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Welcome To "Tha S Files"!

While "Tha S Files" is making its debut on Tha O Show this week, it will be featured exclusively in the blog section of Secret Suburbia's MySpace page each week.

What up y'all! Welcome to the first-ever edition of "Tha S Files". What is "Tha S Files" you ask?

Well...what else? Your exclusive, all-inclusive, slighty intrusive(!) weekly update about your favourite rock-meets-funk-meets-greastest-musicians-in-the-world band: Secret Suburbia!

I know what you're thinking? Why "Tha S Files" right? Why not "Tha SS Files"?

Well, firstly, that would spoil the whole parody of the title "The X Files"...and secondly, the "S" stands for more than just the name of the greatest group ever. Superior, stupendous, splendid, so seriously sick!! Take your pick! It stands for all of the above!

(Hey, if you want to add to this list, please feel free, your comments are always welcome...just avoid the obvious "stupid", "stinkin'" and "shitty" as the boys use those words to refer to each other already...thanks).

ANYWAY, here's what's going on in the land of Secret Suburbia...

On Friday, March 7th, Secret Suburbia will definitely be putting the "rock" into Hard Rock Live at 279 Yonge Street in Toronto. As part of this year's Canadian Music Week showcase, the boys will definitely be in top form. Be sure to get there early and get your drink on...and then prepare for Secret Suburbia as they hit the stage at 1:00am.

On Saturday, March 29th, Secret Suburbia continues on their warpath of stage-ripping by rockin' The Opera House at 735 Queen Street East in Toronto. This will not only be an exciting event, but it's a very important one as well. All proceeds will be donated to the Sick Kids Foundation. A $15 donation for admission would greatly be appreciated. Doors open at 7pm.

And as if you didn't know already, Secret Suburbia's sophomore album, Midi Gritty is now available in music stores all across Canada! Be sure to support this musical masterpiece. You can even order your copy from HMV online.

The first video planned from Midi Gritty is "Lucid Dreaming". The second single from the album, this track is now on your radio waves so listen out and be sure to put in your requests at your favourite radio stations!

More info to come on next week's edition of "Tha S Files". Ottawa fans, get ready because Secret Suburbia will be rockin' you in April! And wrestling fans, don't forget to log on to Tha O Show for your weekly dose of the best pro wrestling and MMA internet radio show around (recorded and produced by Secret Suburbia's front man, T.J. of course!).

Until next week...

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