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Rated O Radio - Episode 60

Tha O Show RadioWhat up O-sters and welcome to Dissfest '08! Uh...we mean, episode number 60 of your favourite internet radio program, Tha O Show!

And this one may just be up there as one of the best ever! Back, as always, are your boys Big Daddy Donnie and Dan-e-o. But making his return to the studio to re-join tha none other than the international wrestling superstar, and Tha O Show's own - Rico Montana.

Let the disses start flying! Prepare to bust a gut as these guys bust on each other all show long (insert gay joke here). Check it out!

On this week's show...

Tha patented "Os And NOs" featuring views concerning this past Monday's "Raw", this past Sunday's TNA pay-per-view Lockdown and the return of the King Of The Ring tournament this coming Monday!

The Notorious T.I.D. spins by with "Tha Pit Stop" to discuss this coming Saturday's UFC 83 pay-per-view that eminates live from the Bell Centre in Montreal, Quebec. The first ever UFC event in Canada pits Welterweight Champion Matt Serra against the hometown hero, Georges St-Pierre.

You'll also hear the premiere of Tid's brand new entrance theme entitled "You're Dead!", courtesy of Tha O Show Music.

And this week, Tha O Show presents another very special exclusive interview. Prepare to hit that in, the greatest entrance theme in wrestling history? It's former WWE Superstar, Gangrel!

Discussing everything from his time in the Fed to his personal relationships to his current work on the indy scene, the Vampire Warrior confirms that he is one of the smartest and downright coolest ass workers on the planet!

Of course, Rico Montana sticks around to join Don and Dan for "Tha Round Table". Not only do the disses continue to fly, but the long awaited arm wrestling challenge between Rico and Dan-e-o finally comes to a head!

Be sure to stay tuned to the end of the show for yet another off-the-top-of-the-dome freestyle by your bro, Dan-e-o as he pays tribute to Gangrel (and delivers the utmost disrespect to Rico Montana!).

Finally, thanks to all tha O-sters who made last week's episode our most listened-to show ever!

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34 comments: on "Rated O Radio - Episode 60"

markus k. fabian said...

amazing episode. just got done listening at work. Donnie, Lufisto's gonna kill you - you sexist bastard! But if she does, she has to kill me too, cuz I agree!

Gangrel was AWESOME!!! I think he should join Tha O Show as a semi regular like Rico.

Dan-e-o's freestyle at the end of the show was unbelieveable!!!!

Anonymous said...

hahaha loved that freestyle! but you got pwned in arm raslle

Sir. Jimmy Of Tha O'ster Nation said...

The episode with Dan-e-o the Gangrel rap (version 1.0) is #9 about 51 min. in.

Stevie J said...

Has anybody ever told T.I.D. that he sounds like Dana White?

Anonymous said...

How you figure?

Mike said...

Don't usually like Dan's freestyles, but this week was live and in livin color. Big ups.

Anonymous said...

your a fucking pig donnie o ho your tha o ho

mach23 said...

Gangrel!!!!!!!! wow i miss the blood bath and all that stuff, especially his entrance. He would be an awsome come back if he was able to have a good or real run

Anonymous said...

How can you not like Dan-e-o's freestyles??

Jorden Vandal said...

Haven't listened to this yet, will at work tonight. I do an 8 hour over-night shift and Tha O Show literally is what keeps me awake the entire time.

You guys rock.

Anonymous said...

This show was hilarious. Rico adds a really cool piece.

Anonymous said...


mach23 said...

Great show and freestyle at the end. Rico should stay just so u guys can go back and forth caz its hillarius plus he has good points too

LuFisto said...

Ok... This is not the LuFisto VS Donnie show. LuFisto ain't going to kill nobody! LOL

Actually, most of the time, I agree with Donnie's point of view. He has a right to his opinion and even if he's an ass sometimes (and it's a good thing), I don't see him as being sexist. Hell, I even believe that Rey-Rey shouldn't beat an olympic athlete as Kurt Angle...

Yes, there is a way to work inter-gender matches to make them believable and, although I believe that Kong could hold her own in the men division, I think the fact that she could have a feud with Angle could hurt the female division that is so strong right now. Why risk something that works just the way it is?

That being said, one thing you have to remember... The wrestler has to do what the booker says. If he tells me that I'm wrestling some big dude, then I have to. If he tells me I'm losing or winning, then I do what he tells me to do.

Does it always make sense? Hell no! You have no idea how much I prefer wrestling girls or guys my size! However, if the booker believes that he'll make more money, get more people (whatever the reason) by having me fighting and sometimes beating some big dude, than so be it.

Anyway, I could go on forever as there are many things that could be discussed. That would be quite an interesting debate to have one day as I could tell you how some storylines came to life, what happened at Stranglehold the night I won the tournament... And so on.... We could also talk about porn since a bunch of you mentionned being fans of the 'art'! LOL

So there is no war, calm down... I'm a member of Donnie's lick my balls club and he's the top member of my kiss my ass club... It's alllll good! :P

Have a great weekend and, Goddamn!! The Brood by Dan-e-o ROCKED... I might want a song now! :)

PS: Go GSP and Go HABS Go!!!

fantasico said...

I love Lufisto!!!!
Lufisto VS Rico for in a shoot fight to decide the full time 3rd member of the show!!!!!!!!

james j said...

ahh nevermind. Rico over.

ben said...

hell no lufisto maina all the way

Anonymous said...

ben cant spell mania.

Anonymous said...

awesome shows boys!!

Anonymous said...


RelliK said...

Lol he no'ed me I think. I'm honored, not gonna lie I didn't listen to it all mainly because tv wrestling brings me down now and everythings a no to me. Plus I only said to get a reaction and it worked ahahahaha. Secondly what TID said about MMA fighter is right and which is why I wanna attempt to be MMA to feel the same glory the Gladiators did 100s of years ago. Plus I wanna honor a death I had recently.

Andrew Gray said...

Here's a funny video, "highlighting" Mike Adamle's debut on ECW

You're welcome.

Anonymous said...


srr said...

dman guy beat me to it, i wanted an mp3 maaan.

at least i got put over again haha,
uuuuggghghhg aaaahhhhhh.

good show, gangrel is dope he sounds mad chill, i love it when ya bring in old timers and get their opinion in.
though donnie is old when he was with tid int eh old radio, but still. good show cant wait for next week

Anonymous said...

Somebody needs to edit wikipedia and OIW because Gangrel was trained by Dean according to all them.

Interesting shit about Tom Nash though...WOW BITCHES=PROBLEMS IN WRESTING

markus k fabian said...

srr, im prettyy sure danny o and donny o are about the same age. tid too i think.

Dan-e-o said...

Nope...Tid's oldest, then Donnie...I'm the youngster! Ha!

srr said...


Anonymous said...

But your still older than me bitch!!

Christopher Casúr said...

You're also still more aged than me, old man.

D.J.B. said...

Only person younger than me is Casur and maybe Andrew Gray.

Andrew Gray said...

Well, since everyone is throwing it out there . . . I'm 21. Or as little kids make sure to mention 21 and a half lol.

D.J.B. said...

I'm 20 and 3 fingers out of 4!!!!! Why do I feel like Eugene should be in on this?

Dan-e-o said...

Yeah...but you guys are all fags.