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Deeply Discussing Dexter

It appears Tid was wrong and Dexter doesn't wait until the finale to stick his Dixter in Lumen. Excuse me while I laugh for a solid 5 minutes at my own not so funny joke. Seriously though, watching it felt like watching Dexter and Rita for the first time. This week also marks the 3rd person in Dexter's life that has killed someone for or in front of him. Lumen actually somehow seems perfect for this weirdo double serial killer relationship. I thought it would be awkward and unappealing having someone else in the kill room with Dex. It's really not, Lumen makes it seem really natural. Maybe it's because she has a vendetta against these guys, I don't know but I'm digging it right now though.

I'm also digging Jordan Chase as the main heel. He's doing a really good job being the kind of creepy but somewhat normal, sneaky, pretend good guy but actually bad guy. The cheek swab scene has to be in my top 10 favorite scenes in the series. Both guys know the other one is a murderer, both guys want to kill the other but both guys have to be civil in front of the police station, classic. I do; however, have to say that as soon as Lumen was in Emily Birch's living room I called that she was in on it. Where the creepy beginnings of Chase's whole 'Take it!' mantra is explained.

I have to admit, this week had me absolutely biting the bait. From Jordan's phone call to Debra I was thinking, "FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! DEXTER FCUK OFF GET THE FUCK OUT OF THERE!".... okay, maybe I said it out loud once or twice. When Deb and Quinn were on their way to the house I was legit convinced that they would walk in and find Dex and Lumen. I swear I almost had a heart attack while shitting my pants when they opened the door to the supposed kill room. And after Dex and Lumen had killed Mr. Tilden and Deb found the shoeprint I was thrown back into panic mode thinking they were gonna snoop around and find the couple toting garbage bags. Intense.

Equally intense in a completely different way was Dexter finally coming face to face with Stan Lid-- errr, Robocop. Again I may or may not have been screaming at my TV for Dexter to kill him right there because he has pictures of Dexter dumping a body. The emotion and overall general uneasiness this show makes me feel sometimes is amazing. Also, now that Deb doesn't live in the apartment with Dex how will she find Robocop snooping around and kill him? It did seem like Dexter found something off about him, but I don't quite think he suspects him of sneaking a camera into his apartment.

All in all, this is easily my second favorite season so far and is actually closing in on last season. Shit is intense. I legit don't even like writing these articles because it puts me in 'Dexter' withdrawal. I must say that the absence of the Santa Muerte case this week makes me a lot more confident in putting Batista in my Dexter death pool. Give me Batista and Robocop and I'm good. I can't believe there are only 2 more episodes to go, I actually feel like the season just started. Lastly, Dan how pissed are you that since she pinned the whole Club Mayan thing on Deb there hasn't been a scene with April Lee Hernandez?

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Anonymous said...

If they ever decide to do the "Deb is a latent serial killer" storyline, this episode had foreshadowing of this up the wazoo.

Maybe a Thelma and Loise team of Deb and Lumin as a spinoff? Lol, probably not.

I agree though that Robocop and Angel are due for some hardway storyline bumping and soon.

Dan-e-o said...

Bro, as always, you do a lot of speaking for me in terms of how excellent the writing, acting and overall presentation of this show is.

I, too, literally speak to the screen (all old school black people in a movie theatre style) for Dexter to watch his back, get out of there or any other advice I can divulge to keep his kill streak going!

This season has most certainly been intense and I can't even rank it against the other seasons because each season is obviously necessary to continue to add to the multi-layered craziness that is Dexter's life story.

I also noticed the absence of the Santa Muerte case this past episode and although I don't call a Batista slaying, something involving the case is about to come to a head.

And YEAH, I miss my girl April! Her fine ass is most definitely a welcome addition to the show. He absence this week though shouldn't be discounted. Her character may still have a major impact on the outcome of this entire situation.