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Fatty's Climb For WWF Canada

On Saturday April 19th I will be taking part in the 18th annual CN Tower Climb for WWF-Canada. This charity event is among the most popular on the Toronto calender and this year the cast of Tha O Show will be invading.

Not only will I be climbing all the steps of the CN Tower, BUT I will be doing so painted to look like a Panda.

For this to happen, I need help from YOU.

Whether you are interested in seeing me painted black and white or not, this is a very worthy charity that deserves your support.

Follow the link below to my CN Tower homepage and sponsor me. Whatever money you can afford to give is fine. All donations will be accepted and will go directly towards WWF-Canada.

Thank you to YOU, the greatest fans in the world, tha o-sters for your support.




2 comments: on "Fatty's Climb For WWF Canada"

D.J.B. said...

I know it's for a good cause and for charity, and forf that I commend you.

I do think though that a rib is in order. If I were you I'd wear in some way shape or fashion a WWE or old-school World Wrestling FEDERATION gimmick.

Andrew Gray said...


"Gorilla" Monsoon, perhaps?