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Tha O Show: Episode 254

O-sters! Big Daddy Donnie and your bro Dan-e-o are back with a NASTY 254th edition of "Tha O Show"!

It's the monumental 5th Anniversary of tha show that makes you "O"! And tha crew marks the celebration with a HUGE announcement!

Voodoo Drew of So Sick Social Club, Crystal Beth and "Fatty" Frank Fronte are all in the house along with some familiar members of Tha Fam-O-ly who have now become new permanent fixtures on the program!

Also, tha boys continue to celebrate the release of the new Perfeck Strangers album, Series Premiere, which dropped worldwide on March 6th! New music is heard throughout the show!

On this week's show you'll hear...

"Tha Os & NOs"!

"Tha Pit Stop" with The Notorious T.I.D.

"Tha Round Table" with former WWE Superstar, "Nasty Boy" Brian Knobbs!

- What will Knobbs say about his recent dust up with New Jack?

- He discusses his wrestling school and the health of one of his
students, recently injured TNA star Jesse Sorrenson.

- What are his thoughts on the Cena / Rock feud?

- Who does Knobbs feel should win at WrestleMania?

- Is the Rock intentionally taking a dive on the mic to make Cena look
better? Knobbs weighs in with his opinion... and so much more!

AND "Stay Me" by Perfeck Strangers featuring Zeyon off the new Series Premiere album.


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10 comments: on "Tha O Show: Episode 254"

Jay Mark said...

O SHOW TV!!!!!!
#awesome #finally

Anonymous said...

Ive been trying to post comments since yesterday and keep getting errors!!!

Is it working yet?

I really loved this weeks show. O-TV!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Knobs is hilarious! Glad to hear "Gordo" is back! Crystal Beth brought it!

mkf said...

Happy 5!!!!!

mkf said...

There is not one other thing that is the same in my life now as it was five years ago.

New girlfriend
New house
New job
New province
New friends
New hobbies

except Tha O Show

Anonymous said...

I like the new twist on the theme. Is that a sign of new brand new theme this year?

Anonymous said...

Hey wait! Blackcocksucker wasnt mentioned in the new theme version...

sonjay said...

If you're an actor and you wouldnt play a gay man for a role - there's a name for you:


You do what you got to do! Fake it till you make it!

Unknown said...

Did you guys see this bit of iFail
Vince Russo Now Offering Booking Seminars

Indy Mark said...

Undertaker's yearly screw up for Wrestle-fruff, Wrestlemania. "Wrestlemania, on April 21st." Way to go 'Taker.

Triple H breaks the streak by default?