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Tha O Show: Episode 193

O-sters! Big Daddy Donnie and your bro, Dan-e-o are back with an EXTREME 193rd episode of "Tha O Show"!

With "Fatty" Frank Fronte returning this week, tha boys smash you in the head with some Rated "O" Radio that includes the long awaited return of Rico Montana to Tha O Zone Lair!

On this week's show, you'll get...

"Tha Os And NOs"!

The Notorious T.I.D.'s "Pit Stop" which covers the usual mad mix of MMA, "Dexter" and this week's picks in Tha NFL Survivor Pool.

The return of "Tha Black Prophet".

AND "Tha Round Table" featuring former ECW/WWE Superstar, Colin Delaney!

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17 comments: on "Tha O Show: Episode 193"

The Silverness said...

yo what ever happened to the gay guy named ricky? him and black prophet on at the same time would be funny!

Anonymous said...

You guys are so hilarious!

But with all this talk about guys doggin on chicks. Fucking their best friends, their sisters n all that shit, do you ever stop to think about how YOU would if feel in that type of situation?

What if YOU had a best friend, or a brother, or best friend who was like a brother to you, and some chick you were dating did the same thing to YOU?


It's always a good joke when its happening to someone else- isn't it? But if it happened to you I don't think you'd be laughing so much....

Just something to think about

Anonymous said...


Frank would you fucking get laid already- seriously! All that fuckin juice on the brain is making you such a target for abuse!

Donnie, stop hitting the poor boy, he has such little brain cells to spare at this point- FUCK!

Jeezus Christ!

It's like a 'near scientific fact' that guys can't think straight with all that cum bubbling around in the brain.

You guys should start a collection or something on the show, were people can make donations to Franks Pussy Fund (the FPF) and squirl away enough cash to get this guy some serious action!

Dont even tell him it's a piad date- just send the chick directly to his house and have her fix this poor fucker UP!

& there's my 2c to get you started Fatty

Anonymous said...

I hear all this talk about Jersey Shore & wonder what you guys are thinking about Toronto's Version Thats coming called Lake Shore?

Anonymous said...

hey guys just so you know I am a Dexter fan and this last episode was actually the eigth episode. So this next episode will be the one where everything starts hitting the fan. Lumen's going to die, its just a matter of how. But then again maybe this will be the season that goes against this trend.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

This was a really cool episode. I love when Rico and his "cooler than the other side of the pillow" routine are on to contrast a guy like Frank.

Delaney is a cool dude too

Anonymous said...

I was at Fall Brawl and Frank did a pretty good job. I loved the show overall so great job Donnie and CWI!

Anonymous said...

I heard the show a few days ago, and as always I thought it was AWESOME!!!

But a few things stuck out in my mind surrounding the fucking sisters/best friends/whatever else guys do n shit...

I mean, I know you guys are players and I wouldn't have it any other way; It's great to hear how you're always doggin chicks and spreading 'tha love' so to speak- LOVE THAT SHIT- DON'T EVER STOP!

But the thing that got to me was the whole part where Ricco said, "ya know I told her I loved her and all that shit, like all guys do..." and that was a total shocker!

In my own opinion, there's nothing wrong with playing the field and having fun with a bunch of chicks who are genuinly down with just fucking for fun, but lying to them about love? That just seems a bit harsh, underhanded and so, SO WRONG!

I dunno, it just seems so un nessisary and old school to have to DO that shit anymore. In a free society where women are finally feeling more sexualy empowered and open, more willing to have sex for their own pleasure and not just use it as a bardering tool for relationships, etc...

Does this still happen?
Do guys still emotionally manipulate girls just to get in their pants, or keep them in a false relationship?

I realize this is a wrestlling show n shit, but with Don & Dan being some of Toronto's TOP Playboys (Frank, I don't think you're qualified enough to answer this one- sorry) and talking so openly about guy stuff and their opionions of women all the time, I thought maybe they could give their own take on this shit?

What do you guys think?
Is it wrong to throw the 'L' word around randomly just to get a piece of ass?

Your thoughts???

Anonymous said...

I finally got to download this week's show and check it out. I loved it. Had an OLD SCHOOL O SHOW FEEL in the week wwe went old school!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous who posted TWICE, and likes to CAPITALIZE WORDS to make a POINT...

I can definitely feel you on this. I'm not a big fan of when the guys occasionally go overboard with the misogyny, er, I mean, locker room radio.

I feel the same way about Dan's anti-gay mentality, though he's mellowed a bit as of late. All that shit reminds me of how I acted when I was in my late teens & early twenties. Now, I'm in my thirties, I have a real functioning relationship, my friends have young daughters -- and I've adjusted to the idea that some dudes like to blaze other dudes. So occasionally, they cross the line, and I'm mildly embarrassed for them, but I tolerate this because I love so much of what they do here on Tha O show. Certain parts of it are just not for me.

Cheers guys, I hope you see this as constructive criticism, not bashing. I'm a fan.

mkf said...

That bitch that keeps posting her novels is annoying me. WALL OF TEXT IS NOT FUN

Anonymous said...

Sorry, didn't answer your question...

Is it wrong to throw the 'L' word around randomly just to get a piece of ass?

Depends on how old you are. Rico was talking about an old high school blaze, so all is fair at that age. If he was pulling that now, it would be kind of sad...

Dan-e-o said...

Hey guys,

No offense taken...but hopefully you don't get offended by this...

I hope you're all very well aware that you are listening to an entertainment product. You should probably take an equal amount of offense to what we say as something that happens on "Raw" or "SmackDown!".

Lighten up fags!

jim j in philly said...

Really? Really? Some bleeding heart is going to heel on Rico cuz he said some shit to get laid when he was 16 or 17 years old?

What an idiot. The fact that the anonymous idiot can't even spell RICO shows they aren't an O-STER and aren't part of the fam.

Rio Raul said...

It's a fuckin radio show hosted by 3 guys who are not held to some higher standard because they have a show. If toilet humor and dick and fart jokes is their style and you dont like it then dont listen. If you do listen then shutthefuckup and enjoy it.

Anonymous said...

Mo Fo's!

Quite obviously they ARE fans of the show if they're listening and commenting on the show- duh...

I think it's quite CLEAR that all the posters who asked questions in regards to what to aired on the show this week have NO problem with the SHOW or the GUYS. They were questions and/or comments as to the content of the show, and since when the hell are Osters NOT allowed to say shit about the show?


Don't get your panties in a buch here boys- it's a fuckin SHOW!!!

It's the entertainment and interaction between the listeners and the talent that make it so much fun! Black Profit was a listener and Oster just like the rest of us before he got his own spot on the show. He'd never be ON the show if it wasn't as interactive as it is.

Were the fuck else can you get such candid hillariousity and all yours sports/pop culture at the same time? PLUS tell Frank Fronte to grow some fuckin balls and get laid already???

Oh yeah & to the dick who mentioned spelling... I think if you were a regular listener of the show you'd have heard by now that if DAN didn't fix the spelling mistakes on here you'd be in spelling/diction HELL!!!! So grow a pair or put on your big girl panties and SUCK IT UP!