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Tha O Show: Episode 298

Annnnnnnd ..... we're back boys and girls!
Episode 298 is a fun one! 
Make sure you check out both parts asap! 

In part 1, Big Daddy Donnie, Notorious T.I.D. and Voodoo Drew hang out and talk MMA. NHL, NBA and tons of WWE / TNA shit!

- Talk on CM Punk going after the Pope
- Kurt Angle going after CM Punk
- Talk on a legend being added to the WWE roster
- Talk of an indy wrestling show that may turn out to be an indy  wrestling scam
- and sooooo much more...

And in part 2 ....

The guys talk a little elimination chamber, BDD shoots on a former member of tha show...
and then they are joined by a good friend of the program ... former WWE superstar.... one half of the Headbangers, Thrasher!

Thrasher is f'n hilarious and he kicks it with the boys and really tosses shit out there... good times!!

All that plus more!

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