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Tha Buzz On Sublime

Back when Tha O Show first started four years ago, I was one of the first writers for the website. I think I wrote a grand total of ONE article.

I'm not sure what made me kaybosh writing any more articles. I think there were a series of things I wanted to discuss, but the need to write about these things on a public forum just faded away after I ranted amongst my inner circle. Maybe I will choose to write about these things at a later time, maybe not.

Anyway, in recent weeks, I've had a rekindling interest in having a spot on Tha O Show radio or website to express whatever it is that's going on in my mind.

When I told one of my best friends Mikey Madrox about this, he had an immediate suggestion for a name. "How I Feel About Pearl Jam," he said, "cause that's all we will hear. Or "I Miss The 90's."

Funny guy. But he does know me very well and he's not too far off. While my articles will be predominantly music-related, it will be about whatever is going on in my head.

Ladies and gentleman, The Buzz...

Actually, this article IS going to be about music. And it IS going to be about one of my favourite bands of the 90's.

On one of my recent appearances on Tha O Show I had mentioned that pro wrestler Amy Victory and I had just purchased tickets to go see Sublime on August 21st at the Kool Haus in Toronto. Now that the concert has come and gone, it's time for a review!

Let me start by saying that this concert was something that Amy and I were looking forward to for some time. The first gift I ever bought her was the Sublime Gold Collection and in weeks leading up to the concert I downloaded every single Sublime song ever onto her computer. August 21st is also the anniversary of the first concert we went to together (Pearl Jam! Take that, Mikey!).

So we were very excited and made a nice day out of it, which included me explaining to her the Spanish lyrics of Carress Me Down. There's still one thing we're not sure about, though. Is he talking about boning his daughter? Or is that supposed to be a pet name for her? Anybody got any insight?

We did the typical pre-concert thing to do: we predrank while singing-along to our favourite Sublime songs. Now, I don't condone drinking and driving, so if you're driving to a concert then make sure one of you isn't drunk. For all you boys out there, man up and drive and let your girl get drunk. You can get wasted when you get there, as I did.

Ok, so we are drunk in line, communing with the fellow Sublime fans, making a big scene. I think I was threatening to get naked and Amy pissed off a security guard. Having a great time.

Then we get in, grab some drinks, and find our spot for the night. We were four rows away from the stage. BEAUTIFUL!

The Dirty Heads opened the show with a fantastic set. Admittedly, I had only previously heard their song Lay Me Down. Based on this song and not knowing much about them, I thought they were okay. Let me tell you, they are awesome.

What I want you to do right now is open a new tab in your browser, go to YouTube, and listen to their songs Neighborhood, Shine, Stand Tall, and Driftin while you read the rest of this.

They did an excellent job working the crowd, including getting fans to throw joints on stage for them. Amy and I likened them to a happier version of Sublime, and we were in love with this band immediately. We have their Any Port In A Storm album and I recommend it to all of you, as well.

So after Dirty Heads rocked the house, we waited for Sublime to come on. We waited...and waited...and waited.

Finally, they came disappoint. Yeah, I said it. Sublime was...meh. First of all, they seemed like they didn't care. They didn't seem like even they were having a good time. Now, I really like Sublime. So, I'm sorry, but out of bias I am going to put all the blame on Rome (the guy filling in for Sublime's original singer). I know he probably doesn't deserve all the blame. But I don't know you or like you so I'm going to put the blame on you.

It was a lackluster setlist, missing their best songs.

So here's my conclusion for all you music fans. If Dirty Heads is coming to a town near you, GO SEE THEM. If Sublime is coming to a town near you, FORGET IT...unless Dirty Heads are opening for them.

All in all, a great night. We found a new band, rocked out to at least a couple of our Sublime favourites and who are we kidding we just love Sublime and you couldn't FORCE me to have a bad time at a concert anyway. They were just a little bit of a buzz kill. We'll be sticking to our Sublime Gold Collection from now on.

Next weekend, Amy and I will be headed to the Molson
Ampitheatre to check out one of my all time favourite bands - Alice In Chains!!! Just like Sublime, there will be a replacement singer. So if it sucks, I'm putting the blame on him. Amy doesn't particularly like Alice In Chains, so all you girls take a lesson from her - man up, buy your man some tickets, get drunk and just enjoy yourself!

See you next time with the review of the Alice In Chains show!

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4 comments: on "Tha Buzz On Sublime"

Dante Ross said...

Everyone I went to highschool with was into Sublime and I thought they were cool and every once in a while pop in their CD. But I refuse to see them with a new singer. Bradley was the heart and soul of that band and when he died so did the band as far as I'm concerned.

I would love to see Alice In Chains live but without Layne I cant do it. I have liked them with guest singers but I just cant see them with a new guy. Now Soundgarden is back together and I would LOVE to see them live. I think bands can have rotating members but not the lead singer.

Cool article, dude.

Anonymous said...

I really liked this review. Keep it up HORNET!

Anonymous said...

Well done. Enjoyed the review. Huge fan of the Dirty Heads. I agree that they are off the charts awesome and really fun live. I have seen Sublime with Rome in concert and they rocked it, sorry it sounds like maybe they were a little off the night you saw them.

White Thunder said...

Rome does deserve all the blame. I seen youtube videos of him and he just doesn't seem like he puts his soul into singing that songs but that's my opinion.