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Dan-e-o Is...Brikk Walker!!

You've heard it mentioned a few times on Tha O Show! And now it's here!

Courtesy of, Sports Shorts presents "Hard Knox: The Brikk Walker Story" starring Tha O Show's own, Dan-e-o.

Written and directed by Dan-e-o's brother Brian and Jan Werthwein, Sports Shorts are a series of comedy clips available exclusively on The Score's website. The television sports station, which also brings Canadian wrestling fans "Raw" and "SmackDown!" every week, will soon be airing the Sports Shorts series as part of its "Score Tonight" broadcasts.

News of the television premiere of "Hard Knox: The Brikk Walker Story" will follow shortly. For now, you can enjoy it HERE!!

7 comments: on "Dan-e-o Is...Brikk Walker!!"

BRoqq said...

And Donnie teases ME for being cut like a bag of milk. ;)

Good stuff dude, that was class A hilarity.

D.J.B. said...

I couldn't quit laughing. That shit needs to be on the Mmmk.

A piece of advice from one pale white guy to a guy, keep the shirt on til summertime.

That shit was awesome bro, but could you not have thrown in a Pizza Pops plug?

BigDaddy said...



Anonymous said...

who cares

Bill the Mark said...

That was totally fucking amazing, bro. Love the stunt double flashing in and out. Funny, funny shit.

jenny said...

somebody tell that anonymous prick to get a clue.

Anonymous said...