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Busy Day For The Business Side Of WWE

This morning WWE issued a press release announcing that it has a new home on network television for "SmackDown!" As has been speculated since "SmackDown!" and The CW Network parted ways weeks ago, the relatively new MyNetworkTV will be the new home of "SmackDown!"

MyNetworkTV is owned and operated by Fox Broadcasting Company, and speaking of Fox, WWE Films inked a multi-year distrubution deal today with 20th Century Fox according to Variety. WWE Films will continue to produce the films themselves, while Fox will target a broader audience and get the movies in theatres and to major retailers.

With "SmackDown!" going to MyNetworkTV that means for some people "SmackDown!" will return to it's former home UPN, because MNT absorbed some of the UPN affiliates that did not make the switch to the CW in September of 2006. For others it means "SmackDown!" will now air on your former WB affiliate.

MyNetworkTV and The CW battle for lowest rated station, but in all fairness both are relatively new stations. The two networks launched within weeks of each other, MNT on September 5, 2006 and CW on September 18, 2006. MNT plans to make "SmackDown!" one of it's focal points, something the CW went away from fairly early.

On the WWE Films front, the WWE plans on now gearing films towards a broader audience via a PG-13 rating instead of the R rating they had been going with. The WWE is aiming for a big-time media cross over, and keeping with the WWE Films mission to aim films towards the particular wrestler's personality.

WWE Films plan now with 20th Century Fox is to release at least 1 theatrical release and up to four straight-to-DVD releases.

The WWE was incredibly busy this week when it came to the on-camera aspect of things. A new TV deal and a new movie deal released within hours of each other.

For more on the WWE/20th Century Fox deal go to Variety's official website.

For more on the "SmackDown!"/MyNetworkTV pairing visit WWE's website for details.

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