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Tha O Show: Episode 288

If there was a law against being too stupid on a radio show, we'd all be getting life sentences this week! YOU GOIN TO JAIL NOW!!!

It's time for another week of pro wrestling / MMA radio folks! Welcome back to Tha O Show, broadcasting from West Toronto at RedFish Studios on the brand new Pod Almighty!
Big Daddy Donnie, Notorious T.I.D and Voodoo Drew are at the controls and taking you through for ANOTHER week of insanity.

We pissed off a lot of people in the wrestling business last week, and since our lawyers at the studio assured us that none of the complaints would actually translate into lawsuits ... we're gonna piss more people off THIS week!

On this week's show:
We discuss CM Punk's issues with WWE management, the fall out from Survivor Series, this past week's UFC pay per view, the continued talk of a super fight between GSP and Anderson Silva and sooo much more!!
Plus, we had a little prank phone call phone... or should we say Bret Hart did!! We nearly filled our pants with urine while recording this segment. Hope you love it!
Our feature guest is a true icon in the sport of pro wrestling. A man who is currently living with and working with a good friend of the show to repair his life, and resurrect his legacy. That man, is Jake "The Snake" Roberts!!

This is a very candid and open interview from a man who is working hard to save his own life. This is not to be missed.
Check it out folks!!

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