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Rated O Radio - Episode 62

Tha O Show RadioYou got jokes? Well, your boys Big Daddy Donnie and Dan-e-o sure do. And joining in on the fun this week by making his monthly return to Tha O Show is Ontario Indy Superstar Hayden Avery.

And Hippy definitely gets in on all the trash-talking action. All you could ever want in talk radio about professional wrestling, MMA and disrespectful, lewd behaviour is here!

Prepare for one the most downright dirty, yet side-splittingly funny shows you'll ever hear. It's O time baby.

On this week's show...

Tha "Os And NOs" with a focus on this past Sunday's Backlash, Monday's "Raw" and TNA "iMPACT!". As you'll hear, Donnie is not Tha O Show's only impressionist!

In one of the greatest "Road Stories" of all time, Hayden Avery tags up with fellow Ontario Indy Superstar, Josh Alexander to verbally destroy The Flatliners' Asylum...who himself was "destroyed" this past weekend at a GCW event in Angus, Ontario.

Big Daddy Donnie and Dan-e-o announce the winner of the heralded "O Hoe" contest as selected by YOU, Tha O-sters! How low has this show gone? Listen in to find out!

The Notorious T.I.D. is back with "Tha Pit Stop" to discuss all of the roster cuts in UFC as well as Ken Shamrock's new MMA school (and ACTUALLY has something nice to say about ol' Ken).

Of course, sitting in for "Tha Round Table" is Hayden Avery as everything from Hulk Hogan's alleged incestuous behaviour to Petey Williams' orbital bone injury is discussed.

All that and MORE on this week's episode!

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22 comments: on "Rated O Radio - Episode 62"

Jorden Vandal said...

So I haven't gotten to listen to this yet, just downloading it right now for my iPod and work tonight. I'm hoping that FRANK Fronte (not Fatty) is back and in full effect.

We need more FRANK!

markus k fabian said...

Jorden Vandal is clearly Frank's new gimmick, cuz NOBODY misses him! Awesome show guys!

LOVED the road story!!

BigDaddy said...

Just wanted to point out, that in our NUME video player (on the right side bar near the bottom) there is a new video of Dan-e-o cutting a promo for LLW.

In it he makes a challenge for a freakin' MATCH!

Bill the Mark said...


Bill the Mark said...


Bill the Mark said...

Dope promo Dan-e-o. I'm coming to the show now just to see that.

jim j said...

WOW! Dan-e-o responded! Crazy Steve said "Book it man! Book the match!" and now he done pissed off the crown prince of O. Dan-e-o might be a heel but ill be standin on my chair cheering and wantin to see him beat Steves ass!

Make it happen Donnie! LOL

Anonymous said...

Great show. Best road story ever! I want to party with Asylum!.

Anonymous said...

bunch of pigs the ladies have more class then you assholes put together i hope the winner changes her mind and tells you two to fuck off

Jorden Vandal said...

Haha, Markus (who has gotte props on the show for the name) thinks I'm Frank, or he's just kayfabing for the fun of it. Either way, nah I'm not Frank.

On the other hand, good episode, the lack of Frank is horrible.

The O Hoe, SUCCCCCCCCCCCCCKS! Dude, you should opt out and call an audible, O Hoe #3 was much more of a slut.

lil g said...

LMAO!!!! that sounds like a bitter hoe!!!!

Great show! I love how Dan-e-o has beef with EVERY in studio guest! LMAO.

Saw his promo. That just sold me for LLW. I don't go to indy wrestlign shows at all - but that I want to see.

Anonymous said...

great show guys! keep it up!

PFK said...

I'm surprised no one brought up Trevor Murdoch singing on RAW this past week.

Hulk Hogan is 54 years old.

Anonymous said...

this hippy dude sounds like a fuckin 16 yr old kid...dudes a dumbass no charisma or intriging shit to say....get that fucking mexican dude back on the show or the flatliners....this hippys a dumbass

Anonymous said...

Hippy sounded awesome I don't know what you're talkin about

Anonymous said...

im sorry thats my opinion dude...daneo and donnie joke around and shit but still come off as intelligent logical thinkers...this hippy guy is like the homer simpson type of dude...he sounds like a 16 yr old kid ..a retarded one actually...nothing good to say and he dudes always 2 secs late on his punches and he stumbles on his rebuttals....lets just hope hes a better worker than he is on the stick...

dun said...

hmmp, anyway good show i blew up on cornette impressions.

besides that i have a question niggas. this type of question never came up before for where i live where there aint no smart mark niggas, who is the best wrestler ever? i didnt know what the fuck to say, one of them says undertaker i say shawn micheals , i get these dumb looks and basically get cut on. so who is the best, and out of these two who is the better one?

BigDaddy said...

Sorry about not mentioning Big Trev's karaokee. I marked for it.

I like Hippy. I think he does a good job and he's a very talented worker.

I think the "best wrestler ever" debate has to be broken down into eras. It's too hard. Like baseball. How do you compare Babe Ruth and Barry Bonds?

Skitlez said...

Hippy's always been one of my fav guest. I like him more than Rico.

Cornette impression = HILARIOUS! Perfect impression.

Cornette Vs. Bret Hart maybe?

Anonymous said...

First off, I'd like to thank the Anonymous guy pointing out my glaring downfalls on the radio. I have never realized the difficulty with the radio show, until actually being on it. O-Sters, wether you realize it or not there is alot of pressure "performing well" on the air. Huge Props always go out to Donnie and Dan-e-o for doing this week after week, and making it seem easy.

Especially Dan-e-o for being able to bust out those tremendous freestyles and being able to allow everything to flow.

Thanks again for the O-sters bearing with me, and my third time in studio. Looking forward to next weeks show.


Anonymous said...

Greatest wrestler ever is a draw between Arn and Tully, with Flair the special Guest Referee. Piper the Special Enforcer. Nick Bockwinkle and Ray Stevens as the Special Guest Announcers. Henning, and the Von Erichs as special guest time keepers. And Austin just to smack Debra around a little


Asylum said...

Wow I can't believe how humble Hippy is!

He's still a piece of shit.