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Foley To Make Color Debut At Backlash!

The position of commentator in the WWE has been a position that has seen much change in the last several months. JBL joined Michael Cole at the "SmackDown!" table when Tazz went to ECW. Then JBL returned to active wrestling and was replaced by Coach.

Joey Styles was pulled from the ECW play-by-play position and replaced with the new voice of "ECW" Mike Adamle. Less than two full weeks after Styles checked out, Coach is checking out and the new color voice of "SmackDown!" is checking in. That new voice is Mick Foley.

The WWE has reportedly contacted Mick Foley about this job recently, the reason is not known, but the speculation of backstage heat on Coach for not filling JBL's shoes is a safe bet. is reporting that Mick Foley will make his debut at Backlash tonight. Foley sat at the announce table in June of 2005 as the color man for WWE's original ECW One Night Stand.

With William Regal possibly making his full-time return to in ring wrestling this may leave the door for "Raw GM," or "Executive Assistant" open for Coach to return, but that isn't confirmed. Either way, this will be interesting to say the very least. Have a nice day.

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Skitlez said...

Foley was gold at "One Night Stand". I'm excited.

Anonymous said...

I don't recall Foley's commentating from One Night Stand, but WWE definitely needs to test the waters with their teams. J.R isn't getting any younger and the Likes of Jonathan Coachman are just plain awful. I remember back in the 90's the WWF had many different guys like Piper,Savage and others rotating on various shows. I see nothing wrong with WWE testing the waters with new guys. Now If only TNA could follow suit and avoid guys like Sadler and Trigg.

Joey Styles said...


Deezer said...

Foley will fill the JBL void very well. He has all of the legitimate experience, he's smart and funny, a publicity whore and he's great on a mic. Perfect.

Joey Styles should re-emerge to replace Jim Ross on Raw once JR is ready to stick to bloggin, BarBQ and retirement full time. Ross is on the downward slope of his career, but he's still better than most of the current crop of guys behind the announce tables. I give him one more Wrestlemania and he'll hang his hat. Either that or get Styles into the colour seat to replace Jerry Lawler (which he expressed an interest in a few years back when he started in the Fed).

Adamle is an empty vessel. He's got a good TV voice, but he lacks any kind of wrestling knowledge, worker knowledge and his improv skills are the shits. We do know that he's firmly in that seat for better or worse, so someone needs to drill his ass until he retains the basics.

I wish they called more holds. I wish they called it wrestling.