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Tha Raw Report: Raw Is Nitro

I really hate to say this, but all "Raw" was missing tonight was a third hour, Mean Gene, Tony Schiavone and Bobby "The Brain" Heenan. We saw a triple turn from one guy, a partial turn from another, and of course the "united front" against the Nexus World Order.

I like the Nexus, and I like the team vs. team angle. I just like it more at Survivor Series. I don't want this angle to be blown off too soon. They could get a long, long run out of this. Let things build, don't go crazy, have team WWE win at SummerSlam and the Nexus self-destruct.

The best match on "Raw" in the last few months was Alicia Fox and Melina tonight. I like that both of them can work and neither of them are afraid to attempt difficult spots (for WWE). Melina may be one of the top workers in the WWE period, and I've been on the Alicia Fox bandwagon for a while now.

Melina's return added a lot to the division, and may be the return with the most impact in a while. Maybe it's because there aren't as many female workers and each return can be given more attention, or maybe the creative team just doesn't know how to book certain people and Melina is one they can get right.

I usually hate on the Diva bikini fests, and I wasn't overly thrilled with the one tonight, but I guess if they give me a real match, and a solid match, I can deal with the parading of the boobs. Plus, out of the six, five are super attractive and the sixth is attractive. Plus it got Santino on TV. TV-PG struck again with it's one piece bathing suits. Am I the only one that thinks Tamina is sexy?

Back to the Nexus angle. I criticized the WWE for making the Nexus angle their biggest push for SummerSlam buys. The last few pay-per-views have done poorly, and one of them was the second lowest number of buys in company history, better than only "ECW" December to Dismember. That's scary.

The one thing they did right with the angle was to make Nexus look super strong, but they made team WWE look too weak, but I digress. Another small thing they've done right is having the website show the mysterious shadow figure as the seventh man of team WWE.

That may actually garner some more interest and draw in a few more buys than they would have gotten. Plus it can get some discussion started, some much needed buzz for the E. Will it be a legend? Will it be a guy that they're going to push now. Booker T's name will come up I'm sure. I just brought it up, so discuss. Plus someone somewhere will say "It's going to be Bryan Danielson." No it won't, but that'd be awesome.

Speaking of awesome it isn't "Raw" if it doesn't involve The Miz. He may be the guy on Team WWE, but, God I hope not. Don't turn him face yet, don't have him cash in the case yet. Have him come out after the Sheamus/Orton match, but before he can cash it in get dropped with an RKO or a Brogue kick.

As I've previously stated, I want him to just stop carrying the damn thing, and while people won't forget about it completely, out of sight, out of mind. Then boom he suddenly pops up and cashes it in. His first promo as WWE Champion will likely be insanely awesome. There goes that word again.

Randy Orton is an over face. No doubt about it. I like the guy, I do, but turn him back heel and give him a manager. Maryse and DiBiase are good together, being a valet is about a lost art. The even bigger lost art though is the heel, male manager. Estrada got too over. What the hell is too over? If the manager gets bigger than one star, give him a few. Jimmy Hart. Bobby Heenan. Matt Striker could be the next one.

The reason Orton doesn't need to be a babyface right now is because he's better on the mic as far as not stumbling, but, it just isn't confident. Orton himself has acknowledged it. So if he doesn't want to be on the mic, don't put him there or give him a mouthpiece.

Did the babyface challenger really attack the heel champion from behind? I repeat, did the crowd loving good guy hit the heel WWE Champion in the back as he was leaving the ring? The WWE crowd is truly mind-boggling. They were going to cheer the punt? Welcome to bizarro world. Logic no longer exists.

The anonymous General Manager thing is growing on me, but is anyone else worried this could go as awry as the "higher power" thing from the ministry? They're building this thing, and if they do decided to name one, chances are he isn't going to live up to what people are expecting.

Maybe they should just keep it anonymous. If it isn't a huge name it may not work. If it's going to be Cole let him slip a few times saying I instead of the anonymous GM and then immediately stumble or correct himself to gauge crowd reaction. If it gets a shit reaction change it. He simply may not work in that position.

On a side note, the NXT guys put on a solid match. Could someone please explain to me why in the blue hell are Joe Hennig and Windham Rotunda going by gimmick names? Horrible gimmick names at that. Husky Harris for Rotunda? Husky? Damn. Michael McGillicutty for Hennig? An ECW female gimmick last name? Damn.

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Anonymous said...

Finally a good episode of Raw!! I think the Nexus will win at SummerSlam then when NXT season 2 is done they'll create another Nexus group on Smackdown that is part of the one on Raw. After a couple of weeks it could seem like WWF VS THE ALLIANCE with the (supposed) final showdown being at Survivour Series or Bragging Rights if it's brought back. Then when they lose, their leader will be revealed and they'll make a comeback and NXT will be a 2 hour show, Tuesday night Nexus feuding with the Raw/Smackdown for maybe a year with some titles being taken by the Nexus. That would be entertaining i hope.

kathy said...

Nope your not alone...Tamina definatly caught my eye !!

Just Another Opinionated A**hole said...

I'm starting to see some vague similarities between The Spirit Squad and The Nexus. They both rely(ied) on strength-in-numbers, and the individual members are/were never allowed to shine as individuals. It seems the entire IWC wants to see this feud continue and Nexus to go over at SS, but it can't go on too long. Only one Spirit Squad member remains and he's had to work his ass off and take a lot of lumps on road to the IC title. If Nexus runs as a pack for too long, by the time they're split, they may be left with that same stigma and have a tough time getting over with fans on their own meirts. But what do I know? I'm still irked that after a weeks-long competition to crown the next WWE superstar, the winner and 6 losers all ended up with contracts. What was the point of that, again?

D.J.B. said...

Well sir, you may be just another opinionated asshole, but you seem to be thinking along the same lines as I am. I mentioned the thing about who stayed after the squad were "sent back to OVW" by DX.

I also think the WWE took the wrong approach with the NXT thing. If all of the guys were intended to get TV time, and stay on the roster, now or later, so why not highlight it as the intention to get one guy a title and the other guys can keep struggling IF they make a roster. Maybe they did the only thing they could. Nothing sounds great about it right now.

AdamFromWelland said...

I actually like the way Nexus are being used now with the whole "strength in numbers" strategy.

If there's one thing I mark out for more than anything is that this whole angle is to put the entire WWE in peril and not just a couple of guys. This story is built around the future of the WWE being at stake.

Nexus needs to go over, however Danielson NEEDS to be brought back before the Nexus ends and somehow have his hands in the fate of the group because this alone will shoot Danielson up the card in one segment.

As far as all guys being on the roster, I don't mind that because the prize of NXT was to get a title match on PPV and become a break out star possibly in that match alone.