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The Corre Of The Issue

“…just look at his brief appearance in Infinite Crisis, where he [Bane] breaks Judomaster's back with the same move he used on Batman. It's the very definition of using the same action but with absolutely none of the emotional content that made that action important, and it's a prime example of why doing scenes for no reason other than because readers will remember seeing them elsewhere is one of the surest ways to make bad comics.”

Now that the nerdness is out of the way. The previous paragraph was from a writer named Chris Sims from a comic book website where he described the history and mishandling of the character, Bane, who is known for breaking the back of Batman with…a backbreaker. As I read that paragraph I immediately thought of the new group The Corre which is a new form of The Nexus.

The members (as of now) are Wade Barrett, Heath Slater, Ezekiel Jackson, Mason Ryan, and Justin Gabriel. Out of these five guys only one has been given any sort of buildup where I can kind of give a damn about him. That of course is Barrett. This guy went from headlining PPV’s and battling for the heavyweight title to running a group of guys I don’t care about at all. Again.

I mean, I think Gabriel’s 450 Splash is cool but they haven’t given me any reason to care about him. Heath Slater? Yeah. I just don’t care to watch him. Ezekiel Jackson has been there for a while and a few months ago came back from an injury. Don’t care. I don’t know much about Mason Ryan to form an opinion. All I know is that everyone thinks he looks like Batista.

The point I’m trying to make is that The Nexus never really got off the ground and took off and yet someone thought it’d be a good idea to start another group with pretty much the same goals. Now we have two Nexus’ pretty much. That’s not entertaining to me. That does not make me wanna watch at all. When The Nexus debuted it was amazing. Destroying Cena. Taking the ring apart. Choking out people with neckties. The whole thing was fucking magical. And then…

I don’t know.

People compared The Nexus to the New World Order, DX, or whatever group you grew up watching. It reminded me of The Invasion. Yeah, those of you unlucky enough to remember that just groaned with me. The Invasion was like they took what many of us dreamed of and took a wet fart on it. Great idea that fell apart and left us standing there waving goodbye at all the great matches we could have but didn’t see. The Nexus had the potential to make every single one of the guys involved if not a big player at least interesting. But it didn’t. Now we have The Corre.

What is the point to having all of these groups? Is it just to keep guys employed perhaps? We know that no matter what happens or how powerful a group gets all it takes is for Mr. McMahon to show up and say “Stop” and its done. Except for when he did show up and he got slaughtered. But this is what I mean! They took him apart and still somehow managed to get weaker and weaker. I don’t want to wait and see what The Corre does because I’m still looking over my shoulder wondering what the hell The Nexus is up to.

The Corre has no emotional impact on me the way that The Nexus did when they first appeared. So doing it all over again when it wasn’t done in the first place just puzzles the shit out of me.

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TWK said...

Mason Ryan isn't in the Corre.

I like the two groups. Hopefully, it will lead to a match at Mania, although you'd think that a faction vs faction feud would be leading up to Survivor Series, but that would be stupid as we all know Survivor Series is known for having all singles matches.

OlSkoo said...

Just curious but did you actually watch SmackDown or are you basing your opinion off of whatever you read on the Internet? Cause The Corre only has 4 members; Mason Ryan debuted on RAW and is a part of New Nexus, not The Corre.

Dante Ross said...

My bad about the Mason Ryan stuff. The two factions fighting means nothing because I dont care about either group. But if it did happen Survivor Series would be perfect for such a thing.

Justin Faux said...

Besides the mistake the above have pulled you up on this is a well written piece.

I understand what you mean about not caring about anyone in either faction outside of the leaders.

Personally in each faction I only see a few guys that have a chance at being something special.

In Nexus the only ones I see true potential in is Husky Harris, I watched NXT each week just to see this guy.

It wasn't because he was putting on solid matches and had a good, simple gimmick but he looked different everyone else which I loved and something I really miss about professional wrestling.

And of course the leader, CM Punk.

I've watched Punk since his independent days and he really knows how to work this cult like persona that he's got going at the moment which I'm enjoying.

In the Corre I only really see anything in Justin Gabriel and Wade Barrett.

Gabriel could go far with his in-ring ability but he desperately needs a voice piece to go further once this nWo vs. nWo Wolfpack angle is done.

Barrett grew to be one of the best heels in the business this year, especially when Cena was a part of the Nexus.

Outside of them guys, I really just don't care for anyone else so I see your point.

Dante Ross said...

Faux, I remember reading about Punk before I saw him in WWE. Caught his stuff on youtube and was like "Wow. Cant wait till he shows up in WWE." Then I was underwhelmed.

Harris reminds me or Trevor Murdock and thats good and bad. Yes, he looks different but thats also why I think he will be mishandled.

Justin Faux said...

Never got on the CM Punk bandwagon? I really never got behind his run as a babyface but after he turned heel and his run with Jeff Hardy as well as the Straight Edge Society work I thought he was a great heel.

As for Harris, I see a world of potential in him not to mention they have his brother down in Florida so they could make a great tag team.