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Deeply Discussing Dexter

Where do I even start? 'Dexter' season finales always deliver the goods and this season was no different. From start to finish it twisted and turned and had you wondering which direction they were going. The best thing about the show though, is its amazing ability to do what wrestling did for us years ago, get us emotionally involved in the characters and everything that happens to them.

This season has by far given us the most amount of loose ends going forward. First off we have the state of the department. Deb let Travis Marshall get away, Matthews is forced to retire, Batista is trying to transfer Quinn and LaGuerta pretty much has free reign over everything right now. Given that 'Dexter' has signed off on two more seasons I think it looks like season 8 will be the last one and I really don't see a huge shake up in the homicide office, but things are definitely going to be awkward moving forward.

I also see Masuka's intern, Lewis playing a much bigger role in the next couple seasons. Since I got behind on my 'Dexter' this season and didn't get to write an article every week I didn't get a chance to share how much I've 'O'ed for the way Lewis has progressively gotten creepier and creepier. From the first time he said he was working on a game about homicide and finally seeing the actual game and from him deleting the eBay sale of the hand to him having the prosthetic hand to him drawing lines on the palm and sending it to Dexter. Vince McMahon should watch because that is exactly how you build a proper heel, dude has me creeper out and intrigued. I might be more excited about the Lewis storyline than I am about the ending.

An ending which was executed perfectly. From Travis showing up in Dexter's apartment and looking like he may kill Jamie and Harrison to him showing up at the pageant and the extremely tense chase that actually had me legit stressing out on my couch feeling sick at the thought that he might just kill a tiny child. Anyone who watched Travis walk with Harrison and sing him songs only to lead him to a roof where he planned to sacrifice him without feeling an intense hatred needs to see a doctor.

But of course Dexter makes the save and gets Harrison home safe before anyone even noticed he was gone. Then Dex being the ritualistic killer he is decides to set up his kill room in the church the cops have tabs on and the church Deb EXPECTS HIM TO BE AT. The dialogue between Dexter and Travis was such a great display of the contrast between the two. Dexter being the agnostic that he is and Travis being the devout Christian he is, both certain that the other is completely wrong. Amazing stuff.

Then like last season, we see Dexter making his final kill and we see Deb closing in on the kill room. One half of me is thinking "Oh shit, she's gonna find him." The other half of me is thinking that we're being shown two different times and that Deb is walking into a Travis-less room where Dexter is just going through his normal forensic work. But alas, Deb catches Dexter in the act.

"Oh God." What a perfect ending for this season. I only wonder how they can continue for two more seasons with Deb knowing about Dexter's dark passenger. One thing Dex and Deb have in common is that neither has the ability to let a crime go unpunished. While Deb may have let the Jordan Chase killers go last season I don't think she has the ability to let Dexter continuously kill people without being brought to justice. And let's face it, Saran wrapped, kill tools in hand, dressed in apron and mask, Dex can't exactly claim it was a one off. I refuse to watch a season of ' Dexter where Deb helps him kill. I also refuse to watch a season where Deb turns a blind eye. Luckily, I think they'll refuse to produce either of those scenarios so I'm really excited to see how this situation plays out. So this is the end of enjoyable television until next September. Happy holidays Osters!

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Dante Ross said...

I gave up on this show after the first four episodes of this season. It just didn't have the same feel as previous seasons. Last season with Lumin was a wasted season for me.

I wanted more closure on the investigation into Rita's death but they focused on "How can Dexter help this random girl?" Maybe in a few months I'll give this season another try.

Mike Hunt said...

The kills this season were very cool, from the four horsemen set up to the girl who was set up to look like an angel. Just wish they could have done the Gellar thing differently and had Travis be as head strong the entire season instead of the final couple of episodes. Mos (Def) was great as Brother Sam, and the brief return of Brian was a huge O. I keep hearing the next two seasons are the last, one of the producers of the show said the final two episodes of this season would set up the end game for the series, Deb revealing feelings for Dex and then making the discovery must be what's going to set up the end game.

Victor Wildcat said...

@Dante: I agree not looking into Rita's death was a little strange and last season is actually my least favorite of them all. I also agree this season had a different feel. But I think they just tried to slow things down and kinda slow burn the season. It took a little getting used to but halfway through I got used to it. Rewatching episodes helps. I actually found writing the articles helped me find the things I really liked and got me more into each episode when I rewatched.

@mike: I agree that the endgame was set up here this season. Though I think personally that it was the Matthews angle (I've long had a theory that Matthews killed Harry and made it look like an overdose .... just like the call girl this episode.), obviously Deb knowing is going to be huge and to be quite honest I think Dexter dissing Lewis's game is going to turn Lewis into a killer. One who is going to be fixated on destroying Dexter. Since Lewis feels like Dex never makes a mistake, Dexter will be Lewis's most prized kill to end the series. Dex still hasn't even seen the hand yet.

I think Lewis starts his serial killer career next season, kills Batista and I think in the last season Deb tries to get Dex to turn himself in, Dexter decides he will after his last kill, Matthews. But before Dex has a chance to come clean Lewis figures Dexter out and kills him. Everyone has their own crazy theory. That's mine. But mark my words, Lewis will play a huuuuuge role in one or both of the final two seasons.

Mike Hunt said...

I've always likend the idea that Matthews was in the know about Dexter, but don't see that happening. Think Lewis was onto Dexter before the game diss. The fact he got the hand earlier on shows he knows a bit more about Dexter then he's letting on. He's basically volunteering at department where he can see Dexter in action, he's dating Dex's sitter, and it's been hinted at he's aware Dex is the Bay Harbor Butcher. For the last half of this season he's been the more interesting character then Travis and Gellar.

I really hope season eight is the end, the idea of season seven being the big set up could be great, especially if season eight is non-stop. There's enough questions left unanswered to give the writers plenty to work with. Besides, a two season build up to how it's going to end could be off the charts awesome.