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Tha O Show's WrestleMania XXIV Predictions

It's that time of year wrestling fans. WWE's Grandest Stage of 'Em All is tomorrow night!! As if you needed reminding.

And here we are with our own yearly tradition: Tha O Show's WrestleMania predictions. The 24th annual Super Bowl of wrestling is always expected to bring fans a world of O's.

Apparently, there's something special about WrestleMania that we're all trying to hold on to. Sadly, over the past few years, the big show (not to be confused with the superstar of the same name) has been lackluster. Here's hoping this year's event easily surpasses our low expectations. Here's what we think will go down:

World Heavyweight Championship: Edge VS. The Undertaker

D.J.B. says: One of the matches that could have jumped right off the card as a top WrestleMania seller of all time, didn't do so, but I digress. This match will probably be match of the night. Taker and Edge both seem to be on the top of their game and Taker wants to do what he started last year, with his title reign that was "supposed" to last. I see Taker going over in a long back and forth match. Since it's 'Mania, don't look for too much outside interference from the Edgeheads.

Winner: Taker

Andrew Gray says: I don't think Taker's undefeated gimmick will ever end -- the fed is too big a mark for the gimmick they came up with. This will lead to the run they had planned for Taker after last year's show, and a few rematches with Edge too.

Winner: Undertaker defeats Edge via pinfall

Christopher Casur says: If they were playing this as "streak vs. streak" (as Edge techinally has never been pinned or made to submit at WrestleMania), I would say Edge. However, the much less impactful "title vs. streak" moniker put on this match heavily implies that Undertaker's streak is not going anywhere. Maybe the streak doesn't mean much to Mr. Calloway himself, but much like Hogan bodyslamming Andre at WrestleMania III or Shawn Michaels zooming down from the rafters at WrestleMania XII, the streak is an indelible piece of WrestleMania lore.

Winner: Undertaker

Dan-e-o says: I'm a huge mark for both Adam and Mark. But Mark's record at 'Mania doesn't have a mark on it. And nor should it. Mark won the title last year at 'Mania and never got a chance to have the reign he should have had. I'm sure myself and all the other marks out there would like to see Mark win. How's that for a mark's prediction?

Winner: The Undertaker

WWE Championship: John Cena VS. Triple H VS. Randy Orton

D.J.B. says: Two guys who don't even need the spot or the belt, because people recognize them as main eventers anyway in John Cena and Triple H taking on the single most improved worker on the roster in Randy Orton. Orton got the belt due to an injury, but has surpassed what I thought he'd be capable of doing. I want to see Orton retain, and I have a sneaking feeling that he will.

Winner: Randy Orton

Andrew Gray says: Because I don't think it will be placed at the end of the show (and because I think Taker will be going over), they can get away with having Orton retain. Maybe it's wishful thinking on my part, but Orton needs the win more than the other two, and winning the (sort of) main event at WrestleMania would cement Orton as one of the biggest heels in the business.

Winner: Randy Orton

Christopher Casur says: The belt should stay on Orton. Unfortunately, WWE has an indisputable track record lately of not doing what they should do. Cena goes over, Trips subsequently turns heel, and "Raw" becomes "The Cena/Hunter Show". Some people may think it strange of me to predict that faces win both title matches. Then again, Cena's not really a face, is he?

Winner: John Cena

Dan-e-o says: Either Cena or Hunter winning would be knee. We all know that. With Taker being predicted to go over in the World Title match, here's hoping a babyface doesn't HAVE to win the WWE title. As has been said, Orton's run deserves a greater length. Keeping the title on the heel will help develop good chases for the belt on "Raw" and allow fans to watch a decent worker (wow, Orton really has improved!) be the champ.

Winner: Randy Orton (here I go betting against Cena again...what have I done?).

Ric Flair VS. Shawn Michaels

D.J.B. says: 10 to God there will never be another Ric Flair. 10 to God there will never be another Shawn Michaels. I don't want to pick a winner because I want to see Ric's career continue. I have a feeling that Ric is going to be coming back to Charlotte for a while. This should be THE main event. This should draw a sold monitor in the back. This should pull EVERY worker from the back out onto the stage to get a standing O (in more ways than one) because you have the two best in a long time going at it with Ric's career "on the line". I have to say Michaels goes over clean, and would it be cruel irony or what to have Ric tap to the figure
four? Thanks for the memories Ric!

Winner: Shawn Michaels

Andrew Gray says: I've gone back and forth on this match. At first, HBK was the obvious choice to go over since Flair's retirement storyline always seemed to be heading for a climax at WrestleMania. Then I thought that even if Flair won, he could have a retirement speech the next night on "Raw", leaving on his own terms, saying that he couldn't top beating Shawn Michaels at the biggest show of the year. Now, though, I'm thinking Shawn wins in the match of the night, with the crowd reacting to every move.

Winner: HBK via pinfall

Christopher Casur says: "The fed" has never treated Naitch properly. In fact, going solely by his fed runs, I don't think he'd be a hall of famer in anybody's book. Only two or three of his 16 World Championship runs have been in WWE, and those runs didn't produce much meaning either. Here's hoping that they let Michaels and Flair go for 40-45 minutes and let Flair steal the show before riding off into the sunset (and probably riding directly into the "iMPACT!" Zone. Wooooo!)

Winner: Shawn Michaels

Dan-e-o says: I can't see Flair beating Michaels. I do see an incredible match. But with Flair entering the Hall and approaching 60, is there any other logical conclusion?

Winner: All true fans of wrestling. But HBK should get his hand raised.

Floyd "Money" Mayweather VS. Big Show

D.J.B. says: Well. I don't really know what to say about the match other than, "it has my interest." I want to see it. I want to see Show treat Mayweather like a "Whack-A-Mole" and I'm also curious to see if this brings in any extra buys for 'Mania. I'm looking for some sort of schmoz to end it. No clean finishes here.

Winner: Mayweather

Andrew Gray says: I'm actually looking forward to seeing how the match is put together, even though it'll probably end up having a lot of delays and showboating. Mayweather's posse (who don't know kayfabe) will get involved just as Show has "Money" set up for the chokeslam.

Winner: None - ends in a no contest

Christopher Casur says: Big Show has slimmed down, gotten more agile, and improved his work on the stick. He's ready to be a prime time player for the business. What has me interested in this match is how they're going to pull it off without making Big Show look like a tool, or putting a blemish on Mayweather's fight record. The best way for this match to end would be in some sort of schmoz finish. Sure, it tacks another loss on Big Show's record, but his record at 'Mania is abysmal as it is. It's so bad, the "Toronto" Bills have fantasies about sucking that bad.

Winner: Floyd Mayweather by DQ

Dan-e-o says: Having Floyd Mayweather hired by the E to do the job just doesn't sound realistic. I'm very curious to see how they're gonna play this one out. But Show cannot be made to look weak in this one. I hope they don't just shit the bed and have a two minute brawl turn into a clusterfuck. Floyd will win, but not by his own volition.

Winner: Mayweather by DQ

Money In The Bank Ladder Match

D.J.B. says: I really don't know what to think. Other than Jeff Hardy coming back in a twist I have no idea who the clear cut winner is. My choice pick would be Shelton Benjamin, but I don't see that happening. Actually Punk and Carlito are two guys I'd like to see grab the strap, er, case, but that won't happen.

Winner: Mr. Kennedy.....Kennedy

Andrew Gray says: Here's another chance for the fed to go with what they planned after last year's 'Mania. It was between Kennedy and MVP for me, but Kennedy ultimately gains more from the win as MVP is clearly heading toward the main event on "SmackDown!".

Winner: Kennedy

Christopher Casur says: This match I am VERY interested in. Jeff Hardy, who was going to go over (remember when I said they should put him in this match for that purpose?) has now been taken out. You can't make a compelling case for ANY of the participants to be WWE Champion. But then, that's the beauty of having three World Championships. It's a long shot, but I say CM Punk wins, eventually moving to "SmackDown!" and feuding with whatever heel takes the slightly less important World Heavyweight Championship off of Undertaker.

Winner: CM Punk

Dan-e-o says: This will be the O match of the night. We all expect 'em, and damn it, we're gonna get them. Question might not be who goes over, but who takes the biggest bump. My prediction for that: Shelton Benjamin. Either way, it should be crazy. I know this is a long shot, but I think that Mr. Porter has the most World Championship potential. I think his run with the U.S. belt has gone on long's time for him to take it to the next level.

Winner: MVP

Bunny Mania

D.J.B. says: If Santino isn't involved by minute 3 I'm going to piss and reup on the nachos.

Winner: Absolutely nobody associated with the PPV

Andrew Gray says: I see Santino trying to get involved, but Snoop Dogg preventing that from happening. That'll be the only entertaining part of the match.

Winner: Maria and Ashley

Christopher Casur says: Trashley performed a monkey flip during the 2005 Diva Search. That was the last time I've seen her execute a wrestling move believably. Santino will bust out some sort of comedic genius during this match. I'll still be taking a piss break, but I'll have the volume turned up while I'm pissing so I don't miss any of his one-liners.

Winners: Beth Phoenix and Melina

Dan-e-o says: Santino will steal the show. No surprise there. Snoop should be dope too. No surprise there. I'm looking for a wardrobe malfunction for the bitches to start eating each other out. Now THAT would be surprising. This will be the comedy match of the evening. Let's just accept it as such and remember seeing that many titties on screen at the same time can't be all that bad.

Winners: Maria and Ashley because they're the Playboy bunnies and Santino's trickery will backfire on him.

JBL VS. Finlay

D.J.B. says: A wrestling Gahhhhhd and a wrestler's wrestler. I'll be entertained. I'll watch it. I'll enjoy it. I'll see a midget. I'll see JBL's man tits jiggle.

Winner: Finlay

Andrew Gray says: Hornswoggle will get some revenge on the man who took him out when he helps his "father" beat JBL. This should be a stiff match, and one of the better ones of the night.

Winner: Finlay via pinfall

Christopher Casur says: This angle probabaly won't lead to Finlay being pushed to the main event, but so be it. I'll look past that since JBL and Finlay took shit and make caviar out of it. This entire feud was based on the most ridiculous premise since Katie Vick, but you would honestly believe that JBL enjoys making Finlay miserable, and that Finlay wants to kill JBL for it. I think this will be a very underrated match, which I can't believe I'm saying considering poorly booked this card is.

Winner: Finlay

Dan-e-o says: This match will look stiff. It will definitely be a dope brawl as these two look great as legit tough guys. Here's hoping JBL sells the foreign object shots. I say little Horny shows up and helps out his dad to get the vic.

Winner: Finlay

ECW Championship Battle Royal/Chavo Guerrero VS. One of 24 Guys

D.J.B. says: The 24 man battle royal will be on at 6:30 so we'll get even more 'Mania. No clue who goes over in the battle royal, but I'm leaning towards Mark Henry or Kane, or a complete swerve and Tommy Dreamer.

Winner: Chavo Guerrero retains in the end

Andrew Gray says: After Kane wins the pre-show battle royal, he'll put an end to Chavo's lacklustre reign and start a lacklustre reign of his own.

Winner: Kane becomes new ECW champ

Christopher Casur says: My kneejerk reaction to this is a hearty "Who cares?" There's no heel in this battle royal that, should they win, are good enough of a worker to either turn themselves or Chavo face during the title match. I'm gonna say Kane. He's always good for putting over a champion. The title isn't going anywhere though. This will hopefully be the start of a great feud. It will most likely be a throwaway because the ECW Championship is the redheaded stepchild in WWE's family tree.

Winner: Chavo Guerrero

Dan-e-o says: Most of the guys in the battle royal rarely ever appear at 'Mania. Kane is the guy who is on the show every year. So for that reason alone, I see him going over. I don't, however, see Chavo's reign coming to an end though.

Winner: Chavo

Batista VS. Umaga

D.J.B. says: Schmoz finish or a squash by Bati.

Winner: Batista

Andrew Gray says: I doubt anyone cares about this match or the phony stipulation -- I sure don't. Batista wins because the fed wants to appease him for dropping him so far down the card after being in the main event last year with Taker.

Winner: Batista via pinfall

Christopher Casur says: You couldn't have put Umaga in Money In The Bank? You couldn't have put Batista where he'd be more beneficial to the company (like, say, jobbing in a dark match)? Sweet britches of Jesus, do you idiots even know what you're doing anymore, or are you throwing darts to determine the book?

Winner: Umaga

Dan-e-o says: Umaga is a monster no more. Great worker, great character. But he gets shitted on in big matches at big events. Batista is the baby in this match. For that reason only, he's going over. What other purpose does this match serve but to appease the youths? Brand supremacy, my ass.

Winner: Batista

8 comments: on "Tha O Show's WrestleMania XXIV Predictions"

Andrew Gray said...

So, I guess they're pushing the "must be a winner" gimmick on for the Show-Mayweather match, which means I need to change my prediction. I really can't see how Show could lose . . . but I also keep thinking "how can Show win, but protect Mayweather at the same time?" Still, I say Show goes over. Mayweather did take the throw over the top rope after all. But taking the chokeslam is entirely different.

Sir Jimmy said...

First Match Kane over Chavo by DQ.

Match 2 Bitch-tista bomb 1-2-3 pin.

#3 JBL pinfall on Finlay after Hornswoggle turns heel.

Match Four MVP wins the case

Match 5 Maria and Ashley but Santino Santino and a little bit more Santino make the match

Six (First Main Event)Edge taps out to the Taker's mystery hold.

Seven (Next Main Event) Floyd "Money" Mayweather KO on the show.

Eight Flair wins by cheating.

Final Match Triple H pin on Orton after Cena's FU.

Anonymous said...

how can there be winners by dq? Arent all the matches no dq for mania?

B4 said...

No one asked, but fuck are mine (though, I will not be watching unless Hooters is buying):

24 Man Winner vs. Chavito: I'm really wondering if the Chavo found a note on Eddie that says, "If I die, Vince McMahon killed me." Because the Guerreros are treated like they have shit on the McMahons for some reason. However, I do think Kane will win both the Battle Royal and the title. He's going out to pasture soon and the E might want to give him the title for years of service (he had to be a dentist, Diesel, and involved with Katie Vick for crying out loud).

Winner: Kane (but not's the ECW belt after all)

Playboy/Diva thing:

Here's what we'll get...bad work by Ashley. Maria looking odd with her work. Beth doing her best to make them look all look good. Lawler saying puppies so much even JR will want to punch him. Then Santino will save the day of us all by ending it.

Winners: There never are any when Ashley is on TV

Batista vs Umaga:

Let's face it, most of us would be surprised and happily so if Umaga went over. However, we know better. This is a match to make Batista look strong while not being in a main.

Winner: Batista (another match we don't)

Finlay vs. JBL:

I am not a JBL mark. He's good at being a heel because he lives the gimmick. However, he's a tough SOB and he's in there with one. This is one of three matches if I was getting the PPV, I would be paying for. I think the babyface will go over and the Little Bastard will get his revenge.

Winner: Finlay


Hard to say on this. I'm pretty stuck on Kennedy, MVP, or Punk. I think Punk would be the way to go since MVP doesn't need it and Kennedy already blew it (kayfabed). AS much as I don't see WWE actually going with anyone's heart unless they've ripped it out...I'm going with Punk.

Winner: CM Punk (but I expect to be wrong)

Mayweather vs Big Show:

I am not very interested in this (and seem to be the only one). I hate bringing in non-workers and taking up space on the card (a 4 hour card that doesn't have time for freaking battle royal!). Anyway, Mayweather's ego will not let him take a lose, shoot or worked. Everyone is talking Schmoz, but the E doesn't see the way we do. They don’t care that Show is over now and is on strong. They've made him look stupid and weak before and they'll do it now.

Winner: Mayweather

Triple Threat: Cena vs. HHH vs. Orton

Again, the E COULD use the chance to make Randy look strong. They could keep the belt on him and elevate someone else a PPV while HH and Cena battle for the next shot at Backlash...but they won't. As easy as it would be to go with Cena. H has sat on the sidelines for awhile and wants to be back up likes the babyface chasing the heel (which he will be after the match).

Winner: Triple H

Ric Flair vs. Shawn Michaels:

The match of the night and the one that almost had me buying the PPV...but it alone is not worth $55. Shawn will work hard for Flair and Flair will work hard one more time. This is the swan song and Flair will "do the right thing" as Vince likes to say and look at the lights.

Winner: Shawn Michaels

Undertaker vs. Edge:

I would end the show with this, but I doubt it will happen. Edge is the best heal in the business today because he understand the Psychology ...and Taker understands the Psychology of being the Undertaker. That alone would make this a great match. I expect great work from both and Taker keeping his streak.

Winner: Undertaker

Mike Washington said...

For the Battle Royal everyone is saying Kane so I'll go against the grain and pick Jamie Noble. Though if I had te book I'd put Kofi over. I'll be honest, the guy grew on me. He has a good look, he's a decent worker, he does flashy shit in the ring(flippy dippies if you will) and he has a lot of physical charisma. A Kofi/Cavo program really wouldn't click, but a Chavo/Noble program would be awesome. Whoever wins the battle royal is job meat for Chavo, who drops the title Tuesday to the battle royal winner.

BunnyMania: I see a boring in ring outing that sees the heels go over with Santino's help. Snoopity Dogg makes the save and the Santin-hoes powder so the nudey mag girls and Snoopity can play to the crowd.

Batista vs. Umanga: I really can't believe NO ONE is taking Umaga. I see him going over clean and taking a trip to Smackdown to feud with Batista then switch spots with Edge once Edge uses up all his rematches with Taker.

Winner: Umanga

Finlay vs. JBL: I'm gonna be sporting a mouth guard just watching it. Until Hornswaggle comes and turns on Finlay and I spit it out in shock. I just blew your mind didn't I? You didn't even THINK that JBL, Horny and Vince are working Finlay did you? You forgot about Vince and Finlay's 'deal' didn't you? Well, it'd be cool if I was right but maybe not. Either way I do see this going past 'Mania.

Winner: Jiggly Breast Layfield

Money In The Bank: The winner needs mic skills to carry the case and needs to not be in any way affiliated with ECW. Sorry Shelton, CM Punk and Morrison. The winner also has to not have to much heat in the back. Sorry Punk again and Carlito. Jericho could be the dark horse, but I really don't see it happening. Also, Kennedy has pretty much been promoted to the main event. I'll go with MVP but don't be surprised if they throw some kinda swerve because Hardy was getting it so theyy could already have storylines for other guys. But judging how there was going to be a Hardy/Y2J feud, it looks like MVP just took Hardy's place.

Winner: MVP

The "MMA encounter" with Big Show vs. Floyd Mayweather: Meh. I expect Show to take more legit punches to his facial area. It'll be entertaining enough I guess. I just don't see the WWE calling Mayweather in to job to Show and I don't see Mayweather doing it... but he HAS been expressing his boredom with boxing, so his record probably doesn't mean much to him. And I just brainstormed this: Mayweather vs. 'Taker. Holy shit. Streak vs. Streak. I'd buy a PPV just for that.

Winner: Money Mayweather Entertainment

Triple H vs. John Cena vs. Randy Orton: Now as I was buying tickets for my girlfriend for our anniversary in May, I noticed that there were triple threat main events on Raw cards between HHH, Umaga and Orton. Is this them keeping the champ out of house shows or is this Cena shooting his movie? Dunno, but I don't see Cena winning for that reason. Heel/heel/face triple threat house shows screams "face goes over"; therefore, HHH over Orton with a Cena injury tease.

Winner: HHH

Flair vs. HBK: If Ric Flair wrestles any longer WWE will have to buy the rights to the Skeletor character and spend millions on calcium pills so Flair's brittle old man bones don't grind into a fine powder. Seriously though this should steal the show and tell an awesome story and end with Michaels locking in that fancy new inverted figure 4 he's been using... is that like 5 months of consistency I smell?

Winner: HBK

Undertaker vs. Edge: I honestly think if Flair goes over so does Edge. This show needs some big blowoff, whether it's Flair's or 'Taker's streak... something big ends. I personally believe it's the former. If they do both though, it completely buries Ric Flair's entire career and the big story of the night isn't one of the most illustrious careers ending, it's a kayfabed streak ending. Too many people would be hot over this.

Winner: Undertaker

Anonymous said...

Ben Boudreau says...

*TRIPLE H will regain the strap against orton and cena.

*TAKER will keep the streak in tack with a schmoz title change.

*MAYWEATHER will go over show by dq.

*HBK will retire flair...the fans will be the real winners.

*BATISTA will "prove brand supremacy" over umaga.

*MVP will win the money in the bank ladder match.

*FINLAY will beat jbl.

*i won't care/remember who wins the playboy gimmick match...i'll take the babyface team i guess.

*KANE will defeat chavo for the ecw title.

Signguy_Shooter said...

Here are my picks,

1. Khali win the 24 man battle royal.

2. Chavo Guerrero vs. Khali - ECW title

3. JBL vs. Finlay
winner: Finlay with help from Hornswoggle

4. Bunny Mania Mathc - Maria & Ashley vs. Melina & Beth Phoenix
winners : Maria & Ashley

5. Meyweather vs. Big Show
winner : Mayweather by DQ

6. HBK vs. Flair
winner : Flair. Then MOndy on RAW FLair will retire ( well semi-retire like Foley)

7. MITB match
winner : MVP ( Pullling for Punk though)

8. Edge vs. Taker - World Title match
winner : Taker

9. Cena vs. Triple H vs. Orton - WWE Title match
winner : Triple H ( I"m pulling for Orton but I think they are going to put Triple H over)

D.J.B. said...

Kane won the battle royal...anyone changing their picks?

Kane over Chavo...the rest stay the same.