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Tha O Show: Episode 303

Episode 303 is here, and it's a fun one! 

Big Daddy Donnie and Notorious T.I.D. welcome Voodoo Drew back to the studio, after a successful week of gigs with band, So Sick Social Club!

The boys tear into shit by discussing celebrity asses, NFL rule changes, the Miami Heat's current run, the World Baseball Classic, GSP haters, the Brock / HHH story, CM Punk's disrespect of Paul Bearer, the Swagger / Del Rio program and soooo much more!

Plus, ANOTHER shady wrestling promoter - Nathan Starling - gets put on BLAST!  This guy had the nerve to run a show last weekend and not pay everyone, pay some people PART of their promised fees, and then make a million excuses as to why that happened.  This douche sack actually agreed to have us call him on the air, and dude got
an earful!

Our featured guest this week, is the great Jerry Lynn!! 

Listen in as the New F'n Show talks about his 24 year career that will be coming to an end this Saturday when he steps into the ring for the last time.

Jerry discusses favourite moments from his career, his current relationship with TNA, his plans following retirement, some music talk and... not to be outdown by his first appearance on this program when he sang Lady Gaga, Jerry sings the latest pop music crap his daughters are listening to these days.


Check out part 1 and 2 of Episode 303 now!

Thanks everyone!

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