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TNA = Titles are Not Assets

You gotta hand it to TNA for bringing their "relevance" to the forefront of their programming.

This concussion angle has injected a dose of shoot-osity into the main event picture and elevated Matt Morgan's stale spot to a more over position. Morgan mentions Christopher Nowinski's foundation in his promo, no less.

Good taste? Debatable, but this is wrestling and no one ever watches wrestling for the taste factor. Morgan, however surprises us again and manipulates the crowd into choosing Ken Anderson's well-being over his being in the main event. The Impact Zone crowd do what we would like to call "overcheering" in that they cheer everything that they like even if it conflicts with something that they just cheered for a second ago…

When Jeff Hardy of all people is calling you a mark, that's gotta sting (no pun intended).

This ping pong match between Jay Lethal and Robbie E is starting to piss me off. Lethal having the belt (thanks to the assistance of Fire Crotch) helps to keep the "X-Division" part of "X-Division Title" meaning something. Having a caricature of the already caricatured Guido Douchebag stereotype as the title holder took away the importance of what makes that title different. Don't make it your low-rent IC or US Strap…shit, what am I saying? Their BIG belt is a fucking rib right now…

OK, let's tangent for a second and contemplate another of TNA's current championships that doesn't have any weight whatsoever. Aside from the above mentioned mockeries, ruminate if you will on the "Television Title". Introduced as a prop during the Main Event Mafia storyline, it was defended a handful of times before they pinballed the title to Eric Young which made it the "Global Championship", which they then used to try and elevate Rob Terry. When AJ got the belt back, it became a resurrected version of the TV Championship.

It was paraded onto Impact every week, but it was almost never defended there…then it was lost on PPV. This belt has been in existence for about 2 years; it's had three names, nine reigns, seven holders and it's probably been defended about a dozen times in total. Why do we care about this championship?

First "O" for me is hearing AJ Styles saying "Shut Up Hooker!" to Madison Rayne and/or Tara when they were screaming at him during his locker trailer beatdown of Doug Williams.

Eric Young has the old (and decidedly better looking) TNA Championship belt from the trash and is using it as a comedy prop. Actually, he's using everything as a comedy prop. Hooters girls, Hooters Orlando Jordan, the referee…and they get the W on Gen Me? Whatever gets you over, I guess…

In another series of bad ideas, they continued the qualifiers for the Knockouts Tag Titles. We're now set up to put belts on almost half of the Knockouts roster. Yay.

Brother Ray is now Bully Ray. He's walking out to a remix of Sabu's music sans saxophone. Squashing Amazing Red and getting chased out by Devon at the end. If this makes one of them into a singles star, then great. They've tried it before in the Fed with Devon in the heel's spot and it was shit-tastic. Let's see what you guys can do on your own.

It's never been explained why RVD was put by the wayside once he "came back from injury". If it's a slow build to Lockdown or even Bound For Glory down the line where it redeems all of this bullshit going on now, then it'll be worth it. TNA couldn't plan a picnic for one with free food and a blanket lately, so I fear the worst.

Double J Double M A sucks A Double S. Is he ribbing MMA for any good reason? Is he just doing this for the feud(s) with Joe and/or Angle (which isn't clear in the first place)? Take this segment out behind the shed, fuck it, shoot it and then fuck it again.

Rob Terry heel turn. Four words that don't generate interest in your product. This was so horribly done, that I don't know where to begin. How about here: Rob Terry hasn't been on TV in a little while and the last time he was, it was in a face role. He "snubs" Kazarian back stage, but Kaz seemed to imply a choice for Rob to make. After this, he loses clean to RVD (a face) and 15 minutes later he's pushing Anderson off of the top rope.

WHY was he on TV two times on the same night before he turned heel? WHY was he fighting a face before his big "swerve"?

Ahh, never mind. Bad story writing, overbooked feuds, shitting on titles; these are the things we put up with in TNA.

But at least The Miz isn't the champ there. ZING!

3 comments: on "TNA = Titles are Not Assets"

Hipnosis said...

Eric Young Now holds the TNA World Championship!!!

Anonymous said...

the face on hardys belt looks ripped off from a villian in power rangers...

Christopher Casúr said...

I agree, Anonymous. Balmoraldrive, I hereby suggest that, until further notice, the TNA Championship be referred to as the Lord Zedd Championship.