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Tha Raw Report

Before I say anything I would like to officially say that the new WWE Tag Team Championships are horrendous. It's one big gimmick. It's butterfly belt cringe worthy. I may be the only person that feels that way, but either way, it's bad, bad. Maybe they didn't have any other options.

Can somebody please tell me who Darren Young pissed off? I'm not a fan of Darren Young, but I could hardly tolerate his verbal burial at the beginning of the show. Speaking of the beginning of the show, why is John Cena allowed to bury whoever, whenever.

Wade Barrett is getting better each week, but why do they have to cut promos against John Cena? Cena is utterly awful. He's a damn comedian now. I don't understand how he's still being taken seriously by anyone. This has to be entertaining someone in the back who love this. Or maybe it's a rib on Cena. Whatever it is, it sucks.

I didn't like David Otunga's part at the end of the first segment. "Shoot, that's fine with us." Really? I did however like that they teased them ready to turn but didn't until the end of the night when Young lost to his twin. So I'm assuming Darren Young will be future endeavored within the next few weeks. Maybe Young and Johnny Jeter or Mike Mondo can start a tag team somewhere. They can be "The Castaways," or something.

The entire night was devoted to Nexus vs. Team WWE. The problem however is that the matches that should have been the two best ended less than cleanly, but weren't horrible. Does WWE really think that having certain guys lose is their burial? Here's a gripe about newer wrestling on TV. Why can't matches end in a pin that doesn't involve the finisher. Sunset flip, schoolboy, crucifix, small package, cradle, la magistral, you know what I'm talking about.

Justin Long, Charlie Day and Jason Sudeikis were not good at all. It was quite bad actually. They seemed lost, and like they were forced to be there. The segment to give the Hart Dynasty the new belts wasn't bad though. I liked the presentation, though not the belts. I don't like it when people just show up with a new version of the belt. This way it puts an emphasis on the belt, er, championship.

I have never been a big fan of Michael Cole. He and Taz were great together as far as comedy. But his constant trashing of Daniel Bryan is great. I had two issues with the Bryan/Tarver match. One was something I liked too. I like his Chris Benoitesque music, but I hated the fact that it wasn't The Final Countdown.

My second issue was the fact that when he was going crazy on Tarver in the corner when the ref backed him out he didn't scream, "I have til 5!" If anybody in Staples Center knew that, and they probably did they place would have gone crazy. Bryan sold the Skull Crushing Finale perfectly.

The Miz cut one of the best promo's in a long while backstage. While he did that, I couldn't help but notice that Alex Riley was there. I didn't at first, I actually didn't even notice he was talking until I looked at his face. I had to google him. He's 29, facially he's 49. He's another guy I probably should, but just don't like.

So the anonymous "Raw" GM has animosity towards Bret Hart? One, Donnie you're an ass for not telling us, or at least the ones that have been here for a long time. Two, are they teasing Dynamite Kid now? Triple H? Michaels? Who?

I think Justin Gabriel has potential to breakout and be a mega star. I'm not huge on spot monkey matches, but a match between Gabriel and Bourne is apparently an internet dream match right now. Gabriel works his style nicely, and believably worked a match against Orton. He didn't go super cruiserweight in an attempt to beat him, he worked right with him for what little time he was allowed.

I understand they're trying to keep the Nexus angle hot, but for the love of God can we turn John Morrison heel and give this guy a push? He's handcuffed as a face, but he's been great as a heel before, and could possibly be better this time around. That has to be why he grew the beard.

Slater and Edge was another countout match, but at least this way it wasn't somebody else causing it. It was Slater manipulating the clock, or at the very least realizing where he was and what was going on and taking advantage. A pretty veteran move. Slater comes away with a countout, but looks good in doing it.

"Raw" isn't what it once was, but it's watchable to say the least. I'm not going to be overly negative, or overly positive. I'll just say that it isn't a chore to watch, and there are enjoyable moments each week instead of each month. One final note is that I'm enjoying the women matches in WWE more than I have in a long time.

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theblacktippingpoint said...

I swear to god on nxt that alex riley earned a match for that night...

Big Daddy Donnie said...

wow. I think i disagreed with almost everything in this article.

Anonymous said...

The Miz should leave the WWE with his boy friend Alex Riley and his cheerleader Michael Cole.

Dante Ross said...

I love how in wrestling body hair and beards equal heel.

Downtown said...

Not even related to this article, but here ya go. The Assman himself has his Canadian Affair exposed on youtube

Evitman said...

Damn Big Daddy, way to shove it all in with no lube. You selfish bastard, don't you at least tease it a little?

But, yeah, nice article, just don't agree with everything you said.