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"Tha O Show" Postponed Until Next Week!

Dear Loyal O-sters of Tha Nation of O,

It is with regret that we must, once again, inform you that this week's episode of "Tha O Show" will be postponed until next week. As you may have noticed from recent episodes, the schedules of the members of Tha O Show Staff have only gotten busier lately.

Not to mention, tha crew is in the midst of what is hoped to be the final stages of the studio renovations at Tha Sick-O Zone. Tha crew is also finalizing improvements of the studio's phone system.

Please know that all of the work that is causing episode postponements are for a unified purpose: to build and bigger and better brand of "Tha O Show" for your listening enjoyment. We trust that you understand and wish our heartfelt thanks to you die hard O-sters who have helped to keep the show going for nearly six years strong.

As always, in the absence of a weekly episode, you will NOT be left empty-handed (or empty-earred?!). Your bro, Dan-e-o as been HARD at work on a number of new musical projects. A few of them are being released this month!

Download Sep & Khan Soulo's "The Nightmare Project" FREE from The new EP includes the MONSTER cut, "In This Town" featuring Dan-e-o & Grimace Love, as heard on Episode 239 of "Tha O Show".

Also, released TODAY is Spesh K's "BSH - Warm Up Show" which includes the BANGER "Jose" featuring Dan-e-o. Download it HERE for FREE!

As you may have already heard, Dan-e-o's new POWER joint with Toronto hip-hop legends Big Kish & Maestro Fresh-Wes drops in about a week!

AND the HUGE debut single and video from Perfeck Strangers, entitled "Ghetto" is due this month as well! Toronto O-sters, stay tuned for details on the "Ghetto" video release party! Like the group on Facebook to get first-hand info!

Until next week...

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5 comments: on ""Tha O Show" Postponed Until Next Week!"

BIGROG said...

NO NO NO!! Just kidding. Its cool we will be here next week to hear how much you think WWE is the Shits!

Anonymous said...

How about this for an idea for next week: The O-Show regulars have a Donkey Kong challenge?

Anonymous said...

An idea for a show...Get a mountain man to bugger Frank.

Anonymous said...

Come on Donnie!

Anonymous said...

So, what did you guys think about dexter this week? The ice truck killer is back and in dexter's head, so what will happen? will dexter walk on the dark side for awhile before "redeeming himself", or will he finally make that huge reckless mistake? Also,I just knew that we were going to see Jonah again sooner or later. I can't wait for next week! Brother Sam didn't stay very long, did he?