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Jewells Malone Kicks ASS On The Edge

Toronto O-sters were surprised to hear Tha O Show's own Jewells Malone on Canada's Edge 102.1 on Thursday morning.

I scheduled the appearance with long time friend and supporter of Tha O Show - the dirty hypnotist Dave Curran.

Jewells, along with two other young ladies were hypnotized live on The Dean Blundell morning show.

Curran put a suggestion in Jewells that she was in fact Randy "Macho Man" Savage and she wanted to kick everyone's ass! And she did! SHOOT style! She fucked up one of the girls, then beat the piss out of a dude named "Meatus" who I'm told is like their version of our Fatty Fronte.

You can see the video of this insanity here or check the side bar of this side while it lasts!

Special thanks to everyone at the Blundell show and to Dave Curran for all the plugs and Tha O Show love.

2 comments: on "Jewells Malone Kicks ASS On The Edge"

Anonymous said...

damn thats one kick-ass juggalette!
i defenitly O for that right there. i just realized that i spelt definitely wrong but i'm also gonna O for that too. take care ninjas. much wicked clown love.

Jeff Longwell said...

Cue the soundboard...WORK