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Fall Brawl A Smash!

Last night the small town of Caledonia, Ontario played host to the biggest wrestling show in Ontario this year! CWI Wrestling brought “Fall Brawl 2010” to the Old Caledonia Arena with a host of legends, iconic names and future superstars.

Unfortunately, running around backstage, I didn’t get an opportunity to see much of the in-ring action, but what I did see was rock solid and made the 1300 fans on hand very happy.

Pyscho Sid and Greg Valentine never made it to the show, and I still don’t know why! While they had both been figured in to serve major roles, we recovered quickly and put forth performances that were actually better than the advertised matches.

In the opener, former ECW star Colin Delaney picked up right where he left off the last time we saw him on tv… acting like a total jerk. Rico Montana has met with a huge ovation and really overwhelmed Delaney with his power game. Rico eventually picked up the win and the crowd was thrilled.

RJ City’s challenge to Valentine went unanswered, but former OVW star Turkan Celik was more than happy to shut RJ’s mouth. Turk was led to the ring by former WWE / ECW diva Dawn Marie. Dawn proved her worth by chasing off the Slam Wow girls who accompanied RJ and preventing them from becoming a factor. She also drew the attention of “The Midnight Special” long enough for him to get caught in Celik’s impaler DDT.

In what many people called “match of the night”, Sebastian Suave went toe to toe with X-Pac! Suave surprised a lot of people with several near finishes and looked like he would pick up the win on the D-generate. Pac and Suave moved at a fast pace which didn’t seem to bother the vet, as he eventually got Suave up for his variation of a Michinoku Driver for the win.

The four corner tag match was something the fans were definitely talking about before the match. It featured The Texas Hellrazers, four time tag team of the year The Flatliners, The New Age Outlaws and the CWI Tag Team Champions, The Highlanders.

The match was run under elimination rules and in the end, The Flatliners shocked the world by outlasting everyone and picking up the win and pinning Billy Gunn after a shot in the face with a title belt. As the Flatliners were preparing to celebrate, X-Pac ran down to the ring and clobbered both of them with the belts they just won! After a couple of Bronco Busters, DX celebrated in the ring and the crowd was electric!

After intermission, Steve Corino and Michael Elgin beat the piss out of each other. It was exactly what you would have expected from these two. The fans tried to will Elgin to a win but like so many others, he fell victim to the sliding lariat and Corino came out with the win.

Next on the show, I asked to come to the ring and run an interview with the great Hacksaw Jim Duggan. After firing up the crowd and getting everyone excited we were interrupted by Big Daddy Hammer who came out to talk trash and run down ol’ Hacksaw. Hacksaw got tired of muscle man’s mouth and suggested to me we make the match right then and there. I polled the crowd and they couldn’t wait to see Hammer get slapped, In a match that can only be described as very impressive, Hacksaw bested Hammer and popped the crowd one last time.

The Native American Tatanka was met by one of the best wrestlers in the world, Tyson Dux. These two put on a clinic. Trading holds, chain wrestling, and smashing each other. Experience won out though as Tatanka remained undefeated in CWI.

The main event of the evening saw CWI Champion Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake walk to the ring first to announce that his opponent never made it to the building. He said that was fine because he was ready to defend against anyone.

That’s when the sirens went off, the music hit and out came Scott Steiner! Steiner was accompanied by his Canadian manager, The Kingpin and the two made it very clear they weren’t here to make friends … they came to hurt the champ and take his strap.

The main event went back and forth and just as Beefcake appeared set to win with his sleeper hold, Big Poppa Pump pulled the senior official Harry D towards him forcing Beefcake’s skull to collide with the ref.

Beefcake tried to pick up the win on the sleeping challenger, but the ref was out. By the time Beefcake went to check on the ref, the Kingpin tossed a set of brass knucks into the ring. Steiner slid them on, knocked out “The Barber” and picked up the win.

Tatanka was furious and ran out to the ring to protest, and just as the referee was going to check Steiner for the weapon, the new champ left. The Kingpin wasn’t quite as lucky however. Tatanka pulled him back into the ring and tossed him to Brother Bruti who slapped on a sleeper before chopping the Kingpin’s long flowing ponytail off!

The whole show was entertaining from start to finish with a ton of opportunities for the fans to get up and close with some huge names. For those who missed it, a DVD will be available for purchase in the near future.

A special thank you to all of the CWI staff, the wrestlers and all of the fans who made this event so special.

CWI will be running again shortly so keep checking Tha O Show and CWI Wrestling for more information!

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Andrew Gray said...

Sounds sweet ... Any pics?

AdamFromWelland said...

Wish I could've made it out, unfortunately prior commitments to another fed I do work for was already made so I didn't get to go to this wonderful event.

I'm interested in seeing Corino vs. Elgin and Dux vs. Tatanka respectively. To see Dux and Tatanka go for a reported 24 minute match is a must see for me, hopefully when I attend a future show I'll pick up the DVD.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a blast!

BigRog said...

Man I still want to move to Canada so bad! Free Health Care, Great ppl, and Great Indy wrestling. Cant wait for the DVD to come out so I can watch the show!!

Anonymous said...

@ BigRog

Yeah ypou should definitely move here- it's great!

Don't forget we have that whole girls go topless thing too ;)