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Tha Sin Of Cara

So I just watched a match from last week’s Smackdown. Or was it the Raw Supershow? Whatever. I specifically wanted to see the Sin Cara/Daniel Bryan match since I heard that it was good. But honestly I wanted to see if I could see the difference between the wrestler Hunico and Sin Cara. After a moment the answer was a resounding: “Of course! Do you think I’m blind?!

After the suspension of the original Sin Cara aka Mistico he was replaced by a FCW wrestler by the name of Incognito/Hunico. Oddly enough he also wrestled as Mistico. Damn, this is getting confusing. Its like explaining the Summers genealogy in the X-Men books to someone who doesn’t know who Cable is. I have known of Mistico for years and thought his stuff from Mexico was pretty cool. A lot of flash and high flying moves, but no one I would ever expect to see in WWE.

So you can imagine my surprise when he was brought in with a name change. I immediately ran down the list of people he could face. Chavo. Tyson Kidd. Uh…Chavo. When he debuted and went after Sheamus it took me off guard but that quickly faded as I saw how badly he was adapting to the WWE style. His match against Primo Colon was embarrassing. After being written off for Wellness Policy violations I thought he was done for sure.

Enter Sin Cara Dos!

There is a 3-inch and 35lb. weight difference between the two. Don’t think that is much? People fight to lose 35lbs. for months and some guys cant get laid because of 3-inches. You figure out if I’m talking about height or in their pants. While watching the Sin Cara Dos match against Bryan I am sadly happy to say that I don’t want Sin Cara Uno back.

I know there are plenty of people that don’t like the idea of a different guy wrestling under the same name and mask as another, but come on. It’s a character created by WWE and if they wanted to put D-Lo Brown under that mask they could. That visual actually made me laugh. Hunico/Sin Cara’s moves are cleaner. He looks like he could actually stand a chance against more superstars. And he speaks English. Sorry. I know its not fair but to have a guy that’s small, masked, and doesn’t speak English well? That’s a recipe for future endeavors.

But I could do without that Smurf light during the matches.

3 comments: on "Tha Sin Of Cara"

Cush said...

They just Max Moon'd Sin Cara!!!

That Blue Light during his matches though... what do you expect WWE to do with that ultra expensive Glacier entrance that WCW never used?

Dante Ross said...

I was trying to think of other wrestlers that got switched. Not like Fake Diesel style. And that Glacier light got old after two viewings. Thanks for reading.

Hipnosis said...

Mistico will be Wrestling as Suicide on Spike TV now...