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Deeply Discussing Dexter

OOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Quite arguably the 'Show of O'-- and unarguably the best show on TV--, 'Dexter' is finally back. With that said, I have to express my frustration with the first episode of the season. I love the way the show puts together the preshow package to refresh our memories. But I hate how they have to recap the same shit in the actual episode. I felt like throughout the whole episode they spoonfed shit that anybody who watched the previous seasons would know. I know each season gets new viewers and they have to be brought up to speed, but fuck that. If you're jumping into a new series, why would you jump in 5 seasons in? Go pick up the first 5 on DVD and run them for the next week or two to catch up. Minor gripe, but since I hardly ever have 'Dexter' complaints I figure I should get it out of the way.

On to the good. 'Dexter' is such a smartly written show and the characters are all so deeply layered and really evolve from characters to real people. Masuka has always been and will always be the creepy, perverted, inappropriate little weirdo at Miami Metro. But I love that they showed us that beyond being 'that guy', he's still a smart fucking dude that does his job well and is someone that future forensic analysts can learn from. They also showed us that his pervyness takes a backseat to his job. This added layer to characters isn't just arbitrary and just to make the show more realistic, it's this aspect to the show that really makes us as viewers connect with everyone on the show. If Masuka only ever makes inappropriate jokes and thinks about sex, we look at him as a character and not as a person that we can actually care about and when the writers accomplish that is exactly when hookups, promotions, demotions, marriages and deaths really hit home with viewers. All of which I think we'll see this season.

I'd be remissed if I didn't bring up the whole religious undertone to not only the episode, but what is apparently stretched throughout the entire season. I really like the idea of having a religious theme and bringing it into not only Dex's world but the world of 'Dexter'. Showing us everyone's religious views and driving factors in life is definitely a way of adding depth to each character and we've already seen Batista's view on his religion and also that he really seems to be unable to explain what he REALLY believes or why he does. Having Dexter talking to different people with varying strengths, twists and driving factors in their religious beliefs should really let him see how 'normal people' experience life. And by the end of the season I think we'll see Dex really start to think about his beliefs and find that he actually does believe in certain religious concepts and bring him one step closer to realizing he's not just a monster with a Dark Passenger that takes over, but a real human being with a Dark Passenger he can learn to subdue.

Who would think that a show about a serial killer could get so deep? So before I lose everyone's attention by going on about how deep the show is I should probably mention how many hottaz there are already. It's like they realized that Julie Benz was gone and they dropped the really hot Spanish cop from last season so they went out and stocked their jubbie (Dan can correct me if I spelled that wrong) roster. Masuka's hot blonde assistant for Crystal Beth, Batista's sister for Dan, Tricia from the high school reunion for anyone with eyes, because she was hyyyyyype, I wish THAT was Masuka's intern. And let's not forget they got Colin Hanks as eye candy for Frank.

Speaking of Colin Hanks, I really like that angle already. He comes off as a really confused, easily manipulated young kid that would walk through walls for the creepy old dude. 'Dexter' casts hands down the BEST villains. Week one and I'm already scared of this guy. I can see either Colin Hanks or this guy working at the school where Dexter is thinking about putting Harrison in and Dexter getting religious advice from him and almost getting in a Trinity-like situation again. I'm also sensing some type of power struggle between Dexter and Edward Olmos over Colin Hanks. Either way, it's gonna be dope.

As always I'm gonna throw out my predictions for the season and I wanna know what the Bros of O and all the Osters see coming as well. As for me, I see Batista getting shafted for the Lieutenant job and maybe a new character taking over the spot. I also don't see the whole Deb and Quinn marriage going through. Personally, I'm really liking Deb so far, she seems really nice and caring and genuine this season. Which scares me, because the last time I felt like that Dex found Rita in a bathtub. So I'm gonna go ahead and sadly put Deb in my Dexter Death Pool via snakes in the stomach. Legit, we should do a Dexter Death Pool. Anyways, only three more days til the next episode so hopefully this holds everybody over until then. Osters as always hit up the comments with your predictions or thoughts on anything I may have missed.

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