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Nickolye's SmackDown! Recap

* Randy Orton vs. The Miz {WWE Champion} (Non-Title Match)

The match starts with both men locking up and Miz runs away until Orton catches him with a Thesz Press. Orton whips Miz into the barricades and clotheslines him on the floor. Back in the ring, Orton is in control as he stomps on Miz's midsection then catapults him into the bottom rope and covers for 2. Orton hits about four European uppercuts but then Miz kicks him in the head for a 2-count. Matt Striker mentions Orton is a former Marine which segues into tomorrow night's Tribute to the Troops 2-hour speacial on USA Network to continue WWEek.

Miz clotheslines Orton then punches him on the isde of the head followed with a suplex for 2. Orton counters Miz with a backbreaker then hits a couple of clotheslines. He ducks one and hits a snap powerslam, then Miz blocks the rope-assisted DDT. Riley drops Orton off of the apron when Miz had the referee distracted, so Miz follows up by whipping Orton into the steel steps leading to our first commercial break.

We come back from break with Orton countering a side headlock with a back suplex. Miz is in control soon after with a kick to the face then punches and kicks him on the mat. Orton cuts him off when he went up the turnbuckle and hits him with a European uppercut followed by a SUPERPLEX for 2! Both men trade shots with Orton getting the better of Miz and he stomps a mudhole in a corner. Orton hits the Olympic Slam for a near-fall! Miz counters Orton with a backbreaker/neckbreaker combo for a near-fall of his own.

Orton ducks a kick for a dropkick for 2. Miz tosses him up and over after Riley distracted Orton then hits a big clothesline in the corner. Riley looks upset that it was only a 2-count. Miz stalks Orton for SCF but Orton counters, but Miz counters with a backslide and Orton uppercuts him. Rope-assisted DDT AND ORTON STALKS MIZ! Orton knocks Riley off the apron. RKO!!! RILEY BREAKS THE COUNT SO ORTON WINS BY DQ!

Orton takes out Riley then turns his attention to Miz. He has the look in his eyes like he wants to punt him in the skull and Michael Cole has a conniption on commentary. Orton charges but audibles for an RKO TO RILEY! Miz escapes with his head intact as Orton glares at him from the ring. After that we see a clip from the WWE TLC PPV when John Cena dismantled Wade Barrett. Backstage Big Santa Show is with Rosa Mendes passing out gifts. Their elf Hornswoggle is with them too. Commercial for "The John Cena Experience" DVD and one for WWE Tribute to the Troops.

Big Santa Show comes out with his helper and elf passing out DVD's of Knucklehead to the crowd. There's a table with a tree and gifts on it, and stalkings are lined up along the ring ropes. He sits in a chair and it COLLAPSES! Hornswoggle gets him another chair and Show proceeds to read a poem featuring events from WWE TLC two days ago. Aftert he poem Show and Rosa pass out more gifts, then Cody Rhodes rushes the ring and beats up Hornswoggle! He kicks Show to prevent him from running in the ring to stop him then he leaves as Show gets serious. Commercial break.

We learn that tomorrow night on Tribute to the Troops there will be a 6-man tag match featuring John Cena, Rey Mysterio and Randy Orton vs. Wade Barrett, Alberto Del Rio and WWE Champion The Miz. Raw Rebound next about John Cena being interrupted by Vickie Guerrero and Dolph Ziggler.

Todd Grisham interviews Beth Phoenix next about her nasty spill from TLC last Sunday. She says she is okay but Kozlov and Santino show up. Santino says he feels bad for what happened to Beth and wants a kiss for old time's sake. He has Kozlov hold up mistletoe and puckers up with his eyes closed, so Beth kisses Kozlov instead! Santino sees the lipstick and blows a gasket before storming off and Kozlov blows a kiss in Beth's direction. Breaktime.

* Santino Marella {WWE Tag Team Champion} vs. Chavo Guerrero

Kozlov is with Santino for his match. Chavo is still trying to get the better of Santino for the third week in a row. Santino hiptosses Chavo then tosses him over the top rope. Chavo regains his composure and goes on offense with a slam and 2-count. He slams Marella head on two turnbuckles but Santino blocks then third saying "I don't think so!" He hiptosses Chavo but Guerrero puts up the knees to block a splash. Chavo hits two of the 3 Amigos, but the third is blocked with a Santino Stunner. THE COBRA STRIKES~! Santino rolls up Chavo for 3! WINNER: Santino Marella.

* WWE World Heavyweight Champion "The Rated-R Superstar" Edge promo

"For the past four weeks everybody's been asking if the insanity with Kane and Paul Bearer would pay off. Was it worth it? The answer is YES, yes it was worth it because I am the NEW World Heavyweight Champion! That Tables, Ladders and Chairs shortened my career. It killed to get in this ring. Every hair on my head to my toenails is killing but it was worth it.

19 years ago I told myself that would get to the WWE, win the Tag Team Championship with my best friend Christian, win the Intercontinental Championship and I told myself that I would be the World Heavyweight Champion someday. It wasn't cockiness, it was confiendence. Never did I ever think I would stand here in..." BOOM! Here comes Kane in a fury!

Kane: "Enough! That's enough of your story Edge. Nobody wants to hear it!" Edge: "I wasn't even finished." Kane: "It's finished. You don't get to write the ending to your story. I DO! Your story will not have a happy ending. Your story will end with your body broken and the world title back in my possesion." Edge: "Every part of me may be sore but nothing is more painful than to listen to your rampbling. Since SmackDown is LIVE why don't we cut to the chase? Why don't we do this here and now? Kane vs. Edge for the World Heavyweight Championship."

Kane accepts and storms to the ring but stops halfway. Kane: "You think you can manipulate me that easily Edge? For six weeks now we've been playing this game according to your rules. No longer. I will get the World Championship back, but I'm going to do it on my terms and when +I'M+ ready."

Breaktime. Promo for Ezekiel Jackson plays when we come back.

* Drew McIntyre vs. Kaval

Kaval rolls into the ring and McIntyre jumps him right away! The ref pushes him away and checks on Kaval. He says he's ready to go, the bell dings and McIntyre boots Kaval in the head. Future Shock DDT connects and it's over just like that. WINNER: Drew McIntyre.

The commentators thank Kid Rock for his song "Born Free" promoting Tribute to the Troops. This segues into a look of what to expect tomorrow night on USA. Ricardo Rodrigues introduces Alberto Del Rio before a commercial break. We come back and the rest of the participants in this match come out one-by-one, the last being Mysterio as Del Rio glares a hole through him.

* Alberto Del Rio & Jack Swagger vs. Kofi Kingston & Rey Mysterio

Mysterio and Del Rio start the match as Swagger provides a distraction by attacking Kingston. Del Rio goes for Mysterio's mask then kicks him in the back. Swagger tags in to beat up Mysterio. Del Rio is tagged in to kicks Mysterio in the gut, but Mysterio gets a head scissors before tagging in Kingston. He hits a clothesline for 2 then tags in Mysterio for a springboard senton.

Kingston tags in for a missile dropkick for a near-fall before Swagger breaks up the count. Del Rio charges and goes over the top rope after Kofi ducked. Swagger flies over too after Mysterio lowered the top rope. DUEL LEAPING CROSSBODY BLOCKS OFF THE TOP ROPE TO THE FLOOR onto the heels to send us to commercial!

Del Rio has Mysterio grounded in a headlock when we come back from break. We see replays of the duel crossbodies during the hold. Del Rio kicks Rey in the midsection before getting a 2-count and tagging in Swagger who body slams Rey setting up the big Swagger Splash in the corner. He locks in the bearhug to wear Mysterio down. Swagger prevents Rey from tagging out but he gets tripped up and Kofi is tagged in! He flies in with energy that Cole calls "controlled frenzy."

Swagger boots Kofi to slow his momentum and Del Rio tags in for a back suplex and a 2-count. Del Rio mocks Kofi and chokes him on the ropes. Swagger tags in to ground Kingston and puts his body between him and Mysterio. The crowd chatns KO-FI KO-FI and he hits a springboard crossbody for a break.

Del Rio tags in and Mysterio is in too with a senton and a DDT for 2.9! Mysteiro kicks Del Rio in the head for another near-fall. Del Rio shoves him off and hits a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker for 2.9! Mysterio counters a slam to try a 6-1-9 but Swagger tags in a levels Rey with a clothesline. He picks him up for the gutwrench powerbomb but Rey counters to hang him on the ropes. Del Rio get tripped up too. 619 to Swagger! Kofi takes out Del Rio, hits TROUBLE IN PARADISE to Swagger and Rey follows up with a springboard splash for 3~! WINNERS: Kingston and Mysterio.

After the break, Drew McIntyre and Kely Kelly are talking backstage and she actually considers him to be "normal." McIntyre says he wouldn't do anything to hurt her and walks off. Ziggler and Vickie are in her office getting prepared for their match and Ziggles asks if she still wants to go through with it. She tells him that he must beat up Cena to defend her honor if he really loves her. He helps her stretch before our last commercial break.

STEVIE J STEPPING IN since Nick has to get ready for Ring the Bell. Promo for Tribute to the Troops featuring Diddy-Dirty Money when we return. Next week on Smackdown we'll get Edge and Rey Mysterio vs. Kane and Alberto Del Rio in the main event to kick off the new year. I AM PERFECTION plays which can only mean one thing - Ziggles is on the scene!

* Dolph Ziggler {C} & Vickie Guerrero vs. John Cena (Non-Title Match)

Cena RUNS down to the ring at 10:52 ET and the crowd is ecstatic to see him, including the National Guard shown in attendance. Cena throws some of his merch to the crowd. Vickie Guerrero tries to stare holes through him as he throws up his hand sign. The bell rings to kick things off at 10:54 ET. Dolph has to hold Vickie back as she tries to charge over and slap the taste out of John. Striker makes a Nicki Minaj reference. Cena puts Dolph into a side headlock and Ziggles gets free. Loud CE-NA chants. Leapfrog and shoulder tackle by Cena. Cole says Cena has "a spring in his step" now that he's free of Nexus.

Ziggles fights out of another rest hold and Cena pushes him into the corner. The ref calls for a clean break, he's not quick to give it. Vickie screams at him to let go, he looks at her, and Ziggles gives him a cheap shot. Dolph works him over and VICKIE TAKES HERSELF IN. She's laughing because Cena is already down and it's easy for her to stand on his face, but CENA LIFTS HER STRAIGHT UP OFF HIS BACK BY THE FEET and Ziggler tags himself back in before she can get hurt. The announcers make "cow tipping" and "U-Haul" jokes at her expense to describe Cena's feat of strength.

Cena whips Ziggles to the corner and hits a running bulldog on the rebound for a 2 count. Crowd chants VICKIE SUCKS. Cena goes for an Attitude Adjustment but Ziggler counters into a near fall. Ziggles works him over with punches on the ropes and Vickie gets in a cheap shot to boot much to the ref's chagrin. Neckbreaker by Ziggler for 2. Cena is trying to pull himself up on the outside of the apron, so Ziggles hits a punch to knock him out to the floor. They work their way over to the announce desk. Ziggler tries to whip him into the steel steps from there but Cena counters and smacks Dolph's head into them before throwing him back in!

Cole reminds us it's WWE Week as we see Ziggler recovering to hit a big dropkick that knocks Cena down. Cena counters a vertical suplex attempt and both men are down. It's now 11:02 ET and Ring the Bell is on the air! Cena and Ziggler start trading punches, Cena dives for a shoulder block and Ziggler ducks, so Cena goes flying out to the floor.

Vickie goes over to yell at and taunt Cena while he's down and out. For the first time in the match we get dueling chants of LET'S GO CENA and CENA SUCKS. Cena plants Ziggler and gives Vickie an evil look but Ziggler gets out of the way when Cena charges the corner and smacks into the turnbuckle. Ziggler tries to get a sleeper hold to no avail, but still manages to put Cena down again for another near fall. Now it's 11:05 and "technically" Smackdown is off the air since we're past even the already scheduled overrun.

Vickie tags herself in and does the YOU CAN'T SEE ME but fails to finish it when Cena rolls out of the way in time! Cole: "Good thing he got out of the way. You could register that on the Richter scale. I felt it from here!" I guess Cole doesn't think she's a COUGAR any more. Vickie makes the tag but Cena is a house of fire, mocking Vickie with his own You Can't See Me and doing his own finishing moves, until Ziggler escapes the Attitude Adjustment and gets him down for 2.99999! He goes for the Zig Zag to finish it off, Cena counters into the STF, VICKIE RUNS IN TO BREAK UP THE TAP. She starts berating Cena and CENA PLANTS A BIG KISS ON HER. Vickie freaks out and gags, ZIGGLER GETS HIS ATTITUDE ADJUSTED while she's pitching a fit, and Cena gets the three count! WINNER: JOHN CENA.

Vickie goes to slap him, he teases giving her the Adjustment too, and PUNK WAFFLES CENA WITH A CHAIR FOR THE SECOND NIGHT IN A ROW. Cole is beside himself. He reminds us Tribute to the Troops is tomorrow night at 8 ET, 7 Central as Cena is wincing and in pain, but he gets a pop from the crowd when his music plays and he gets back to his knees. That's going to do it for the LIVE edition of Tuesday Night Smackdown!

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