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Tha O Show: Episode 319

Yes Osters it's that time of week again! Get ready to O! Big Daddy Donnie, Notorious T.I.D. and Voodoo Drew are in tha house at 30th Street Studios and worked to crank out another banger!!

In Part 1
  • The guys discuss the Biogenesis scandal and the A-Rod situation
  • Baseball's new love affair with pro wrestling
  • Jim Neidhart lookng to land a legends contract
And a early Summerslam preview :
  • The spoiling of the Inferno match
  • Dolph Ziggler in a mixed tag?
  • Daniel Bryan's path
  • The Sheamus injury
  • WWE Crowdsourcing
  • Thoughts on Kurt Angle's arrest and what TNA should do
  • The August 1st warning and lack lustre reveal
  • Booker T's promotion and its relationship to the WWE
  • ROH's future and so much more!!
In Part 2

We are joined by the Pearl River Powerhouse... Ahmed Johnson!
  • We discuss segregated audiences in wrestling
  • Thoughts on promo work
  • Stories about growing up in the south
  • Thoughts on Eagles wideout Riley Cooper
  • Canada and the NFL
  • Booker T's promotion 
  • and his disappointing run in WCW!
Check it out! 

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