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TNA = Trying New Approaches

TNA is doing all that it can to separate itself from that PG rated, globally traded zeppelin that hangs over the industry known as WWE.

They have stepped their game up in so many ways, injecting a "shoot" backstage personality into their product with film clips during Impact and then the Reaction "post show" show.

Contests are fast-paced and athletic, blood is not spared from TV, and it really is showing action in nonstop fashion…totally!

Yes, it's overbooked and yes, some of the elements of the show seem lost, but you have to respect when a company with a wealth of talent can maximize it's use. In an odd twist, per capita it appears that there are more so called "old timers" in TNA than in the Fed.

What seems to be working very well, is that the vets are being used to keep the younger talent roster in the company buoyant in the mix of it all. Whereas WWE's hottest angle is Nexus vs. WWE, we see TNA being "invaded" from multiple angles. From Fortune to EV 2.0 to "They" & Abyss to Hogan & Bischoff, to Sting & Nash, TNA has sold itself as a place where people come with their posses to fight it out.

The tensions and stories are being built in the ring, on the mic and backstage. It is contrived, but in more of a TMZ kind of way. It's a bunch of worked shoots and it's a slight bit chaotic by design. If it's too organized, then it's too Fed-like, so sit back and enjoy the demolition derby.

I'm not sure what the deal is with Rob Van Dam being "injured" and causing the World Title to become vacant, but it does seem that Rob was doing a lot of heavy lifting lately. The tournament is making for some good, bad and ugly matches on TV. In my opinion, Kurt Angle will come out of this in the top position, making for a last match (or a series of matches) against a returning RVD. I could be wrong, but I hope I'm not. The fact that they're pushing the final almost 2 whole months away to Bound For Glory tells me that the next PPV, No Surrender will be more based on the faction feud aspect of TNA's landscape.

Fortune vs. EV 2.0 will be interesting and honestly the best way to use both factions at the moment. Flair at the head of Fortune shows what Nexus is missing, which is a solid veteran at the helm selling the younger guys to the audience.

I've been absent from Tha O Show lately, and I'd like to apologize for not reporting more frequently. I won't make excuses (and I know most of you won't give a fuck anyway) and instead I will tell you that I will be offering my opinion on the product and it's progress on a more regular basis.

Previously I was trying to recap the show injecting my thoughts from minute one to minute 120, but I don't think that y'all want this. I mean, lots of people are recapping the action, and quite frankly, that's a lot of work for very little value to Tha O Show which is largely more of an entertainment platform.

So, I'll throw in some more dick jokes next time.

Your feedback is appreciated.

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Anonymous said...

TNA= TOTAL NON STOP ACTION.... sounds like a porno to me lol