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Deeply Discussing Dexter

Lumen needs to die. Plain and simple. I was literally shitting bricks the entire warehouse scene. Oh wait, I mean figuratively. Another O heavy episode of "Dexter" this week that really kept me on the edge of my seat and had me legit talking to the TV.

Lumen is really fucking Dexter's shit up. The guy already has a job to do, a kid to take care of, a Robocop stalking him and murderers to... well, murder. And now Dex has to drop his own stuff and follow her around cleaning her mess up. This week was actually the most shaken up I've ever seen Dexter. Usually in every situation he's calm and cool but in the warehouse with Lumen he was noticeably upset and rattled. I'm calling it now, the season ends with Lumen giving Dexter a heart attack.

I almost had one just watching the whole attempted murder turned murder unfold. This chick really botches a murder standing 10 feet away from the guy? Pretty sure my grandma could kill a guy from 20 feet. But worse is that she has no cleanup plan. She didn't think that there would be blood after she shot and killed this guy? And she did absolutely no research on this guy before unleashing a murder plan on him? If I was Dexter I would have just stabbed her right there for being an idiot.

In the end, it turns out that her hunch was right. This guy did rape her and because she was being a psycho and shoving her shoe in his mouth, Dexter had to pull her aside and gave the guy an opportunity to use his phone a friend to let his rapist buddies know she's still alive. Yet another -even bigger- mess that she's going to need Dex to bail her out of. Like he doesn't have enough on his plate already.

On another note, I'm actually interested in the Batista/La Guerta storyline again. Not that it wasn't well done before, I just found it hard to care about personally. Their marriage just got a lot more realistic this week. Angel pulls the whole "I'm a badass, I can handle myself" stuff on La Guerta and she puts him in his place. Sooooo shoot. After that, he's sulking in the back of the van with Deb going on about how unhappy he is in this marriage and how office romances can never end well and just when you think he's going to take action and go pick up a 'jubby' at the club, you find out he's just doing his job and trying to make his wife happy.

Speaking of office romances, fuck Deb and Quinn. Fuck Deb for liking Quinn and fuck Quinn for being Quinn. A lot of people are comparing Quinn to Doakes. I'll take Doakes over Quinn any day. Quinn's face annoys me, the way he talks annoys me, the shit he does annoys me. Which is a good thing for a heel character, though I have had a few people tell me that they genuinely like him so if there are any Osters who are on board the Quinn train hit up the comments section and please try to explain. I just don't get it.

Not only does Quinn sneak around and hire a guy to dig up some dirt on Dexter, not only does he sneak around and try to peg Dexter as Kyle Butler to a kid in protective custody who just found out his dad was a serial killer and not only is he a straight up asshole to Dex. After all that, he turns around and starts running Dexter's sister. And doesn't say anything to her about how he feels about Dexter. I'm getting legit hot just thinking about him. No Fronte.

One last thing I wanted to touch on is how creeped out I get whenever Captain Matthews is around. Everybody has their crazy theories and hope-ictions. But every time I see Matthews in a scene I feel more and more like mine actually holds some weight.

Remember how Harry Morgan and Matthews were best friends and Harry had asked Matthews to keep an eye on Dexter? And the first time Harry saw Dexter actually kill someone he suddenly regretted teaching Dexter how to kill and ended up purposely ODing himself. What if it wasn't suicide? What if he tried to turn Dexter in and Matthews thought it was brilliant and killed Harry to stop him from having Dexter stopped? Crazy, I know but at least I'm not proposing that Rita's death was a suicide.

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Dan-e-o said...

I found it interesting that Dexter's ghostly father wasn't present in this episode. I would have loved to hear what he thought of Dexter running around pulling double-duty trying to pull off his own kill along with Lumen's botched one.

I think Harry's absence though, speaks to Victor's appropriate noticing of how disoriented Dex seems to be this season. We knew at the beginning of the season (real "Dexter" fans did anyway) that the slow burn was gonna build a big fire. He is facing his biggest challenges yet.

Raising a toddler while still managing his Dark Passenger is hard enough as it is without Lumen messing up his shit. Shit, I was even screaming at the nanny to fuck off and let Dex do his thing! This show does SO much to keep you on the edge of your seat. I legit thought the credits were gonna roll when Dex was chasing down the plastic-wrapped battyboy killer.

What a cliffhanger that would have been! The way Dex got out of the whole thing was just a tad far-fetched but not exactly out of the realm of "Dexter".

I'm not a Quinn-hater, cuz honestly, his character does add intrigue to the mountainous mess that Dex is involved in. How RoboCop is gonna come in to play is still up in the air.

And if I was Batista, I woulda run that club hoe. Either her or the latina cop who is the HYPE-alaz! I'm dying to be cast as her runnaz.

Victor Wildcat said...

Oh yeah, I completely forgot to mention the nanny calling Dex in the middle of that whole shitshow. I was actually yelling at the TV, "Leave him the fuck alone, it's like 2 in the morning".

And the chick at the club wasn't bad but I'll definitely take the spanish cop ANY day. Especially in her club gear she was in this week. I'll for sure be right behind you in line for 'runnaz auditions'.

Dan-e-o said...

You know you're gay when you're not feelin' this...

Duncan said...

Quinn is a Boston boy, and I am Duncan from Massachusetts, Johnny Devine's least favorite O'ster. hence, I gotta support the home state boy. Also, fuck Deb for making fun of his accent this episode... bitch.

Anonymous said...

What I thought was interesting was that they had the title of the episode "All things become Illuminated" and then have a scene where one of Dexter's potential victims is running in the direction of the police, threatening to "illuminate" everything about Dexter's life. But, instead the title was a pun on Limin's name.