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Rated O Radio - Episode 59

Tha O Show RadioIn case you weren't already aware, Tha O Show contains language that may be unsuitable for some listeners. In other words, we do not censor our views or choice of words to express them.

In other words, it is possible that some listeners may be offended by some of the comments made by Big Daddy Donnie and Dan-e-o, your gracious hosts of your favourite internet radio show.

In other words, if you're a fuckin' pussy...don't listen to us! To the rest of tha O-ster's that time of the week y'all! Press play!

On this week's show...

After explicitly spewing off at the mouth in classic O Show fashion, Donnie and Dan get down to their patented "Os And NOs".

The Notorious T.I.D., of course, joins the show and does his cell phone version of "Tha Pit Stop". Fedor, Sylvia, Shamrock and others in the world of ultimate fighting get trashed and bashed by the master of the bad mouth as Tid talks MMA.

Tha boys discuss this coming weekend's TNA pay-per-view, Lockdown.

After a somewhat lengthy hiatus, Compton's angriest wrestling fan, Tha Black Prophet makes his return to Tha O Show with an absolutely classic rant. Controversial as ever, this is one you can't miss!

And joining tha boys for "Tha Round Table" is Tha Queen of O herself: Lufisto! Be sure to check Lufisto out this Sunday in Toronto at CWR's Back In Business event. Click the link below and listen in to the commercials for more information.

And!! You've hear us tease it for weeks! Here it is O-sters! THE CHURCH OF O built by our friends at Phyte.Ca!. Phyte is the newest addition to Tha O Show Radio Network!

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46 comments: on "Rated O Radio - Episode 59"

XxICExX said...

Good job dan...nice to see that you got the show up this week!!! I guess your not all that computer retarted...its all jokes kid!

XxICExX said...

Good job dan...nice to see that you got the show up this week!!! I guess your not all that computer retarted...its all jokes kid!

Anonymous said...

Dan-e-o is so stupid, when the webpage said "click the link on the screen", he put the dam mouse ON the monitor.

kian said...

I'm just listening now, but for that first NO - I'm pretty sure that tabloid rag the Sun faked those txt msgs from Nancy.

santo said...

KUMAR: ahhahahahaha.... niiiiice.

I'm laughing so hard at so many little moments. This show is like Santino Marella. It's the LITTLE details that crack me up.

I loved Donnie's little impromptu rhyme. Loved Dan-e-o's version of the Black Prophet! The Prophet himself is unbelievablaz!!!

I'd love to join the show as the Latino Prophet!!! You think the black man has issues in wrestling??? THINK OF MY PEOPLE!!!

Anonymous said...

I think the Nancy texts are fake too. But mostly I'm say that caus i still love Benoit.

Anonymous said...

give me a break benoit is a fuckin lunatic. I'm sick of you motherfuckers priasing the guy. American are killin innocent people overseas and yet you label thoose innocent middle eastern/african people "terrorists" yet this faggot who murders and strangles his family and his own son! you guys name him a legend and still hold him in regards...fuck that!

and for the record...bret hart is a fuckin piece of scum bag shit aswell..i heard alot of stories about that fuckin clown to...this faggot bret is so heartless he only went to owen funeral service to ask vince about his property rights to his images and videos...fuckin clowns man...wrestlers are fuckin clowns especially bret and chris...brets a peice of shit thats always tryning to stick up for benoit...fuck these scum bags...

Anonymous said...

donnie is the man lol....test you live in florida ...lick my balls lol

fallen angel said...

To the last two anonymous guys, i hit the MK and say SHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT!!

Anonymous said...

The Lick My Balls Club was Brilliant but my other fav Donnie moment this week was FUKUDOME!!!!!

Anonymous said...

hey dannny...are you gonna redo the o show theme? and remove franks name?

ben said...

great show guys please have lufisto on more often cause she kicks ass!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...


copywritten said...

That anoynmous is a retard! Or ITS FRANK! Frank's name HASNT BEEN IN THE THEME SINCE HE LEFT! They changed it right away. Listen again douche tard.

I agree. Bret marks are the second biggest assholes on the planet. Next to Bret.

Anonymous said...

Prophet VS Brett was one of my fav things ever! I loved the Fukudome rant! Golden! Lufisto was amazing! Can she be on every week?????

markus k fabian said...

Amazing episode! My fav one yet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

mono fan said...

Yo man da Blk Profit speaks truth!

B4 said...

Loved the show! I loved Lufisto on because I am a huge mark for her every since she was at the horrible NWA show here in Nashville a few years back where there were 50 matches and she was in one of the only two that were actually good. I don't get to see much of her work, but when I find it, I watch it with great interest. I'd put her on my "permission to do" list whenever I'm back in a relationship again....if she was into out of shape, dorky US guys.

Ok, enough marking out. I believe Prophet vs Bret must be a semi-regular segment like Shieky! I look forward to the segment theme Dan-e-o can come up with for it!

Next week...Lick My Balls Club should have Paul Heyman. He's mouthing off just because he want pub for the shit gimmick he's got now. Maybe he should go make Rollerball 2: Electric Boogalow...can't be any worse than what he's doing now.

oooooooo yaaa said...

Does the lick my balls club get its own theme song??? If so, can Lufisto PLEASE do the sound effects????

jevhon said...

Am I the only black O-ster who thinks the Prophet sounds like an ignorant cartoon character?

captain crunch said...

Come ON Jevhon!! I think it's pretty clear the Black Prophet is work. WHAT??? Niggggaz dont know keyfabe????

Anonymous said...

I know his name has become taboo, but, "FRANK WHO???" DUDE!!! The show is BETTER WITHOUT YOU! And I'm one of the guys who thought you being let go was a BIG mistake.

The show is tighter and the lack of Frank bashing allows you to focus on bashing others... Like Bret Hart or TNA. I love it.

observer said...

Donnie!! I caught that diss of Dan 'THE MOUTH" Lobransky! Better be careful. King Of
Never Did Anything" Jughead Chris Clarke will show up here again talking about how he invented the world and Mouth is god.

Shammy D said...

That was a SMOKIN HOT show guys. As a u.k resident I can tell you not too put alot of faith in anything the Sun prints, however it's not know for outrite lying so the texts may well be fact.

But with the Benoit thing to one side i loved the show as always.

Christopher Casúr said...

So is "He does a lot of drugs" the new "Niggaz don't know kayfabe"?

james j said...

Wicked episode! I've heard all 59 and this is the best one yet!

Matt said...

I just want to point out something a lot of people are touching on this week.

Normally the comments for the show talk about how awesome Dan-e-o's freestyle was or how much a loser Frank was, or how awesome the guru Tyson Dux is or how hardcore TID is, but up until this week I've never seen much praise for the guy (who I believe) makes it all happen.

Big Daddy Donnie is the glue of the show and doesnt get nearly enough love. I've been listening to him since 1998 and it's amazing to me how creative this guy is. I got to meet Donnie once when he was still at Virtually Canadian. I was there watching a show being taped that my friend was hosting, and when I told Donnie I was a big fan, he invited me in studio for his show.

I have emailed Donnie many times telling him how talented I think he is but I hope the O Nation recognizes it.

Peace brother

MutaBusa said...

Big Daddy Donnie: Kurt Angle's gonna be getting a new reality show ...

my thoughts: You mean in addition to TNA Impact? Now I get to see both a kayfabed as well as a real Thanksgiving dinner with the Angle family, just what I fricken wanted. Dan-e-o is marking out hoping to see Karen Angle getting out of the shower on this reality show.

Another fun sports name "FUKUDOME". Big merch potential there. Kinda like if Mirsolav Satan were ever to be traded to the new Jersey Devils, that jersey would like like hotcakes.

Big O for ME getting put over twice, once for the Tyson Dux drinking game, and once for my so stupid jokes. And getting my jokes on in Lufisto's segment. A worker I found out about through listening to Tha O Show, and became a fan of via youtube. I've always been a fan of garbage wrestling: Big Japan, FMW, ECW, W*ING. Lufisto, you rock always turning it up a notch understanding the nirvana that is hardcore. I'd compliment ya in French, but all that stuck from my French Classes are cuss words, and "fuck your mother" or "eat my cock for breakfast" don't seem appropriate. oh yeah.. POORRRRNNN

Dan-e-o: you need the clip "You a smart mutha fuka" from Pulp Fiction on the MK. In reference to my Flow 93.5 comment. I saw the station listed on and figured I'd work it into the insult gimmick.

Also about the deli line joke. Not sure HOW vegetarian you are, but if you're not a vegan you could been in line to get some cheese.

And Big Daddy Donnie KNOWS this is a Steeler's town. We bleed black and gold here. We've got a restaurant you can go to and order a "Roethlis-Burger".

We're loving our Pens once again too, season ticket waiting list commercials air constantly now. The trade for Hossa reminds me so much of the Ron Francis trade back in the day. I invite the hosts and other O-sters in Toronto to adopt the Pens as their post-season team to cheer on, Sid the Kid deserves a Cup.

In my reverse-order O Show trek I'm up to Episode 7 now, almost one year to today's date. In my own weight loss gimmick official weigh in at work this week 226 lbs, 10 lb loss since last week. I tried 60 minute YRG and it KICKED MY ASS. It makes the 40 minute YRG look like a vacation. Thanks DDP for putting out an exercise program that is challenging and that I look forward to doing.

Christopher Casúr said...

I agree, props to Big Daddy Donnie, the man behind Dan-e-o (white boy humor! white boy humor! white boy humor!)

The Penguins? Please, MutaBusa. It's all about the Sharks getting the cup. After all, that's where the Leafs got Toskala from, so it's natural that Leafs fans should cheer for San Jose.

BigDaddy said...

Thanks everyone for the kind words. Your cheque is in the mail Matt.

As far as NHL goes...

The Sharks are the west coast version of the Senators - AINT GONNA HAPPEN!!

I'm layin my dolla down on Alex OOOOO! and the Caps.

Of course, the 9th seed in the west would PWN the Eastern Conference Champs this year.

Anonymous said...

Hilarious shit this week! I loved it! You guys were both on point.

James in NZ

srr said...

damn i was hoping i would get over on the radiolo, but at least he put the joke over right after i posted it haha.
good show this week loved lufisto coming in as well as tid on the road
is there a way i can get the instrumental for black prophet? shits banging.
ugghghgh aaaaah, uggggh ahhh,

BigDaddy said...

All instrumentals on Tha O Show are 100% original, copyright O Show Music and will ALL be available for download as a package or individually in our online store.

Give us a week or so to get them all up.

Suzy said...

Can I get in the lick your balls club?

Anonymous said...

Do me Suzy!!

Christopher Casúr said...

The Capitals will get bounced in the first or second round. Yes, they put together one very impressive run, but they're still a year or two away from being a legit contender. Huet never does well in the playoffs, so as soon as they go up against a team with a solid goaltender (i.e. someone not named Martin Biron), they're finished.

The Sharks aren't even close to the Senators. Ottawa got to the finals last year on the back of a very shaky goalie and a lot of offense, and when they went up against one of the best goalies of last year in J.S. Giguere, they got punched in the mouth. San "O"se has a strong defense, a good powerplay, some great playmakers in Thornton, Roenick, and Cheechoo, and Evgeni Nabokov, who is one of the best netminders in the league. Ottawa was all offense, San Jose's a more complete team.

There are some lousy teams out in the West, though. I think any Eastern conference playoff team could beat Nashville, who really only made it in because they had an easy schedule down the stretch while Vancouver and Edmonton had to play teams like Minnesota, Colorado and Calgary.

Anonymous said...

hey donnie...keep throwing bret under the bus that guys a certified faggot....hes worse than chris benoit....

benoit was a murdered and he still took the time to smile and be a great guy to the fans but brets even lower than a murderer....bret couldnt even smile and be polite to his fans...dudes a depressed piece of shit...why do public appearances if your a depressed peice of shit? this faggot bret sits at home on all is millions and still rots away with depression and we all know he watches raw every monday and contemplates suicide while watching shawn and flair at the top a decade later lol...fuck bret hes a true racist and a clown ass prick

Dante Ross said...

All this Bret hatred is so strange to me. He was one of my favorite wrestlers growing up. Of course this was before I had the internet and could read all about what a dick he was/is. With wrestling more so than acting I can seperate the character from their real life (which is why I am a HHH fan). I wont hate on Bret because he was in some of my favorite matches ever.

The show was fucking great. I love when it runs too long. Missed Rico a bit. Not too much. Its cool when you have guests come in or call that know how you do. Lufisto was funny as fuck. Love when a chick admits to liking porn.

The show has been better since you lost weight if you know what I'm timmy-talkin'-'bout. The Bret vs Black Prophet shit had me dying. You had him calling Bret a fag. Wonder what his views on gays in wrestling are.

Keep it up. I look forward to many more years of this shit. All these other shows are quitting and giving up. You guys are cool. Its like listening to my brother and his friends just talking shit. Love it.

Anonymous said...

brets a his otr interview dudes always about to cry like a sissy whiny bitch..and he cries over topics like him and his butt buddy vince and hiw legacy and career...but shit about owen he doesnt care..infact dude is so selfish he felt some type of way when his bro and bulldog was working for vince lol....what a clown..and ironically they both die...probably died out of the jealousy and maious of bret and the evil eye effected them both...

Anonymous said...

yawn everyone hates bret we get it, personally at least he signed an autograph for me.

lol get em donnie, got lufisto on ya boy

Anonymous said...

Danny-O is the president and longest standing member of my lick my balls club!
Rico Montana

Anonymous said...

Oh ya, he also instructs new members on the technique how I like it. He's a real pro!
Rico Montana

Anonymous said...

white boy humor

Anonymous said...

Rico Montana loves skully from Danny

Anonymous said...

just finished listening. my first time listening. i tuned in to hear lufisto. great show. i love the chemistry you guys have.

marc andre

Christopher Casúr said...

Marc Andre, thanks for sweeping the Senators out of the playoffs. God, I hate them.