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Tha iMPACT Playback: Crossing Tha Line

Tonight TNA broadcast its first live iMPACT in company history. Not only was it the first live broadcast of iMPACT, but it was the night were Sting returned. It was also the night where Highlander Robbie made his debut. Oops, that wasn’t supposed to happen.

Traci Brooks’ jumping twins made their return as well. So I’ve decided, from now on she is required to run to the ring that way. I liked the way iMPACT started, with the brawl between Booker and Robert Roode, and the conclusion wasn’t bad either.

Tonight wasn’t do or die, but it was close enough for TNA.

Right off the bat TNA gave a rundown of their matches. We got Alex Shelley taking on Johnny Devine in an X-Division Xscape match. Angle sparring against AJ and Tomko. Two interactive matches, with a Knockout getting a shot at Awesome Kong, and Booker T and Bobby Roode in an array of matches.

I thought Alex Shelley and Johnny Devine could have been later on the card, and I really think that it could have done without the Sting tease. I know that Devine is affiliated with 3D, but that just took away from a solid X Division style match.

I’m a mark for both Shelley and Devine, and this match was O worthy. I can’t say that I was disappointed by the finish involving the tripod. It’s something you don’t see too often in the X-Division, and it also puts Devine in a marquee spot on PPV.

I really liked the new TNA promotional video with their new slogan. TNA: Cross The Line. If they would actually run with things the way they put them over there, I do believe that TNA could break that “glass ceiling” and go to another level.

What’s with the So Cal Val/Black Machismo angle? Lethal makes for some laughs and dude can go, so I’m more than happy with him. Val is hot most of the time. Sonjay is making it work. He went from The Guru to being the cock blocker. Nice gimmick change.

If the whole purpose of Machismo/Val is to get heat and a rivalry going between Sonjay and Lethal I’m going to be very disappointed. I know they’d put on good matches, psychology or not, but I don’t think this is the way to go about it. How many times has TNA done this now?

Scott Steiner, Petey Williams and Rhaka Khan taking on Homicide, Hernandez and the always smoking Shelly Martinez was more filler than actual match. I never thought LAX would be used to further a feud that had nothing to do with them.

I’ve praised the Rough Cuts segment before and I’ll do it again. Brian James and Billy Gunn is an interesting feud and it’s being done correctly this time. No cheap shot week after week or run down. It’s both dudes getting their say and it’s building over time.

The way they brought Bullet Bob into this was, at least in my eyes brilliant. They talk about each other as brothers, even as the feud is heating up. BG is saying his dream was to have his dad, Bullet Bob, as a tag team partner to hold a championship with. This made Billy Gunn jealous. This is good writing and a good feud.

I’ll mention the Detroit Tigers once again. TNA is involving celebrities this time, but they aren’t throwing them into angles and into the ring. Can’t say the same with the damn reality stars, but I digress. They are getting famous faces and some pub without having the guys in a match.

The Kurt Angle/Karen Angle/Samoa Joe/AJ Styles thing is getting out of hand. Joe and Kurt alone would be selling tickets and PPV’s due to the build. They are however still having Karen Angle in sit down interviews. Stop it! We all know the guy she’s “seeing” is AJ, maybe they’ll swerve us and it’ll be Shark Boy.

Tomko and AJ Style taking on Kurt Angle in the sparring session wasn’t that bad because of what it led to. When AJ breaks out the singlet and the headgear, I watch, quite simply because I’m entertained. AJ has made leaps and bounds with his entertainment value. He’s had it in the ring forever, and now with this, he’s the Total Package.

I will say this about Kurt Angle. Dude is shredded again, and dude is in the best shape he’s been in, in quite some time. Christian, Rhino and Nash coming out to interrupt the sparring session builds nicely to the “Lethal Lockdown” gimmick, because Kurt left, and it isn’t heelish, it builds to his match with Joe.

I thought Sting returned too early into the show, but it made sense so I wont complain that much. If the timing of something isn’t something I’m happy about, but it still makes sense I will never be one to complain. That statement may strike some as odd, but I’m simply saying that Sting could have waited until the main event and just had the lights dim while 3D set up the tables.

When people are billed as Icon’s sometimes I smirk and snicker, but sometimes it’s ok. Hogan vs. Rock, absolutely ok, Ric Flair too and as for Sting, I’ll buy that one too. I know he’s not the prime-time player anymore, but people still care. I called a few friends and said simply, “Sting is on TNA,” and I can tell you that four viewers changed channels.

Bobby Roode is money. Booker T is money. This feud is money. TNA is doing their best to ruin it with the females, but I am still interested because I want to see Roode and Booker raise the bar again and make their matches the match of the night. They haven’t disappointed yet.

Roode and Book both cut good promos. They didn’t feel too scripted, they felt real and there was emotion. Anyone remember what Jake the Snake Roberts said? I do, and it’s true. This involves emotion and I’m intrigued.

Allow me to interject for a brief moment the TNA Fan Interaction pole. Sure it’s a blatant rip off of WWE and their Cyber Sunday event, but they aren’t selling that as a product, they’re allowing fans to do it on TV and after a while it may actually catch on.

TNA put on another “First Blood” match on iMPACT and it was free, but it fits because it isn’t cheesy. It fits the story. The fans got to vote, there can be some negative if you chose to look for it, but with these two workers and TNA not being dumb, I’ll be happy. The best part of this match though was legit blood loss, not an arm wound.

The shows main event wasn’t a Five Star classic, but it was a nice free TV main event that went with the story. Again, I will not complain about that. Much love to TNA for letting Sting get a clean win on his return.

James Storm attacked Sting following the match. It’s like we’ve said in the past, when a tag team breaks up, one member will get pushed and one will fade. In this case one left for WWE and the other is getting a push.

I do sincerely hope that if TNA intends to push James Storm in a series with Sting they don’t drop the ball like they did with Christopher Daniels. I like James Storm and I think he can make money, and what better person to pair him with?

I won’t go as far as to say that I was blown away by TNA’s first ever live iMPACT, but I will say that I wasn’t disappointed. I liked the matches, I liked the pace and I really liked the fact that they kept with the story. Very little filler and a good show, and what better way to end a wrestling show than being left with a “What’s going to happen next week,” cliffhanger?

Tha Results…
*Johnny Devine def. Alex Shelley
*LAX def. Steiner/Rhaka Khan/Petey Williams
*Booker T def. Robert Roode in a First Blood Match
*Awesome Kong def. ODB to Retain TNA Knockout Championship
*Sting/Christian Cage/Rhino/Kevin Nash def. D-Von/Brother Ray/AJ Styles/Tomko

5 comments: on "Tha iMPACT Playback: Crossing Tha Line"

Anonymous said...

A TNA show with no Shark Boy, Curry Man, Eric Young, Black Reign, Rellik or any skit involving a grown man in his underwear? That isn't my TNA.

D.J.B. said...

You know anonymous the points you bring up actually are the exact points as to why the show was so impressive. They didn't do retarded little gimmicks, and as I said in the article, it was an actual show it wasn't certain aspects of a show and a lot of comedy, or a lot of FILLER.

This weeks show was a Meat and Potato show. Best show they've put on in quite some time. If they could continue this on a regular basis, and I dont see why they couldn't, they could be much more impressive and effective.

Andrew Gray said...

That's the frustrating part about TNA, DJB (and I'm sure you'll agree). There's no reason why they can't put out a consistently good product. Overall, I was pretty impressed with last night's show, and I'll touch on it in my column this weekend.

D.J.B. said...

I agree 110% Andrew. There is absolutely nothing keeping TNA from putting out last nights show every week except for Vince Russo, Jeff Jarrett, Dutch Mantel, Abyss or whoever else books this shit.

If they stick to last nights formula they'll be the new Shelton Benjamin..."Aint no stopping them NOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!"

Anonymous said...

In my first post I also forgot to mention how I missed the Rock & Rave Connection.

Anywho, now that the shows are bck to taping, does this mean that TNA will go back to their old ways? I hope so, I need to see the Curry Man dance again.