX / Guns feud would be nice. I'd also like to see Regular Eric get some heat from Kaz for Super Eric being in the tournament.
As far as the TERRORDOME goes, remember TNA once a year, ONCE A YEAR! Otherwise it's pointless.