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Tha O Show: Episode 234

O-sters! Big Daddy Donnie and your bro Dan-e-o are back with a NASTY 234th edition of "Tha O Show"!

It's the last show before BDD's you know what that means! Big Daddy Donnie Birthday Bash!

Tha whole crew including "Fatty" Frank Fronte, Crystal Beth, Voodoo Drew of So Sick Social Club AND Royal Touch are all in Tha Sick-O Zone to celebrate with the big man. And you're invited to join in on all the hilaritociousness!

On this week's show you'll hear...

"Tha Os And NOs"!

"Tha Pit Stop" with The Notorious T.I.D.!

"Tha Round Table" featuring former WWE Tag Team Champion, Jerry Sags of The Nasty Boys!

Don't forget that "Tha O Show Theme 2011" is FINALLY available for sale! The recently remastered track written and produced by Dan-e-o and featuring Voodoo Drew on guitar is now ready to be downloaded for just 89 cents in Tha O Show's online store!

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24 comments: on "Tha O Show: Episode 234"

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday BDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

jenn said...

Happy Birthday horsetooth KILLER! Awesome episode!!

mark in nyc said...

I love the bday episodes every year! So much beer... so many laughs and bday song that makes you die laugin

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I own the first two versions of BUST JUICE so I want this one too!!

Anonymous said...

Can Dan-e-o post the lyrics to BUST JUICE 3?

sydal said...

Happy Birthday Donnie

red dragon said...

Wickedness! Happy Birthday! Thanks for making us wait so long. Assholes.

I'll forgive you since I'm a massive Nasty Boy mark.

mkf said...

Royal Touch spinning adds such a hot flavour to that NO OTHER show has. We didn't hear much from Royal Touch this week on the turntables but I hope we hear more next week. I also think he's hilarious on the mic.

Happy Birthday Big man!

allan m said...

The first ever O Show SURPRISE BIRTHDAY PARTY. That's amazing!

Happy birthday Donnie

Anonymous said...

FINALLY the show is up!!!

Anonymous said...

My thursday and friday SUCKED this week cuz I was jones'ing from O SHOW withrdrawal

velum said...

Dan-e-o has said many times that Donnie is the heart of tha o show. I love tha o show so i am very grateful for big daddy!! Happy birthday and another amazing episode!!!

P.A. said...

Happy Birthday Donnie!!!

The Bust Juice Trilogy should now be called the Triple BJ.

Best act on America's Got Talent was the Zombie Dance Crew.

Loved the "Drink er down, drink er down" Cosby Show reference by Dan-e-o.

maryanne said...

Sags was hilarious!! Funniest guest ever!! Awesome show!


Anonymous said...

Did Sags say he and Mick Foley invented hardcore?

Bruiser Brody says hello

Anonymous said...

Great show fam!!!
HBD donnie!!!

jugalette julie said...

Donnie's bday isnt until 21st so ill save my wishes.

Wicked show!

Anonymous said...

The Ferry snoring story was epic

sir william of o said...

HYPEALAZ (does anyone still say that?)

Dan-e-o said...


To be completely honest, "Buss Juice (Part 3)" was tracked about an hour before Donnie showed up to the studio. It was freestyled in one take so I had to go through it a few times today.

Below are the lyrics to the choruses and verses. I'm guessing y'all can figure out the rest. The mp3 will be in our store this week!

Somebody mussa buss juice in Donnie's mouth
And it tastes real nice
Somebody mussa buss juice in Donnie's mouth
And he swallow it, right!
Somebody mussa buss juice in Donnie's mouth
And him say “it tastes nice”
Somebody mussa buss juice in his mouth!
You know what I'm sayin' Donnie

You know say a Big Daddy Donnie love the cocky
He love 'nuff man and bukkake
He love take balls in ah his lips
He want all the buss juice, yes!
You know he's a big tall batty boy
Every time he plays with a dildo toy
'Cause you know he puts it in his asshole
'Cause you know he love the big real pole
Yeah man, him love it every day
Big Daddy Donnie is so gay, hey!
And you know today is his birthday
And he wants some big dick in the worst way

Somebody mussa buss juice in Donnie's mouth
And you know it tastes nice
Somebody mussa buss juice in Donnie's mouth
Alright, alright!
Somebody mussa buss juice in Donnie's mouth
And you know it tastes nice
Somebody mussa buss juice
In his eye, in his mouth, everywhere!

Big Daddy Donnie taking in the wood
Him always say “it tastes good”
He likes two or three boys
All at the same time 'cause noise
Goes through the walls of his house
That's right, them buss in his mouth
He takes it in his anus too
He likes a threesome with dudes
That's how he is, 'cause he is a gay boy
Everybody know Big Daddy Donnie, why?
You know say that he is the man
Running Jarvis and Church at the same time
But you know say he is a big fag
And he carries around balls in a bag
So when there's no man around
He swallows these balls all down

Somebody mussa buss juice in Donnie's mouth
And you know it tastes nice
Somebody mussa buss juice in Donnie's face
Alright, alright!
Somebody mussa buss juice in Donnie's mouth
And you know it tastes nice
Somebody mussa buss juice in his mouth
Watch ya now!

Anonymous said...

Amazing show. Just one comment...

I like Royal Touch and Beth and Frank but the show should be Donnie, Dan and Drew.

Frank has a role as a human laugh track but should be used in smaller doses. I don't think Royal Touch should talk at all if he's going to be the DJ. And Crystal Beth seems like she should be doing one little segment and thats it.

Less is more.

Anonymous said...

the WWE "OMG" dvd commercial is an O Show ripoff

Anonymous said...

Happy REAL Birthday bdd!!!