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Tha O Show: Episode 249

O-sters! Big Daddy Donnie and your bro Dan-e-o are back with a ROTTEN edition of "Tha O Show"!

"Fatty" Frank Fronte, Voodoo Drew of So Sick Social Club and Crystal Beth are all back to join tha O-riginal Brothaz of O in Tha Sick-O Zone for Episode 249! And it's a crazy one!

On this week's show you'll hear...

Tha return of "Horsetooth Killah"!

"Donnie VS. Danny"

"Tha Os & NOs"

"Tha Pit Stop" with The Notorious T.I.D.

"Tha Round Table" with former ECW superstar, Axl Rotten.

AND the BRAND NEW single from Dan-e-o - the "Dexter" inspired "Serial Killer"! DOWNLOAD IT HERE!

PLUS "Ghetto" by Perfeck Strangers is available for just 99 cents on iTunes! Buy it HERE!

And as an added bonus, Voodoo Drew added in a blooper clip from the sound check at the end of the show after the music. Listen as Crystal Beth looks to take Dan-e-o's spot!

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21 comments: on "Tha O Show: Episode 249"

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I'm not saying this because I'm a BDD mark, but the Horsetooth rhymes are off the chart. Even he knows they arenot on beat but the rhymes are killah!

Anonymous said...

and if the album 23 ever does come out, i WILL buy it!!!!!!!!!!!

sonya said...

Dan-e-o I respect the clean new look, but i would have been yours if you came at me with old dreadlocks.

is it just me or does Donnie look sexier with a beard?

shinkar said...

ok first 5 minutes of the show and i want to be a serial killer and make Frank my first victim.


kronik said...

Crystal Beth was hilarious this week, It took a while but she has grown on me.

Anonymous said...


santana said...

Axl is so much more well spooken than i woulda guess

Anonymous said...

HTK > JD Era, just saying. Killed that dude.

mkf said...

Amazing episode y'all!

For episode 250 I wanna hear...

A Road Story!
A Glass of Cham Pain!
An Oster With Somethin To Say!
Tha Classroom with Tyson Dux!
Tha Pit Stop!
Tha Black Prophet!
Wrestle Trivia!
Confirm, Deny, Pussy Out!
What's Sheiky Doin??

Any other old segment other than Plus de Detailz. That shit was gayer than Frank balls deep inside Drew.

Dr. Funkin' said...

San Francisco isn't even the Gayest city in the United States. Provincetown, Massachusetts,and Northampton, Massachusetts both have higher gays per capita than San Fran.

Galaxyrise said...


Anonymous said...

HTK should spit acapella

Anonymous said...

This weeks episode was great from top to bottom...excluding tha loud ass fatty of course.

fav. line : its not gonna suck itself

any chance crystal beth had her photos done yet...?

Bollen said...


marcus said...

Here is a perfect example of why I love this show. They force you to challenge your own thinking.

Donnie says Cena vs Kane would be a better draw than Cena vs Rock and I think he's insane.

Then he explains, Rock still wrestles but against someone who is a more compelling match up. I agree. Rock vs Taker dwarfs Rock vs Cena. Rock and HHH had amazing chemistry in their early days. If they could capture a fraction of that - it would be a much more compelling match up.

The way things are now - Cena is at war with Kane. Kane has beaten his ass week after week, crippled his little buddy and is stalking a hot bitch. That's a reason for Cena to fight!

What's the beef between Cena and Rock?

A few taped promos.
A pair of live interactions.
Rock has given Cena his little slam finisher at Mania and Survivor Series.

That's it. In the last 12 months. That's it!

Cena and Kane have more emotion therefore lead to a better match.

Well done O Show!!!!

Anonymous said...

Eat cock Frank

Anonymous said...

I used to buy Dan-e-o's cds when I saw him at indy wrestling show and I love them all and I hate rap but I don't like this new song that much but maybe it will grow on me I don't know yet

Gyro said...

Next week's guest: Undertaker?

spinakota said...

This was a massive episode. My fav in a long time.

If you guys need a new dj im movin to toronto from philly in the spring

Andre said...

I would want to hear a glass of cham pain thats my white nigga and I want to hear osters with somethng to say. Oh yea and frank you will always be a cum guzzling cum catcherblack cocksucker fuck that the fatty shit