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Tha O Show: Episode 263

O-sters! This week, Big Daddy Donnie flies solos for the first ever "O Show Remote" ... Yes It's a remote episode, because the Sick-O-Zone is under quarantine!

Voodoo Drew is sick as a dog with the Voodoo Flu, so rather than risk contamination, everyone went home! BDD decided to record from his home studio with Dan-e-o joining by phone. 

You will also hear from Drew and everyone's favourite drug - Crystal Beth!

Our guest is the current ROH TV Champion, Roderick Strong!

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7 comments: on "Tha O Show: Episode 263"

Anonymous said...

I love the retro open.....please BDD can you play the 08 version....just for the Ric Flair low-blow line

Anonymous said...

Guys Loved This Episode Great Tribute To MCA And Thank You For The 2009 Theme That Is My Favorite Theme

Anonymous said...

I loved O Show Remote especially when I realized the alternative was having no episode at all.

Keep this idea in mind for the future guys!

fuck roh said...

Nobody likes ROH and ive never heard of Rodrick Strong.

If you put nobodies on the air i prefer guys with charisma like asylum and the other guys (partner) or Rico or Hornet.

Anonymous said...

Will you please shut the hell up "fuck roh"? If anything there needs to be MORE talk about ROH.

aninimouse said...

Big NO to Big Daddy Donnie. You act like the O show was the first to say Brodus Clay was King Hippo.

Nigga Please

Anonymous said...

Wrestling Society X