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Sacrifice Results

Lazy? Maybe just a little. Extremely busy over the weekend? Yes. Considering Mother's Day to be more important? Definitely!

Whatever the reason, Tha O Show was unable to take in last night's Sacrifice pay-per-view. But nonetheless, here are the results, courtesy of

The Pay-Per-View began with footage earlier of Kurt Angle arriving to the arena and announcing he would be unable to compete tonight, by doctor's orders, due to a neck injury he suffered in a recent match in Korea. Moments later, Scott Steiner arrived with Petey Williams, Rhaka Khan and brother Rick Steiner.

Scott Steiner commented on Angle's announcement, then cameras caught Kevin Nash emerging from the same limo! After that, Jeremy Borash caught up with Samoa Joe, who was unaware that Nash had arrived with Steiner!

In the opening quarterfinal match of the Deuces Wild Tournament, Team 3D beat Sting and James Storm to advance. In the end, Team 3D had set up a table and were going to put Sting through it (with Storm supporting Team 3D to do it). But 3D heard enough of Storm and walked away, allowing Sting to slam his partner through the table! Sting then left the ring - allowing Team 3D to get the easy win to advance.

In another Deuces Wild Quarterfinal match, Rhino and Christian Cage beat the team of Booker T and Robert Roode after Rhino hit Roode with the Gore for the pin. After the match, a visibly upset Booker T shocked the world and double-crossed Rhino and Cage, smashing them both with a steel chair!

The Latin American Xchange defeated the team of Kip James and Matt Morgan in a Deuces Wild Quarterfinal match. Morgan and James put aside their differences to attempt to win the tournament, but the LAX were too much for them as Hernandez got the win over Kip after Morgan inadvertently hit James with a big boot.

Backstage, an irate Kurt Angle confronted AJ Styles over whether The Phenomenal One was seeing his wife Karen!

In the final Deuces Wild Quarterfinal, the tandem of AJ Styles & Super Eric defeated BG James and Awesome Kong after AJ Styles got the pin on BG James with a small package. Awesome Kong certainly proved she could get the best of her male counterparts, taking the fight to AJ and Super Eric each time she got in the ring.

Backstage, Rick Steiner was interviewed about coming to the PPV to support his brother Scot Steiner.

Before the start of the TerrorDome match, TNA Management Director Jim Cornette announced that the winner of the bout would become the third participant in the main event for the World Title!

In the match, Kaz won what certainly lived up to a death-defying, high-flying bout among TNA's X Division superstars. By escaping first and winning the match, Kaz not only becomes the new number-one contender to the X Division Championship, but he earned a shot at the World Title in the main event.

Backstage, Jeremy Borash tried to interview Samoa Joe about the main event, but Joe went into a rage when JB asked him about Nash showing up with Steiner.

Team 3D defeated Christian Cage and Rhino in the first of the Deuces Wild semifinal tournament matches. Cage and Rhino had Team 3D beat on several occasions, but it was Johnny Devine that cost Rhino and Cage the match when he brought out a kendo stick for Brother Ray to use on Rhino.

The Latin American Xchange defeated AJ Styles and Super Eric in the second Deuces Wild Tournament semifinal when Hector Guerrero gave the assist to Homicide so he could pin AJ Styles as Salinas distracted the referee. LAX advances to the finals to face Team 3D to determine the new TNA World Tag Team Champions!

Gail Kim won the first-ever TNA Knockouts Makeover match, earning a shot at Awesome Kong's Women's Championship. The bout came down to Gail Kim and Roxxi Laveaux, but it was Angelina Love (who had already been eliminated) that cost Roxxi the match. As a result, Roxxi had her head shaved!

Backstage, Samoa Joe and Kevin Nash got into a heated argument over Nash's motives showing up with Steiner

In the finals of the Deuces Wild Tournament, The Latin American Xchange defeated Team 3D to become the new TNA World Tag Team Champions! During the bout, Johnny Devine attempted to cost LAX the bout, but Hector Guerrero once again gave the assist to LAX to stop him by coming off the top rope and putting him through a table. Back in the ring, Hernandez hit the Border Toss on Brother Devon, followed by a frog splash from Homicide to get the win!

In the main event of the Pay-Per-View, Samoa Joe defeated Scott Steiner and Kaz to retain the TNA World Heavyweight Championship! In the end, Kaz had Steiner set up for the Flux Capacitor, but Steiner knocked him out of the ring. However, Joe took the opportunity to hit Steiner with the Musclebuster to get the win and retain the World Title!

Quick Results:
- Team 3D defeated Sting & James Storm in a Deuces Wild Quarterfinal
- Christian Cage & Rhino beat Booker T & Robert Roode in a Deuces Wild Quarterfinal. Booker T attacked Cage and Rhino after the bout.
- The Latin American Xchange beat Kip James & Matt Morgan in a Deuces Wild Quarterfinal
- AJ Styles & Super Eric defeated BG James & Awesome Kong in a Deuces Wild Quarterfinal
- Kaz won the first-ever TerrorDome match to become the #1 contender to the X Division Championship, as well as a shot at the World Title in the main event.
- Team 3D defeated Christian Cage and Rhino in the Deuces Wild Semifinal
- The Latin American Xchange beat AJ Styles & Eric Young in the Deuces Wild Semifinal
- Gail Kim won the TNA Knockout Makeover match, earning a Women's Title shot. Roxxi Laveaux ended up getting her head shaved, thanks to interference by Angelina Love.
- The Latin American Xchange defeated Team 3D in the finals of the Deuces Wild Tournament to become the new TNA World Tag Team Champions
- Samoa Joe defeated Scott Steiner and Kaz in the main event to retain the TNA World Heavyweight Championship

6 comments: on "Sacrifice Results"

BigDaddy said...

"Tha O Show was unable to take in last night's Sacrifice pay-per-view."

Speak for yourself Dreads! I watched it. I pvr'd it. It sucked balls. Worst PPV of the year BY FAR.

I was so disgusted I couldn't bring myself to write a review...

But let me say this...

The Sting match sucked balls. Sting helped the Heel team win.

The Terror Dome sucked. WAY TOO MANY GUYS in there. The fuckin spots off the walls of the cage were shit. You had guys in the ring standing together for extended periods of time waiting to play the role of crash mat when guys came tumbling down.

When Devine was thrown off the top at the finish, you'd think he was 7feet tall and 600 pounds the way he took out 8 guys!

The red cage made visibility near impossible except for close ups. NOT a good thing when there's 10 dudes in there!

The women's battle royal sucked balls. ODB, Traci and I think Talia all eliminated THEMSELVES. They took weak shots and basically left the ring on their own. Bad.

The ladder match was solid but WTF. Gail worked a heel style... crowd was RED HOT for Roxi... so you book face vs face with loser getting her head shaved. Everyone wanted to see Angel Williams get trimmmed up, cuz - SHE'S A HEEL.

But no, Gail over and Roxi gets her head shaved. You do that shit to a face? The stip is one that is almost ALWAYS reserved for use on a heel. On a face??? REALLY???

The crowd chanted BULLSHIT and FIRE RUSSO in unison. Roxi who was bleedin like crazy from her head and crying to sell the head shaving, got a standing O from the crowd - almost like they were saying "Thanks for doing this. We appreciate it. But Russo's a fuckin idiot".

The Deuce's wild tourney was a lot of fuckin nothing ... as it came down to 3D VS LAX. Seriously.

Am I the only one who thinks they CONFUSED the FUCK out of people by puttin Hector Guerrero with LAX. They've got a manager and a big titty valet... A whole crew. That's pretty heelish isn't it???

People were cheering for whoever LAX was working until finals ... their win got a pop but it was subdued because people were confused.

Big Poppa Pump - he tried. Man did he try... but wow he almost killed guys on a couple spots.

Nash is the FUCKIN MAN. His backstage promo made Joe look like a kayfabin chump.

Anonymous said...

Why the fuck is TNA pushing "Super Eric" as some guy with super powers yet the guy gets his ass handed to him? I hate Super Eric but much like the Consequence Creed angle, if yer going to PUSH someone with fuckin build-ups and promos, then give me the payoff with results. The Tag tournament was a waste of the PPV. Surprise Surprise! TNA re-hashed an LAX/3D match.

fire Russo? isn’t D’AMORE running the women’s division? guess i’ve been misinformed. As for the Women’s match itself, I don’t get what’s wrong with the QUEEN OF THE CAGE losing this match. I would've prefered her rebounding with back-to-back ppv wins, but it could've been worse. She could’ve been eliminated early. While I didn’t care for the stipulation at least they shaved someone who I (and probably MOST people) least expected them to shave off.

I saw the Terrordome as a waste. Once I heard the winner was getting a shot at Samoa Joe and Steiner i immediately knew Kaz was going to win. How? none of those other guys have been pushed as a LEGIT HEAVYWEIGHT. While I agree that Kaz is in line for a push I would've just preferred him NOT IN THE MAIN EVENT.

Finally the main event itself was alright. I hate Frank Trigg’s commentary. What the fuck is his purpose? I can Tolerate Adamle. He is a gimmick now. He is supposed to be fucking annoying. Trigg is just retarded and all he fuckin talks about is MMA. When he isn't he either lightly praises JOE by saying "I didn't give this guy enough credit" then quickly contradicts himself by saying "You would think he'd be alot quicker or although he's the champ he's the #2 wrestler in the company" Shut the hell UP!
I plea my MMA ignorance, but has this Trigg guy defeated anyone of note? I'm calling him a Shitty MMA fighter cuz i know GSP and Hughes served this fucker. Just as ignorant as this guy is to the wrestling World, I shall be Ignorant to him.

Seriously! Don west is annoying but that is his shitck. What the fuck is Frank Trigg?

srr said...

bah. i found it entertaining for the most part. i liked the ladder match i wish though that a heel won to make it better. thats the only thing i got tight about seeing angelina love or some other heel win would have been better, good for roxxie though.

it also sucks that steiner had his briefcase for ever and doesnt win wtf

overall im not hating it was fun.

the finals were pretty much agreed on by me, sure tourney seemed a bit dumb, but in the end the most established teams were int eh finals not a single random one was in there, and thats ok for me.

Matt said...

didnt watch the ppv, and glad i didnt. I dont understand the fire russo chants that im reading about though. Correct me if im wrong, but i thought Scott D'Amore was in charge of the womens division? How are people so sure that Russo booked this angle?

Maxers said...

seriously, wtf... why in the fuck did they book 4 teams of singles wrestlers if none of them even win in the quarter finals?? At least have kong's team make it to the finals to make it interesting. And 2 of the 'legit' tag teams were random(see: Rhino Cage and Super Eric and AJ) Did they not have a free spot for the MCM to job to BG and Kong? It woulda took some clusterfuck outta the terrordome.

And speaking of terrordome, who decided it would be smart to put Kaz in the main? What about AJ? He's Kurt's lacky and his partner's in Japan and he's a good worker... oh wait, that would actually make sense.

But Donnie, I have to disagree on the ladder match with you. It was a solid match, but I did like the way it was booked in ring. D'Amore as a road agent is good(note to the guy talkin about that: D'Amore doesn't book the storylines, he's a road agent, he puts together the stories for each match in ring, keeps girls in line and makes sure everyone trains etc.) I liked the story of the heels helping Gail win so they didn't get their head shaved. But if there was no head shave stip or stupid 'if Gail Kim loses then the next person down gets their head shaved' business, we wouldn't be here in the first place.

TNA has the worst case of stupid and over booking I've ever seen, but the in ring work and the way the story of the matches fit so well with the angles is usually top notch. TNA is that kid in school that NEVER did any homework, NEVER came to class, but still managed to ace the tests... soooo much potential, but such a waste of talent.

Anonymous said...

I think Sting has gotten old, but why is the guy getting paid all the money to lose in the opening match? that just doesn't make sense.