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Tuesday Night Turmoil: Farewell Joey

ECW is now tha new TNA. Totally Needs Announcers.

Well we get the debut of Mike Adamle as the new “voice of ECW.” Brothers and sisters in the land of O, only one man will be the voice of ECW and that IS Joey Styles. “What happens when you take this man's sunglasses off?” Need I say more?

Can we focus on the positive aspects? Sure, just let me come up with some. We got yet another Diva Dance off, wait, I’m looking for positives. Seeing Layla is a positive, seeing Tazz Dance is not. Nor is Tazz calling them Diveeis. Tazz dancing was funny, but if I want hilarious I listen to Lewis Black.

I’ll start it off with the Diva Dance Off. What is the point of these? It’s obvious that they’re still trying to get Kelly over, we get it, we understand. Lena Yada is still bottom of the barrel. Unless you have an affinity for Asian’s you probably aren’t too big on her.

By leaps and bounds Layla is the best looking thing in that competition, and she and Cherry are tied with Mickie James as tops in the fed. Poor Kelly though, the girl has the worst case of “white girl” I’ve ever seen. She’s learning to dance, but she still aint got the shit down yet. How is she with Test by the way? That guy does a lot of drugs.

Mike Adamle did during this competition refer to Peter Senerchia as “The Tazz.” Last time I heard him referred to as that, it was 2:30 am on the MSG network in 1994. All the times Mike Adamle screws up will from henceforth be referred to as Mike ups. Maybe Adamle should manage Batista, Cena, Mark Henry and Khali, and the Drizzling Shits would be official. Mike up #4, “Diva feva.”

It can’t be overstated just how much Armando Alejandro Estrada could mean as a true on screen character. I’m glad that he’s on TV. I just wish he was in role that not only served him, but someone else without a voice well. The way he “put over” Delaney was priceless.

Mike up #5, “Calculating Cuban,” and guess what, in the same breath Tazz dropped the dreaded, “not for nothing.” New topic, what I want to know is who in the office has such a hard on for squash matches. They’re fine, just not weekly and when they don’t really mean jack.

Was that the E’s way of saying, “We aren’t mad at you Mike, we know the roids weren’t yours?” You know, another thing about Colin Delaney taking all these bumps that are damn near unprotected, he may very well be the next guy to take a walk down Benoit Boulevard.

The eight man tag team match, at least in my eyes was simply a way of getting several guys on TV or in front of the London crowd. CM Punk, Elijah Burke and Shelton Benjamin were thrown into an eight man tag team match. I’ll forgive it this week due to them being in London and trying to get everyone on TV.

Mike Knox got a singles match and they didn’t? So here’s hoping next week they’ll all get meaningful singles matches, or CM Punk will walk into the Land of Extreme wearing a crown and carrying a briefcase. Although I’m thinking MVP or Kennedy have a better shot at donning the crown.

Kofi Kingston is on the list KellyX2 list where they are doing whatever, whenever to get him over. There was absolutely no reason for him to be the guy getting the pinfall, but it happened, I shit you not. In two weeks Kofi has pinfall victories over both Deuce and Domino, who were without Cherry. According to some stuff on they’ll soon be dropping Cherry for Maryse, yeah ok, whatever.

Mike up #6, calling Miz, "Mike The Miz." Mike Mizanin is a scab on the ass of pro wrestling, but I can deal with that, he appears to actually be improving. Mike Adamle is syphilis. Let me be positive, John Morrison should be a damn main eventer. If there is a spot at the top for John Cena, there is a spot at the top for John Morrison.

His backstage promo tonight was damn good, well, it was good, and I loved the reference to the American Bad Ass gimmick, calling ECW, “their yard.” Consistency is a beautiful thing no matter how small or trivial it may be. Morrison is athletic, he has the look, and he is a decent worker, much better than three of the guys sitting near the top right now, you know who I mean.

Mike up #7, wearing his glasses and reading DIRECTLY from the script written out before him. Dude, you’ve been in TV and reporting for 30 years, did you not learn a damn thing? Projecting and showing interest is half the battle, and you, you worthless toe rag can’t even do that.

Mike up #8, “Mitch match.” Normally I wouldn’t be this bad on a man’s use of the English language. Sadly though, with, as I said, 30 years in broadcasting one is expected to learn how the hell to speak it. When you have a script in front of you, just read the damn thing. Ad-libbing isn’t your strong suit Mike, don’t attempt to do it.

The match between the Brothers of Destruction and MnM 2.0 wasn’t exactly a terrible match. As a matter of fact I sort of liked it. The initial pop for Taker when he made a tag was unreal. Donnie disagreed with me before, but I still think that tag team is something that would sell a few extra PPV’s.

Mike up #9, “now working the figure four.” It was a kneebar according to Tazz. I really liked the way Morrison and Miz kept Kane in their corner for the latter part of the match. I did during this part of the match appreciate Adamle’s commentary. He referred to Miz and Morrison as M & M. Thank you for reading Tha O Show Mike, now learn from it.

Miz and Morrison were able to come out this match looking better than before. They lost, but they got in offense and actually held the offensive for several minutes. The Brothers of Destruction came away with yet another win, but MnM actually held their own with two World Champions.

I promised an O-ster that I’d debut a new segment in his honor during this week’s edition of Tuesday Night Turmoil, and it will continue far into the future in all the columns I write. It’s for the benefit of all those that watch their wrestling on DVR or PVR in fast forward. These are the segments of the shows you don’t need to fast forward. On ECW though, you may need to watch on mute.

Not only do you get the new addition of “Mike ups,” you get this. With no further stalling or hyping, and for Shammy D, Dan-e-o and all the other PVR/DVR guys:

DJB’s What To Watch:
Diva Dance Off to laugh at Tazz’s sad attempts at dancing (at your personal discretion)
Armando Estrada’s appearance at the top of the ramp
John Morrison’s backstage promo
Brothers of Destruction vs. MnM

Tha Results…
*Kofi Kingston-CM Punk-Moore-Wang def. Deuce-Domino-Shelton-Burke
*Mike Knox def. Colin Delaney
*Undertaker & Kane def. Miz and Morrison

25 comments: on "Tuesday Night Turmoil: Farewell Joey"

Nevermind Dan-e-o; FIRE DJB said...

Dude, just kill yourself you negative piece of shit. I come here to further my love of wrestling and to read news and results and you just shit all over the place. For real, you can critique a show without burying EVERY single name that comes out of your pessimistic little fingers. Reading back, you didn't even shit on everything, but the things you put over you did so in a negative way. I seriously hope Donnie reads this shit and sees how much people hate you. Dan and Donnie made the site to share their love of wrestling with people and you write your articles and just make this place seem like the punch bowl of a cult gathering.

Personally, I'm just gonna read news articles and recaps not written by you but I just thought I'd let you, the crew and the visitors know how I feel and that you bring down the public image of the site by writing your dumbass negative "comment's" and "opinion's". I'm sure people agree with me.

Oh, and I wasn't shitting on your "article's" I was just letting you read my opinions*.

Later Tater.

Anonymous said...

pyro said...
Wow that was hostile. I don't always agree with DJB, and I don't always agree with Donnie, Dan, Andrew, Dante or Christopher either, but that was entirely unnecassary.

If there is a bad show, there's a bad show and these guys have the right to say that. Do you love everything you see? What did he put over in a negative way?

Everyone on Tha O Show loves wrestling, but most of us hate whats happening to it. We all try to further our love of it, and if you'll notice a heavy, heavy emphasis is put on indy wrestling because it's the purest form of wrestling. WWE and TNA put out a consistently PAR, if that, product. The great era's of wrestling are far gone. I understand you may not like what he said, but holy cow man. Give it a rest.

D.J.B. said...

Well Tater, I'm sorry you feel that way, but that doesn't mean I don't stand by what I wrote. I do.

There were several bad things and I talked about them. I'm not a "rays of golden sunshine" kinda guy. Did I put over Punk in a negative way? Did I put over Morrison in a negative way?

Anonymous said...

Holy shit. Most of the heel workers in the business wish they could draw the heat DJB draws.

Ya know, I'm not really into the whole negativity thing myself, but all the things DJB says are warranted. Mike Adamle is terrible, Kofi Kingston is already stale, Diva Dance Off's are pointless being comprehension except at house shows. John Morrison should be on top, and Miz is terrible, but I disagree with DJB on one thing, that guy probably wont ever improve or win me over.

One more thing, in case you haven't noticed tater, nobody on this show is positive most of the time. Look at what we have to watch week in and week out. Well we dont have to and that says something in and of itself. We still watch, and since we're watching we prove our love even though it is complete crap sometimes. Donnie and Dan give us No heavy O's and No's nearly every week. Negativity isn't anything new to Tha O Show.

Donnie and Dan DID create this site to share their love, but there is also alot of hate, check the archives, and by the way Brian Plunkett and DJB have been here for a very, very long time.

recursive said...

haha. all of this reminds me of ten years ago when a ton of websites got labelled as "WCW haters" and "'Fed apologists" and "WWF fanboys" when WCW started tanking and people were saying so.

fast forward to today and now that most of what's on TV is utter shit, everyone's an "indie mark" and a "WWE hater".

but i agree, DJB should kill himself for having an opinion. that'll end the negativity and lift the veil off of all our eyes.

Jesse Ventura said...

All those with opinions will be burned! Communism will return! You think Che Guevarra is dead...I KNOW BETTER!

Shammy_D said...

Yeah!!! Now the Shamster has a guide to help him skipping the drivel in EC-Dub.

I dig the article and for once I totally agree with somebody, DJB may not be all sunshine and roses about EC-Dub but he's honest and that I appreciate. I can't give a totally informed opinion until I see the show tomorrow night (U.K time delay and all) but there doesn't seem to be much to argue with and i'm dreading listening to Admle for an hour..... wait no that'll be about 20 mins by the time I skip the crap.

Thanks DJB

(Did I put it over enough??)

Anonymous said...

i agree every djb post is dumb and a put under on EVERYTHING. morrison on top are you kidding me? kofi isnt stale he got a big pop yesterday. sure i agree with the mike adamle but who doesnt. i liked this ecw there were problems but it wasnt the worst shit out there

Jeter said...


I read this and usually I have something very caustic to throw along with that, but wow...I don't have to say a damn thing.

Dude Johnson said...

DJB is a terrible writer. Wannabe worker, pseudo smart mark, who thinks only the dudes with workrate should be pushed. Go watch ROH, and stop reviewing WWE. Funny how you won't put over WWE talent, but you would lick Donnie Abreu's turds if he asked you too. Rock your O Show T-shirts in hell, flamer.

Dante Ross said...

Who doesnt agree with what I write? So far no one has at least in print on this site. This is one of the reasons I am glad that I dont cover any of the shows. My articles tend to lean towards what good I can find in wrestling in the past or present.

I know how hard it can be to be positive when writing about wrestling but it is possible. If someone finds articles too negative they can just not click on the link to continue reading. From the first couple paragraphs you can get a taste of what's coming. If anything you can just write why you disagree and be done with it. Kinda the same way that if you dont like a show you dont watch it.

Andrew Gray said...

"Dude, just kill yourself you negative piece of shit." That was a more negative statement than anything D.J.B. wrote.

It's ECW, for crying out loud. There isn't much to get excited about. Mike Adamle was commentating and Tazz was dancing - that means it was a bad show. The tag team main event was the only decent thing on the show.

Give him a break. D.J.B. . . . keep up the good work. Your contributions are not lost on me. I don't know how you can contribute so much to the site while still in school, but you do. Nevermind the haters.

Timmins Masked Man ME said...

Oh how I wished that the "Anonymous" O Show readers would leave their names on here when commenting (or at least make one up!)
It really can't be that hard can't it???

Nevermind DJB...BAN anonymous said...

Look it's dude johnson, if I remember correctly that's the same jackass who said that Christopher Casur was better than Brian Plunkett.

Haha dude you should never write, nor should you have an opinion(which you dont you just back other people when you see it)

You apparently dont understand writing, and basically have no idea how the world works.

Funny how you ruin your credibility by saying he'd lick turnds and calling him a flamer, some of you need to grow up and just deal with the fact that he has the spot you want. Get over it.

srr said...

i liked kofi kingston getting the pin, no big deal. LOL taz doing the brooklyn shake.

djb aint that bad we all have opinions no need to tell him that much hate. and the people returning the favor aint helping much either

Shammy_D said...

I'm with Andrew. I don't care if he was adding in something I inspired this week, Alot of the time I don't agree with DJB but I can always understand where his comments come from and appreciate why he feels that way. His opinions don't come over as negative to me, just honest and if we're honest the E just isn't delivering on about 75% of there sh*t

Andrew is right it's EC-Dub we're talking about. Not exactly the hottest wrestling show going is it? With the loss of Joey Styles and another recycled gimmick (Diva Dance Off), plus Tazz is already sh*t, were looking for the highlights which DJB has given us.

MnM or more precisely Morrison and his promo, Armando Alejandro Estrrrrrrrrada, C.M Punk and the Brothers to name a couple. He even had a couple of kind words for The Miz which are usually pretty hard to find.

I've read this article a couple of time and the only thing I don't agree with is that Kofi is stale. He's still getting a decent pop, i'm just not sure what there gonna do with him.

He's not exactly main even material yet and there is no mid-card belt on EC-Dub so what do ya do with him?

and as for the idiot who started this whole line of conversation..... If all you have to say are violent and negative comments which are even more inflammatory that the guy your supposed to be critiqing then just don't write anything.

Nobody died and made you god, nobody wants to read your sh*t and nobody cares. Yeah we stand up and defend DJB against your crap but thats got more to do with freedom of speach and the right to an informed opinion than anything you have to say, hell I just wish Donnie or Dan had noticed this sooner and deleted your comments before it got this far.

I'm actually pretty pissed at myself for getting so hot and rantin on like this but f*ck it I hate wankers like you who feel that the only way to get themselves over is do disrespect other people. even your argument about Dan and Donnie reading this and hating on DJB because they started this site to share there 'love' for wrestling. Yes they did but the also share there hates, or 'O's and 'NO's as the rest of us call them.

Have you ever actually listened to tha 'O' Show? how often do you hear Dannie and Donnie slamming what the 'E' does? Answer : ALL THE TIME!!!!!

We all love wrestling here, I hope!, but not everything that happens in wrestling is good. And I hope that tha O show isn't gonna start edititng it's self and skipping the bad stuff just because it's bad 'cause that is the worst kind of censorship and i'll be going elswhere!!.

Okay thats it rant over, I'm going for a beer!!!

Skitlez said...

I was really impressed with Miz. I think he's improving. Him and Morrison would be an awesome team if they'd just come down the ramp together! Their match with the B.O.D. was entertaining.

I gotta disagree about Kofi. Even though I'm pretty sure his target audience is 8 year olds, I love him. Fun guy to watch.

Oh yeah, and for the haters, DJB is the shit.

Bill the Mark said...

Well I guess with Joey Styles, I can't chant 'ECW ECW ECW' anymore. So, I'll have to chant 'DJB DJB DJB'!!

Sir. Jimmy Of Tha O'ster Nation said...

Suggestion... Donnie ask DJB to be on the show. I think it would be interesting if he sat in on the round table again.

Anonymous said...

oh no. i do not want djb again, come on he wanted to redo the sceond city saints.

but still he is not the worst article writer in the wrestling world.

Chris said...

I like the new DVR system, maybe you could put a number of > equal to the number you fast forward. On Tivo we get three speeds, three being the fastest. So for the diva matches minus Mickie or Victoria it would be a >>> match (except the nipple slip, that's a slo-mo moment <<<).

D.J.B. said...

I like that idea Chris and I will, but I get 4 speeds, but I'll take into note that most people have 3, and 3 will be the top.

Don't Fire DJB But Suspend Him For 30 Days Without Pay said...

DJB must make the best tasting haterade on the block.

DJB for President said...

DJB does have the best tasting haterade on the block. You know why? Because if you drink enough eventually you'll convert.

Dan said...

My favorite part of the entire show:

Taz: Hey! I almost thought that was the *insert name of bridge* from Brooklyn!

Mike A (without a hint of sarcasm): It's not the brooklyn bridge Taz.