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Raw Still Isn't Jericho

Chris Jericho made his return to WWE on Monday Night Raw yesterday. People were speculating on whether or not it was The Undertaker, Y2J, or even Brock Lesner. After showing another one of those student films that looked like something from The Ring he came out. This should’ve been awesome. It could’ve been awesome. But it wasn’t and the reason why is because of something I’ve complained about before.

Fans need to know everything.

People like being “the first.” People will comment on blogs and threads on messages boards just to say “First!” That’s it. No thought, no opinion, no ideas. They just want to be first. People were posting pictures of Jericho where Raw was being taped. “Me! I found him! Shower me with praise!” Imagine what it would’ve been like if you had no idea that he was gonna be there.

Imagine if he didn’t have a Twitter account were he could attempt to trick people into thinking he was done talking about wrestling. The “Y2J!” chants killed the moment as it was happening. Jericho has returned multiple times and each time its some sort of countdown. If he had just shown up I would have been more surprised. The camera actually panned over a sign that said “Y2J” before he was even shown. Come on!

When Jericho was last in WWE people were bored with him. They complained about him being stale. They complained about his finisher. They complained about every new tag team he formed. When he left I was fine with it. And by “when he left” I mean when Randy Orton punted him into retirement. There is no reason he needed to come back.

As much as I like him he isn’t going to save WWE. He cant get revenge against Orton because Orton is hurt. Would I like to see him face CM Punk? Yeah. 25 year old me would. And why would they even feud? Because they don’t like each other much? Yeah, that sounds compelling.

This is the same Christmas present with different wrapping. For as much as fans say they want new stars to be built because they are tired of the same guys being at the top they sure as hell do get excited when people they forgot they hated return.

One thing I try to keep in mind that I applied to comic books and will apply to wrestling since I’ve been watching wrestling longer than I’ve been reading comic books is this: If I can think of it sitting at home, it shouldn’t happen on TV.

4 comments: on "Raw Still Isn't Jericho"

Anonymous said...

What I think the Black Prophet said when Jericho returned:

"That sleepy ass nigga, drooling on his electric jacket"

Jay from Kansas said...

Jericho's return (and I was one that did NOT hate him when he left, and I'm much happier that he returned than another stale return of Undertaker or Brock Lesnar, who will just quit if he doesn't get his way like every other career path he has taken) is still already a more interesting and productive return than the returns of the Rock and Kevin Nash. Jericho atleast will show up again within the next three months, unlike Rock, and won't stumble over his promos and bore people to death with his matches, like Nash

Dante Ross said...

Anon., I'm pissed that Prophet was absolutely right in his guess from last weeks show.

Jay, I just dont see Jericho doing anything that he hasnt already done before and the new things he could do I'm just not interested in seeing. I'm sure there are thousands of people like you that are happy to see him come back. But fuck, I would love to see Brock come back. Any wrestling video game I get he is the first person I put in it.

DK in PA said...

I have faith that Jericho wouldn't come back unless he or the company had a compelling idea for him. He really did seem perfectly content with his life outside of wrestling.