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Tha O Show: Episode 230

O-sters! You are in for one HELL of a show! Big Daddy Donnie and your bro Dan-e-o hit you with a GENIUS 230th edition of "Tha O Show"! And, like last week, this one is LOADED with controversy!

Along with "Fatty" Frank Fronte and Crystal Beth, tha boys return with more HEAT! For those who may be new to "Tha O Show", tha crew does not consider it a "wrestling show" as much as they do "Locker Room Radio".

In other words, it's a two hour (give or take) forum to pretty much shoot the shit about whatever they feel like.

Yes, professional wrestling and MMA serve as a foundation for the show's content...but "Tha O Show" is so much more! The (sort of) milestone 230th episode is proof of just that!

On this week's show you'll hear...

"Tha Os And NOs" featuring thoughts on everything from the comic book world to Major League Baseball and the WWE.

The Notorious T.I.D. is back with "Tha Pit Stop" to discuss (among other things) StrikeForce and UFC! But in this week's segment, tha bros of "O" return to the theme of in-house heat!

This week's controversial segment weighs in on the alleged prejudice in the reporting of this past weekend's Caribbean Carnival in Toronto. Overt race-osity or an over-reaction? O-sters, you decide!

AND "Tha Round Table" featuring former WWE Superstar, "The Genius" Lanny Poffo!

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42 comments: on "Tha O Show: Episode 230"

Evitman said...

Not main continuity about the Spider-man and also not the basis for the change....the author of the book has two adopted black children.

You Fronte'd that shit big Daddy.

Still have a Peter Parker in the regular Continuity....

kooldude said...

the argument you guys had about the media and race was interesting. i just never pay attention to the news because it is always bad news and it makes me sad that the media takes advantage of the power that they have to influence public perception, instead of printing good news which is out there they will take the time to blow up a small piece of bad news.

Dante H said...

This Episode 230 was awesome guys.
although the conversation about race was very intense and interesting. wishes royal touch was there tobe part of the conversation instead of just dan-eo vs. white race lol.

Btw, you guys need to hook crystal beth up with an bio and show us what she look like for crying out loud hehe. again great show guys:)

Anonymous said...

Great show. The "debate" was very well played out.

I agree with Fatty that Dan did sound ignorant telling everyone what the media does when he has admitted many times over the years he does not pay attention to it.

lil J said...



LiveToTellTheTale said...

Let me start this by saying I love this show. I have been listening to Tha O Show for over 2 years and I can't thank you enough for the entertainment you have given me over the past 2 years +.

With that said, there is one thing regarding last week's show that I would like to address (I haven't listened to this week's yet, but can't wait for Lanny). Last week, Frank was put on the spot regarding wrestling community feelings that Sin Cara has not been treated like a star and is being treated unfairly by WWE. When asked "Who?". Who said this?". Frank, not really having an answer, answered Meltzer and Alvarez. Now, I will say this once. I am not on Meltzer's dick. I am not on Alvarez's dick. However, I do like listening to other shows on the internet, Observer Radio, Bryan and Vinny Show and BetweenTheRopes (R.I.P.). Dave and Bryan have not expressed in any way that Sin Cara was being treated unfairly and should get more. They have buried his matches. They have openly talked about how this is not working. They are not sympatizers or fans of his in any way. There is one show where Dave said "he may not know the protocol when it comes to discussing drug test failures with the media" but that was more of a devil's advocate otherside of the coin kind of statement which Frank took, ran with it, and came up with "Meltzer and Alvarez bitch about Sin Cara not being treated like a superstar". Like Dave/Bryan or not, that is up to you. But don't judge anything based on this. Frank's misinformation. That was all I was saying.

So my question to the staff at Tha O Show. You guys are this extreme, off-the-wall, super offensive, say anything-rib-anyone kind of show. Yet, you censor your listeners on this very comments board for clearing up misinformation and voicing an alternate opinion? It's not like it was some great slander against Frank. I guess people can call him "faggot" on here all day. That is not grounds for deleting a comment. But breaking something down intellectually and calling someone out on complete fabrications is offensive and wrong and must be deleted from comment board. It honestly makes me think you are working some kind of agenda here. Like say anything you want on here, as offensive as it may be, but don't go against "the agenda" we are trying to push. You gotta let go of the Melzter beef, Donny. When you get to the point where you are censoring people's comments, you probably need to just let it go.

Big Daddy Donnie said...

We only censor comments that are clearly spam or facilitate "shoot" hate which goes beyond the ribbing we do.

You only rib the ones you love.

I have no hate for Meltzer.
I'm just clowning around because thats what we do.

Big Daddy Donnie said...

There are several individuals with access to comment moderation on this site... And at no time has anyone been told to block a comment that didnt support an agenda.

We dont have an agenda.

There is no "Frank storyline" ... This is just a little reality that has spilled onto the show.

Anonymous said...

Congrats guys on the class and dignity you showed while talking to Lanny.

Good luck to the new commentary team of BDD and LLP

Anonymous said...

Congrats guys on the class and dignity you showed while talking to Lanny.

Good luck to the new commentary team of BDD and LLP

Anonymous said...

Its clear Lanny has a lot of respect for you. That speaks volumes

Congrats Crystal Beth on survivng 3.5 months and becoming the BEST female contributor Tha O Show has everrrrrr had.

Christopher Casúr said...

Can the O-sters get a link to the article about "Scotiabank Presents Some Fun" incident that started this whole controversy? I'd like to weigh in, and I'm sure many other O-sters do too, but I'd like to see the article for myself before getting out my Jump To Conclusions Mat.

Johnny Devine said...

The best female contributor Tha O Show has ever had?

Miss Danyah on line 1.

fronte beyond said...

so, donnie, you're telling us that there's going to be a darker peter parker? spidahman better get that shit trademarked asap.

Lukewarmer said...

Wow Big Daddy Donnie are you "White"? I thought you were Half Porto Rican, Dan-E-O is half Jamaican, Fronte is Italiano, not sure of Bolas race and that just leaves....

Crystal Beth and Voodoo Drew who are "White" doesn't it?

I know its some kinda shit when you break it down like that... But seriously, the only people who actually "believe" what they read in the papers without going and checking it out themselves properly are the kinds of ignorant opinionated jack offs who follow like sheep and only express and repeat the opinion of the loudest person in the room at any given time. And they are the kinds of people who would find Tha O-Show Offensive and Racist because they are too narrow minded and blinkered to see beyond the words and look at the interaction.

Media sensationalize all the time, they typecast and stereotype all the time, and that will never change.. they have to do it to sell papers to grab attention and get you watching quickly. Media doesn't tell me what to think, it shows me what to investigate further if i'm interested.

Great show guys n Gal way to bounce back from last weeks show, can't wait for next weeks episode.

Oh and for your information i'm not black/white/mixed i'm Yorkshire, where it isnt the color of your skin that counts its where you were born and raised that matters.

Big Daddy Donnie said...


Glad you enjoyed the episode. For the record - not that it matters - i refer to myself as Canadian ... But my background is Portuguese - on both sides, going back as far as i can find.

AdamSeguin said...

Very interesting show guys, ultra compelling debate about the portrayal of events and races in the eyes of the media.

Being someone that does somewhat study media in my courses, I will say that papers like the Toronto Sun have a very specific audience they aim for.

It's not "White" people that agree with these perspectives, it's the audience the Toronto Sun has established that believe in these stereotypes. The same audience that believes in southern, republican and many other stereotypes not just exclusive to black people.

There is no group of people outside the clan that are just ignorant to black people, ignorant people will be ignorant to multiple groups of people.

shit disturber said...

Miss Danyah VS Crystal Beth!! Book it!!

Christopher Casúr said...

I kind of understand Dan's point. The media can be very sensationalistic at times. While I don't think the article itself was overly sensationalistic, he (and the vast, vast majority of people at "Scotiabank Presents Some Fun") didn't do anything wrong. Yet they're being unfairly labeled because of the actions of one idiot, which has to be frustrating. Ignorance reared its ugly head, he and an event he loves got caught in the crossfire, and I think he's justified in feeling the way he does about the situation.

That being said, I also agree with Donnie about this not being a specifically black thing. People love to stereotype, and most any tragic event will lead to some degree of stereotyping. You think this is bad, Dan? Try being a Hispanic in Arizona these days...or being an Arab anywhere in the US.

Delonte said...

I am a black man who grew up in Toronto (Downsview) and works for a national newspaper.

I know that our paper ran stories about the shooting at Caribana as well as other violent incidents that occured. These things were not reported to frame a "black event" as evil and "those blacks are at it again". These violent acts at a major event were reported because they happened and it IS news.

There were several stories that also ran in our paper last Sunday covering the events, detailing the parade and reveiwing the financials.

I happen to know that the Toronto Sun (who ran the cover story that upset Dan-e-o) also ran warm and fuzzy pieces and recap pieces in that same edition.

If you were looking for Caribana good news stories next to the violent crimes story, you wont find them. Layout would never approve and those "happier" stories end up in a different section.

To say that any media outlet only reported the negative happenings of Caribana (in an effort to frame black people negatively) is simply untrue.

Even the sensationalistic Toronto Sun didnt do that.

Anonymous said...

I have a new favorite wrestler: Riho from Japan's Ice Ribbon promotion. She's 14 and has been wrestling since she was 8. She taps out people twice her size, suplexes people with ease, and flies around like she has a free pass against the laws of gravity.

You all should check her out on Youtube. (Unless of course if Donnie has no interest because she's not six five and jacked, or if Dannie-o is not interested because he wouldn't be able to run her, or Frank wouldn't be interested because Riho is a female.)

Kyle said...

Daneos point was proven to me when i realized everyone in the studio was clearly against him. Dan I get what you were saying 100% but this is a situational thing my friend nobody is going to see things the way you are except the people who share the same complexion. Same thing with Muslims bro, I'm sure you know many and the masses is painting them as terrorists and evil people for just being Muslim, not a skin head or a goth but for simply existing....I'm black and Muslim so imagine the stuff I go through lol

Big Brother Mark said...

By a vote of 1 million O-sters to 1 Fronte Mark. "Gimmickless" Frank Fronte, you have been evicted from the Sick-O Zone. You have 1 minute to collect your belongings and leave.

In the event that you left, your fellow O Show contributors have taped some good by messages.

Black Profit: "You mothafucka"

Anonymous said...

As you were talking about the poll I was having Flashbacks to O-pisode 119. Who is your favourite O Show guest; and RJ City voting for himself 50 times.

Lukewarmer said...

@ Big Daddy Donnie

My apologies I completely forgot about you being Portuguese, until you refreshed my memory and I recall the Football World Cup series of Episodes... is Dan-E-O still running a Spanish Flag? or was that really just a flag of convenience?.....

Being Yorkshire for us is probably like being Canadian for you. We don't associate ourselves with the "English" just Like you don't like to be associated with the Quebec-ans or is it Mon-Troll-eans?

We are all of us tarred/stereotyped/pigeonholed in someway, there is a saying in the UK that goes something like....

"How do you make a Yorkshire-man? simply take a Scotsman and squeeze all the generosity out of him, whats left is from Yorkshire"......

Now hows that for a stereotype lol....

Anonymous said...

Another episode crammed full of o-tertaiment... I thought we might get a Frontenomics 101 at one point early on when Frank was aglow with Orlando love.

Question: Are there instructions given to the crew before an interview (as in: "Thou shall not swear when speaking with Mr. Poffo." or "Do not ask Mr. Dibiase about religion." or else... "I'm thinnnkinnnn... this interview is over!")

By the way is BDD related to Eric Balfour?

Hipnosis said...

Dan-E-O is a racist against White People I think....

Jenevieve Laurinaitis said...

Danyah vs. Crystal Beth would imply that Crystal Beth is the second biggest contributor to Tha O Show.


Dan-e-o said...


I think you proved my point when you stated that "If you were looking for Caribana good news stories next to the violent crimes story, you wont find them. Layout would never approve and those 'happier' stories end up in a different section."

"Death At The Carnival" was the front page story and the only one I could find on the event in your paper. The front page always lists pages where you can find related stories and this time it directed my only to page 6 (I believe) where the shooting was highlighted.

Of course, they didn't promote anything warm and fuzzy because that may have encouraged readers to believe that Caribana was an overall fun and safe event...and this would take away from the sensationalism of the story covering the violence that occured.

Dude, if you work for the media, you know better than anyone that blacks are not portrayed favourably. My contention is that the reporting of Caribana represented one in a LONG list of news stories that insinuate that blackness and violence go hand in hand.

I don't claim to be an expert because I'm a media major. However, I've seen enough evidence (and it's not hard to find) that society still regards blacks as dangerous in thanks to the negative portrayals of blacks in the media.

Again, I underline "portrayals". I'm not saying that news shouldn't be reported. Shooting at Caribana included. But when an unbalanced depiction of blacks is continually pushed on society, it only promotes racism further. The disgusting comments that The Sun's website allowed for these stores is proof of that.

There is no question that Muslims get it really bad too. Kyle, I feel you man.

Hipnosis, being predominantly white myself, I can tell you that I definitely not "racist against White People".

That being said, Lukewarmer, I always have and always will "run" the Spanish Flag. I don't think it's possible for me to ever become un-half-Spanish.

TO Baby ;) said...

Hey Guys,

As another Torontonian who was at Caribana- I gotta say the whole damn weekend was OFF Tha HOOK!!!

It sucks that the only coverage Caribana got was the shooting because it was a wicked event, and so much fun!

Shootings n shit happen here in Down Town TO all the time. This IS Gang Teritory and a Drug Infested Area. So Caribana aside- this is just life in the Parkdale Gehtto...

I actaully live in Parkdale, and there are shootings, stabbings, drugs, hookers, all kinds of the low grade Gehtto shit here all the time. It's nothing new to those of us who live here. This is life, and it happens A LOT!

Non of the more 'everyday shootings' make front page news; but because this happened at Caribana it did?
That shit is messed up!

As for as race, it's got nothing to do with that at all. There are lots of black guys who are 'fine upstanding men' university professors, business professionals, doctors, all kinds of different things. So it's not on skin color or ethnicity, it's on that class of drug traffickers and the lifestyle they choose.

Caribana is beautiful time here in Toronto!
The parade was amazing, the food was to die for, the music and the vibe running all weekend long was one of happiness and celebration.

Simply put, Caribana= Good Times! :D

Chris Wagner said...

Dan is stupid. His whole argument is that the media is making black people look like violent people.Bullshit. The media is making Carabanna look violent, because it is. Cababanna is known for fights, violence and all that other shit. It has NOTHING do with race however, but the CULTURE of what carabanna is. If we compare the CULTURES of the fag parade and carabanna we can see that the fags are less violent more accepting people.

It comes down to this:

Media says carabanna is violent

If anything Dan is racist because he assumes that carabanna means black people, there fore Dan is making it out to be a "black" event. Carabanna is and has been dangerous and if you cant see that you are a fucking idiot. So by Dans logic then even if the media was saying that black people are dangerous, he would be right.

Fuck You frank

Fuckk you Dan-e-o


Andre said...

It seemed like because ypu guys at the tdot gave two parades that the reason why that shooting to headline news. It was a public gathering where theres tons and tons of people. In the ny city area we have every parade to man. This rwminded me of the pr day parade years ago when there was a video of women getting sexually assaulted and had water dumped on them and now I sometimes hear that woman refuse to go to the parade because of that incident. In my view I think the reputation that the MEDIA and WHAT PEOPLE THINK OF THE PARADE mostly out weighs in more than just the positive outlook of celebrating your culture. Plus the media depending on what you read or watch always had a fickled view on some issues. FOXNEWS is a republican based channel because thats the majority of political news that they report on. I see both views of daneo and donny but also see the closemind view wherethey both can come to. Good show gentlemen

Anonymous said...

Pretty disappointing that people will still break out the race card in 2011, especially those who live in the multicultural capital of the world. Racism is everywhere if that's all you're looking for. Must be nice to have that white-man scapegoat for everything.

Dan-e-o said...


From what I know of you, you're not as stupid as your comment makes you seem. If Caribana (learn how to spell by the way) is not a "black" event, then what is it?

By its very definition, the Caribbean Carnival is a celebration of Caribbean culture. In case you didn't know, there's A LOT of black people in the Caribbean.

Secondly, your asinine statements (and I'll quote you directly) including "Cababanna is known for fights, violence and all that other shit" and "Carabanna is and has been dangerous" proves that you're a media-following sheep.

Have you ever been to Caribana yourself to take part in "the CULTURE of what carabanna is" as you so eloquently put it?

You've made my point even clearer. When the media highlight the one negative about something generally positive...the ignorant believe it to be true across the board.

Caribana is an all-around peaceful and joyous event that YES...has been marred by idiots who decide to make it a place to exact some kind of mindless bravado. That doesn't make the culture of the event violent by nature.

It's your ignorance that is perpetuated by the worthless media that gets me so pissed off. I'm very close with many people who spend tireless months preparing for this event, assembling costumes, for example..only to have fucks like you stereotype the festival as being "known for fights".

You wanna know what is "known for fights"? Gay parades in Moscow. Six years in a row, it has been broken up due to violence. White Christian fundamentalists doing what they do best - violently forcing people to believe what they believe.

But the media doesn't tell you that white Christians are dangerous. So you wouldn't attribute violence to gay parades now would you?

See it may not be gay people being violent. But it's the "culture of the event" to have violence occur at their parades in Moscow. It happens each and every year. That was your point wasn't it? It's not the people, it's the culture...whatever the fuck that's supposed to mean.

Interestingly enough, it has been six years since there has been any major incident at the Caribana parade. Yet you compare it to the "fag parade" as a more culturally violent festival.

Here's some proof moron:

Fuck you too.

Anonymous said...

Chris, what in the flaming world of faggotry are you talking about?

Caribana is NOT violent!

It's a celebration of the Caribian culture present in Toronto.
No different than good ol' St. Patricks day down at the bars. Except that it's BIGGER & BETTER than a bunch of red faced sloshing Irish drunks picking fights in the alley ways...

You get assholes in every culture. And as Dan pointed out; whether it's the home team of the opposition- some ass jokey's gonna fuck it up somewhere down the line.

Uhu- No WAY are you gonna trash one of this city's biggest events of the year, and make it look like a game Russian roulette to attend.

Why don't take you take your head outta your vage and see the bigger picture here?

Stick that in your crack pipe and smoke it Nigga

Lukewarmer said...

re the Spanish Flag, just kidding about the flag man, you and Donnie going toe to toe about the flags in the studio was funny man.

But an issue I would like your opinion on, re the current situation on our city streets.

We now have gangs of kids running through our Capital and several other major cities, rioting, burning cars, shops and buildings.

The incident's are occurring in areas that are demographically Predominately Ethnic Minority's... Watching our BBC news last night the only reference to "Race" I heard was this one, made by a reporter on the scene.

"Tottenham is a mainly black community, but I must stress that it is not only black people on the streets" Now to be honest I have several idea's how to interpret that statement.

But what is your take on that?

Are they obliquely referencing race so as to imply blame?

Was the statement intended to diffuse possible race stereotyping and avoid increasing racial tension?

Or is it a statement made by a reporter, who is trying their best to accurately report the scenes they are witnessing?

Or is none of the above and you have an alternative view?

Adam said...

Spiderman, is only dead in the ultimate story line, which is not normal continuity. it is a retelling of the story for a younger generation.

DAN. Do not read the comments at the bottom of a news story. (online) the people who write those are un-educated right-wingers.
The news has ONE job, and as a Media personality you should know this, there job is keep people scared.

BBD: your point on the scary white people. was perfect.

The Arabs get blamed far much worse then Black people do.

Chris Wagner said...

Okay lets get this strait cunt goblin, your whole gripe with the media is that they are portraying black people as violent and scary people and carahoweverthefuckyouspellitbanna as a fucked up violent event. First of it is violent, and guess what? Who gives a fuck? Everyday life is violent, concerts that range from heavy metal to fucking smooth jazz have violence in them. The news isnt making up the stories of people being stabed and beat up so what the fuck are you mad at? The festival is huge and that is why it is violent. Again nothing wrong with it being violent cause when ever you get alot of people together shit gets hairy like asian pussy.'bana is violent but it has nothing to do with race or culture, just human beings doing what we do best, being violent retards.The violence is there, but it doesnt outdo the good.

Second, the media doesnt portray blacks as evil anymore in canada. Yea sure back in the day i can see your point but in 2011? Fuck no. What is portrayed as evil and scary is the culture of lets call it "ghetto" The news portrays anyone with baggy clothes, slang vocab and musical intrest in rap/hip hop as scary. It is the "ghetto" culture that gets a bad rap. Black people just so happen to make up the majority of the "ghetto" culture, but it doesn't exclude whites,latino or arabs. The news also likes to shit on the heavy metal/rock culture which we can call "rednecks" Same thing, if you listen to metal your a serial killer,a loser and a drug addict. Most white people are "rednecks" but guess what? Anyone can be a "redneck" or "ghetto" You know who the news does like? The upper class culture or the "popstars" the people with high paying jobs and prim and proper houses who listen to happy go lucky music and have a nice clean image. Most "popstars" are white, but hey, anyone can be a fucking "popstar"

Your whole point is the media shits on peoples races

My point is the media shits on peoples cultures.

Fuck you three

Jamie said...

i blame last week's O Show on the riots here in England

Dan-e-o said...


A bit more of a compelling argument this time around. And I agree with a lot of what you wrote.

However, although I understand your separation between "race" and "culture", it kind of highlights a point I tried to make during the show.

My issue with the reporting of Caribana highlights just one of MANY news stories that have come out over the years (yes, 2011 as well) that focus primarily on portraying minorities in an unfavourable light.

Do "rednecks" and "metal heads" get bad raps sometimes? Sure they do. But when the dust settles, blacks continue to get stereotyped as violent people. You admit that the media did this "back in the day". How do you figure this has stopped?

It has a lot to do with an unbalanced view of black people perpetuated by the media. Maybe if there were enough time within the average news broadcast to discuss ALL the happenings of Caribana or any other event, this wouldn't be the case.

As I mentioned, I couldn't find all of the usual "good" stories about the event this year, and that pissed me off.

As Jamie pointed out, there were riots in England recently. The news reports about bad shit all the time. It doesn't all have to do with black people, of course.

But if you do your research, you'll find that more often than not, blacks are portrayed in a negative light giving the world a bad impression of them.

Why else would we even joke about it on "Tha O Show"? The stereotypes exist - being "ghetto", on crack or having 8 baby mamas. Being a gangbanger or a pimp - these images can provide good comedy, but they can also be pretty damaging when taken seriously.

That, my friend, was my point.

Anonymous said...

dan might sound dumb when it comes to wrestling and mma but when it comes to the beans and real talks on social issues the man drops gems.....bun babylon yazeeit!

Anonymous said...

In the states i have heard this argument made MANY times over regarding how the media demonizes Blacks. Someone bought up an excellent point earlier about it being more "Culture"based than it is"Race" based. In the States,far too many Blacks have not only embraced but have tried to lift up "Ghetto"culture and it remains the single greatest harm that is done to us daily. From the casual use of the word Nigga to our embracing prison culture and the severe lack of Fathers in Black homes,we bring a lot of negative attention on ourselves from people of other cultures and the Media is just showing us how the rest of the world sees us,not because of what they report,but from what the rest of the world sees. We have this weird thing that when violence is committed against us from Whites,its a hate crime,but when we do the same it's not and more importantly,when we kill one another,where is our moral outrage? Only when Whites or Police are involved do we get upset. We got a lot of Shit about us that we need to work on,and bitching about the media is the least of our troubles.