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WrestleMania 28 Preview

Wrestlemania XXVIII! Its like I’m writing in Sanskrit. This is the biggest event of the year! Moments will be made that everyone will be talking about months from now! Matches and feuds will be ended on one special night! Or not.

This year is probably the least exciting sounding Wrestlemania in years for me. I want to take a look at some of the matches listed so far. Now before I begin, let me say that I have watched less WWE in 2011 and 2012 so far than any other year in my life. I keep up by watching clips online and reading about what’s going on but as for making time to watch…nope. These will be rated from one O to OOOOO!

The Rock vs. John Cena

This is the one feud we all knew was going down for months and months. They have kept this feud going by having great interviews. Awesome confrontations weekly and on pay per views. And…no. None of that has been happening. They have kept their feud alive on Twitter calling each other various forms of vagina and calling out dedication to WWE.

The Rock has been acting like he usually does. It just doesn’t come across the same in print as it does during interviews. And Cena has been pointing out that The Rock only appears when he needs to. This match will make no difference in anything unless Cena becomes a different person afterwards. I have been speculating that the whole “Embrace the hate” and The Rock showing Cena how to be cheered is leading to a heel turn. Otherwise I don’t care.

Rating: OO

Daniel Bryan vs. Sheamus

I am so pissed that these two have reversed character roles in time for this match to take place. Yeah, they fought at Wrestlemania last year but it didn’t air. Now with Bryan as the bad guy who isn’t really dislikable and Sheamus as a good guy who isn’t very convincing this match will not steal the show.

The fact that this is for the World Heavyweight Championship upsets me. They have been having Bryan feud like hell with Big Show and from what I believe he is in limbo. I don’t know who the hell Sheamus have been feuding with. This seems like something that could air on Smackdown.

Rating: O

CM Punk vs. Chris Jericho

I forgot Punk had a belt! I mean, I know he was still wrestling but I just plain forgot he had the WWE Championship. And why is Jericho getting a shot at it? I would mention a few other guys who could’ve gotten some Wrestlemania shine but dudes are getting hurt left and right. When Jericho can pull a Deadman and be gone for a year(s) and get a match at the biggest show of the year it shits on the guys who have been there all year.

Is anyone going to buy the PPV just to see this match? God, no. They had a match before years ago and it wasn’t as mind blowing as it would’ve been back when these two were known more for their wrestling skills than their mike ones. No matter who wins it’s going to be “I told you I’m the best!” Then Punk can go back to feuding with Chris Brown over who has the best chest tattoo.

Rating: O

The Undertaker vs. Triple H

This is going to be a Hell In A Cell Match. Why? Because Taker and HHH can do whatever the hell they want! Last year when they fought HHH was using chair shots to the head when that is a big no-no. I wont say that there is no way for them to top their match from last year. I just don’t want them to try. Why?

Because they fucked each other up last year! There were so many moments in that match where they put themselves at risks that were unnecessary. Plus we all know there is no way HHH is gonna win. And even if he does…fuck that. He wont. And what’s with the head shaving nonsense? Undertaker has a Britney Spears moment and its turned into a storyline. Come on now.

Rating: OO

5 comments: on "WrestleMania 28 Preview"

AtomicTickets said...

I think that this year's Wrestlemania is going to be one of it's Bests with some great matches, I like Cena over Rock,I love Jericho over CM Punk, I think Daniel Bryan vs. Sheamus will be the weak link, maybe if we reverse their roles ! When you can check out The real question and I think the Match with the most interest is the Undertaker vs. Triple H who do You like ?

Dante said...

I have no desire to see this year's show. Last year I wanted to watch just for Taker/HHH. Do I want to see that again? Not at all. Don't care for CM Punk/Jericho especially when Punk has more heat going with Chris Brown than his Wrestlemania opponent. As for Cena and The Rock? They have had a slow build which is cool but the payoff is what?

Glenn Jacobs said...

Come on Dante....embrace the hate :)

Nathan Arizona said...

Last years card was extremely weak, this years looks stronger and might hold a few surprises. The one thing that I'm worried about is them giving too much time to the Taker/HHH and Rock/Cena and other matches being squeezed down to ten minutes with a lot of shitty backstage skits featuring celebrities that'll look bored being there.

Taker/HHH 3 looks boring, feels boring, and the addition of the hell in a cell stipulation seems desperate.

Jibs said...

why do you italicize the names of the wrestlers? you don't need to and it sounds like you're emphasizing their names. aside from that, great article.