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A Letter To Tha Nation

Dear Loyal O-sters of Tha Nation of O,

It is with regret that we must, once again, inform you that this week's episode of "Tha O Show" will be postponed until next week! As you have likely noticed from recent episodes, the schedules of the members of Tha O Show Staff have only gotten a lot busier lately.

Big Daddy Donnie has been tied up with a number of professional commitments while Dan-e-o and Voodoo Drew have been putting in work on multiple musical projects. Even Frank Fronte has been steadily on the grind searching desperately for a life! Tha crew is working hard!

Once again, please know that much of the work that is causing episode postponements is to build a bigger and better brand of "Tha O Show" for your listening enjoyment. We trust that you understand and wish our heartfelt thanks to you die hard O-sters who have helped to keep the show going for nearly six years strong.

We hope that you can take some comfort in knowing that tha team is preparing for two BIG upcoming episodes to celebrate both Christmas and the new year! So do stay tuned!

In the meantime, your support for our endeavours is always appreciated! The new Perfeck Strangers single, "Ghetto" is available for just 99 cents on iTunes! If you haven't yet, buy it HERE!

Until next week...

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6 comments: on "A Letter To Tha Nation"

Anonymous said...

Sup O show host's, no worries on missing a week here and there. We, as my group of friends, know stuff gets busy and things have to be postponed. Much O'love from Fairbanks Alaska Osters. Btw "ghetto" promo I been running here at Pizza Hut has been better then I thought, thanks again for showin love. Gavin Quigley GM

Anonymous said...

You fuckers. :(

Talk about Dexter next time.

Hipnosis said...

I agree. O Show has been lacking DEXTER!!

BIGROG said...

While I will be the first to say that there being no new O show is in my top 5 NO when it happens lets face it every show gets breaks! You guys do a cunt of a lot for us Osters! Keep up the great work guys and we will catch you next week. I only have one question can you tell us how many Cunts were dropped on the last episode?

Debbie said...

Too bad, I was looking forward to the Dexter talk this week especially.

Nathan Arizona said...

Would be interested in Donnie's feelings on the rumors of another rematch between Undertaker and Triple H at Wrestlemania. Does Triple H deserve to be the guy to be involved in Taker's 20th Mania match, and for that matter does he deserve to be the guy to end the streak?